The best loft conversion ideas work to alleviate space pressure on the rest of the house and improve circulation around the home, and it is well worth considering making better use of this existing space before you think about adding more with an extension.

But converting a loft can tricky. You will need to consider the sloping ceilings and odd angles, as well as access, bringing in natural light and insulating the space so that it is in habitable condition. While not without its challenges, it is also an opportunity to add some design wow-factor to your home.

If you’re planning on changing your roof space into living space, then take a look at these great loft conversion ideas for inspiration for how you can use this new space.

If you are looking for an in-depth guide, check out our loft conversion beginner’s guide.

Brighten a Loft Living Room with a Bank of Rooflights

A great design idea if you are looking for a light-filled living room is to consider moving it into your loft.

loft living room

Stick to a neutral palette to emphasise the feeling of space in your loft. Incorporate blinds, like these from English Blinds, into your rooflights to help control light and heat ingress

The sloping ceilings will have minimal impact on how you use the space, and will actually make it feel quite cosy, while a bank of rooflights maximise daylight ingress and provide great views over the surrounding area.

This will then free up your existing living room which can become part of a new open-plan kitchen diner, a dedicated zone for kids, or even an additional bedroom.

Install a Loft Bar for At-Home Entertaining

Home bar added in loft conversion during renovation project

These homeowners added a home bar during their renovation project

If you love to entertain at home, then a home bar is a great loft conversion idea. It’ll work in any size loft space and you can use any sloping ceilings or odd angles to your advantage when it comes to storage or seating.

Go bold with colour, plants and soft furnishings, or keep things neutral for a more understated look. If you have opportunity to create a roof terrace, then choose the same flooring for both the indoor and outdoor area to make them feel like one cohesive space.

Add Outside Space with a Loft Terrace

If you really want to ramp up the wow factor of your home, then creating some outdoor space as part of your loft conversion is a sure way to do it.

Whether you are embracing upside down living or creating the ultimate master suite, this can be a great way to bring the outside in. Choose similar flooring for both the interior and the outside area to maximise the feeling of space.

outdoor rug from cuckooland

Choosing similar soft furnishings indoor and out can help make any outdoor space feel part of your loft conversion. This Fab Hab outdoor rug is from

Turn Your Loft into a Kid Zone

Creating a designated space where children can enjoy their toys and hobbies not only helps to keep a lid on clutter throughout the rest of the house, but can also be a great idea for a loft conversion.

children's playroom with paint colours from Farrow and Ball

Stiffkey Blue and Red Earth paint colours highlight the sloping nature of the roof. Image: Farrow & Ball

Bespoke built-in storage will help to keep clutter under control, and keeping walls and floors light will help a smaller space feel bigger. Bursts of colour on feature walls (or ceiling slopes) can help to zone the room, while bean bags and cushions in contrasting colours will provide flexible comfort. You could even opt for quirky ceiling-hung seat.

Dedicate the Loft to a Master Bedroom

If you need to adapt your home to accommodate a growing family, then relocating your master bedroom into the loft can be a great idea. Use sloping ceilings to your advantage when it comes to positioning your bed, and consider under eaves storage to make the most of every inch of space.

loft bedroom with bed from oak furnitureland

Creating a master suite is a great loft conversion idea for those who need to free up a bedroom for their growing family. Image: Oak Furnitureland

If space allows, you may even be able to add an en suite and dressing room as part of the loft conversion too.

Create the Ultimate Bathroom Suite in Your Loft

bathroom suite with sloping ceiling and rooflights with yellow blinds

Choose blackout blinds with a solar protective coating, like these from 247 Blinds, to help keep your new bathroom suite warm in winter and cool in the summer

Embrace the sloping ceilings of a loft by creating the ultimate bathroom suite. Locate the shower at the highest point then nestle the bathtub where standing height is an issue.

Adding rooflights above the bathtub will not only bring in light while maintaining privacy, but also give you a great view of the night sky while you are soaking in the tub.

Add a Guest Bedroom (Without Needing Planning Permission)

This loft conversion in London has made way for a bedroom on the top floor of the houseThese homeowners transformed their loft into a spacious guest bedroom. To keep the conversion functional when there are no guests, the space doubles up as a home office. Image: Design Squared

These homeowners approached architectural practice Design Squared for design ideas to convert their loft into an additional bedroom. The solution provided one additional bedroom in the loft space and one small bathroom on a split-level landing.

By converting the existing loft under Permitted Development instead of extending out (which, for a two-storey extension, would have required planning permission), these homeowners have not had to sacrifice any garden space.

Utilise Space in Your Home Office with Bespoke Furniture

Loft conversion ideas don’t need to be limited to additional bedrooms or impressive master suites – you could consider a home office.

home office design from Neville Johnson in a loft conversion

A home office is a great loft conversion idea as it is easy to keep it separate from the rest of your home life. Image: Neville Johnson

Using your loft as the location for your home office is a great idea. It will allow you to create a dedicated workspace that doesn’t impact the rest of your home (or vice versa). Usual ceiling heights can prove tricky when it comes to adequate storage so it does pay to opt for bespoke options.

Make the Most of Views with Upside Down Living

Jo Dyson has completely redesigned her London flat, creating a ‘reverse living’ loft extension, with the bedrooms and bathroom on the first floor and the kitchen and living space on the new top floor.

A Mansard loft extension in London with open plan living space and roof terrace

The new loft space now houses an open plan living room, kitchen and dining area, with bi-fold doors opening onto the south-facing roof terrace.

On warmer days, when the bi-fold doors are pushed back, it joins the living room to the outside and creates a feeling of an extended relaxing space.

Mansard loft conversion with roof terrace

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