Your essential extension planner: A step-by-step guide

copper clad extension
(Image credit: Studio Webster Dale/Fred Howarth)

Using a good extension planner is key to any good, well-organised construction programme. This is an essential management tool for keeping a project on time and on budget.

While building an extension is a different experience for everyone, the type of jobs that need to be completed to get your project from A to B and the order they are best carried out in tend to be very similar. 

Michael Holmes
Michael Holmes

As well as running an architectural and interior design practice, Michael is a TV presenter and author.

Michael Holmes

Michael is Homebuilding & Renovating's Director of Content, Vice Chair of the self build industry body, the National Custom and Self Build Association (NaCSBA), presenter of multiple property TV shows and author of Renovating for Profit (Ebury). He also runs an architectural and interior design practice, offering design and project management services. He is one of the country's leading property experts and has undertaken over 30 building projects including two self-builds and the renovation of a Grade-II listed farmhouse. 

Michael has presented over 150 property shows for BBC, ITV1, Channel 5, UK TV Style, and Discovery RealTime, including I Own Britain's Best Home; Don't Move Improve; Trading Up; Good Bid, Good Buy; Build, Buy or Restore?; How to Build A House; and Hard Sell.

Michael is also a regular expert at the Homebuilding & Renovating Shows. He has written for leading British newspapers, including The Daily Telegraph, Sunday Times, Daily Express and The Independent and has appeared on news programmes such as BBC Breakfast.