21 essential resources to look at before starting your self build or renovation

new oak frame home
(Image credit: Mark Watts/Oakwrights)

At the beginning of a project you’re always brimming with enthusiasm, the sky’s the limit and you are blind to what lies ahead. Going into a self build is no different. The early stages of learning, plotting and planning are perhaps the most exciting — the pressure is off and you can gradually get your head around the task in hand. 

However, as you go through the project, you will need to have a clear idea of what you want and how to get it. All the resources we're about to share have value, but probably they have their greatest worth at the beginning of the project when key decisions should be made.

Ben Adam-Smith

Ben Adam-Smith is a film-maker, communicator and eco-building enthusiast. After 15 years working in TV and radio, Ben changed channels to set up Regen Media — a business that uses cutting-edge new media tools to help green-minded construction firms build better communications. Ben also runs the website and podcast, House Planning Help, which is dedicated to inspiring self builders to build energy-efficient homes. He has recently completed his own Passivhaus self build.