Choosing to self build might be a daunting prospect, but can offer incredible benefits in addition to the satisfaction of taking on a project and bringing it to fruition.

1. You get a Truly Unique Home

Building your own home from scratch is the ultimate chance to create something that is completely designed around your own unique needs. Imagine living in a house that has been designed around your own personalities, tastes, and desires for extra space, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms your decision alone. Even the positioning of the windows, the size and shape of the roof and the shape of the garden can be designed around your needs.

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out the galleries below:

2. Self Build Gives You the Chance to Add the Latest Technology

New bespoke homes are also at the cutting edge of technology and many enjoy the best features available to homeowners.

Underfloor heating is only just catching on with developers but has been popular with self builders for many years; labour-saving features such as a central vacuum and even automated home technology can also be incorporated at a fraction of the cost you might expect.

These features can revolutionise your lifestyle: at the touch of a button you can control the heating, climate, lighting and entertainment functions of your entire home.

3. Bespoke Homes are More Profitable

Yet having a bespoke home built especially for you sounds expensive, right? Wrong.

By going through the process of arranging a design and having a personal input with the housebuilding process, you can usually save yourself up to 30% on the market value.

As a guide rule, the house that you spend £300,000 building should quite easily be worth £400,000 if all goes to plan. The potential equity to be made also means that many selfbuilders repeat the process three or four times, culminating in a bespoke home that is mortgage free.

As a way to make money in a flat property market, building your own home is unbeatable.

4. You Can Design Your Home to Be Sustainable

A green home is designed to be highly efficient and to make use of natural energy harvested from the local environment. The majority of self builds today incorporate some green features and as a result, their energy profile and carbon footprint can be tiny when compared to a conventional house.

This means that not only is the effect you have on the environment reduced, but it is likely that the effect energy bills have on your wallet will be reduced as well.

5. Anyone Can Do It

All types of people choose to build their own home – from young couples and singles starting out on the property ladder to families and those wanting a retirement pad for two. Age is certainly no barrier, whilst for those with accessibility needs, and their families, self build is often the only way to achieve a home to fit their special requirements.

Finance and DIY skill (or a lack of) should not be deterrents either. Self build can offer many people on low incomes a chance to own their own home without having to fork out local market prices — custom and community build projects are a fine example of this.

And, as for doing it yourself, self build doesn’t actually mean building it your self. Some people project manage and hire subcontractors and others hand over the project management too. Find out about the different build routes here.

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