I am having an extension built. A single storey with a hipped roo(slated with block wall)f. This will result in a valley gutter which I know may not be ideal but this is what we will have.
The guy that drew the plans advised a lead valley. It is L shaped 3.6m x 7m so will require steps. 3 Builders are quoting some strongly suggest glass fibre NOT lead. I also need to reduce some of the costs.

What are the pros and cons of lead v glass fibre? Are there other more durable alternatives?

Grateful to get any constructive feedback.

  • Mohammad Raooif

    Hi architects usually like sticking to traditional methods of keeping a building water tight. Lead!!!!
    To be fair lead is not cheap, theres are alot of products out there, i personally would go for a liquid applied system GRP, this will produce a seamless seal, and can be moulded to any shape of the valley gutter. Triflex is a well known company who deal with grp, i believe if its installed by approved installers it comes with 20 years warranty and a triflex technical guy will inspect there work. Good luck.

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