How to Prepare Tender Documents

tender documents
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The aim of going out to tender for works is to obtain a fair and competitive price from the market to achieve the project you are proposing. The problem with this is that the variables are limitless, and the basis of your enquiry is fundamentally flawed, being open to interpretation, tactics and assumptions.

The need for comprehensive, well thought-out tender documents is essential, both in terms of receiving realistic prices for your project, and in ensuring your project remains in line with the projected budget when it goes on site.

Bob Branscombe

Bob is one of the UK’s leading Chartered Surveyors and with over 30-years’ experience in both self build and construction. A career spent with several main contractors and major surveying consultancies has helped reinforce his approach that cost-estimating and control are a fundamental tenet of self building. He's previously led seminars at Homebuilding  & Renovating Shows across the country.