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Loft Storage Ideas to Make the Best of Even the Most Awkward Space

Loft Storage Ideas
(Image credit: Neville Johnson)

When it comes to loft storage ideas, it is important to carefully consider how the sloping ceilings and odd angles of a loft space will impact your choice of storage solution. 

When it comes to loft conversions, while they a great way to make better use of existing space, it can be tricky to furnish in a way that is functional, practical, and looks good. 

More so than other rooms, you will need to pay particular attention to furniture placement to ensure there is sufficient head height to comfortably move around. This can mean that awkward slopes and alcoves are woefully underused, but these spaces can make great locations for creative loft storage ideas.

From bespoke and built-in solutions to dual purpose furniture, these loft storage ideas will ensure every inch of space is used effectively.

1. Incorporating Bespoke Built-in Furniture is a Perfect Loft Storage Idea

Bespoke built in wardrobes are angled to sit perfectly beneath a sloped ceiling

(Image credit: Sharps)

Using standard furniture, especially wardrobes, in your loft conversion can leave you with lots of wasted space. Make the most of every inch by opting for made-to-measure designs that will not only look great, but maximise the storage capacity. 

As well as bespoke wardrobe solutions that work well with angled ceilings, you can also build storage into the eaves. Consider sliding doors if you want to keep the storage space unobtrusive. 

Speak to your designer about opportunities for built-in storage early in the design stage so that it can be planned in effectively. 

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Loft Storage Ideas

Open wardrobe storage can offer a stylish solution, but you will need to keep it tidy (Image credit: My Fitted Bedroom)

2. An Affordable Alternative to Built-in Furniture

Loft Storage Ideas

PLATSA wardrobe from IKEA (Image credit: IKEA)

While bespoke, made-to-measure furniture is a worthwhile investment, there are more cost-effective solutions available for those on a tight budget. 

Freestanding units, like this one from IKEA, work well under sloping ceilings and can offer various types of storage - hanging space, drawers and shelves - all in one. 

3. A Loft Storage Idea Fit for Work

Built in storage in a home office in a converted loft

(Image credit: Neville Johnson)

If you've converted your loft into a home office, adequate storage is essential to keep your workspace clear and organised. 

Devote an entire wall to storing your essentials - a mix of open and closed storage is a great idea. 

Opting for a bespoke design that includes a desk and eaves storage keeps the scheme both cohesive and stylish. 

4. Configure Floating Shelves to Turn Your Loft Storage into a Feature Wall 

Loft Storage Ideas from B&Q

(Image credit: B&Q)

If devoting a whole wall to storage is more than you need, then utilising floating shelves is a great solution that is not only practical, but can also create a stylish feature wall. 

It's best to use this type of storage to show off pictures, books or collectibles, rather than more practical items like clothes, to keep it looking neat.

5. Make Your Bed Double Up as Concealed Storage

Loft Storage Ideas

(Image credit: My Furniture)

If you will use your converted loft as a bedroom, then it makes sense for your bed to do some of the storage work for you. 

You can buy plastic storage drawers on wheels that can be slotted beneath a bed frame which is a cost-effective option. But to keep the storage completely hidden, opt for a bed with built-in storage. 

Ottoman beds and storage beds both offer plentiful storage space and are great solutions for compact rooms.

6. Be Smart About Your Freestanding Furniture

Upholstered storage bench from Sue Ryder

(Image credit: Sue Ryder)

Dual-purpose freestanding furniture is ideal for a converted loft. Benches, seats and beds with integrated storage make really efficient use of the space and are a great way to avoid clutter. 

As an alternative to built-in eaves storage, low-height units are perfect for lofts as they can sit neatly beneath a sloping ceiling.

Newport Storage Bench

(Image credit: Maine Furniture Co)

7. Don't Forget to Incorporate Loft Storage Ideas into an En Suite

Bathroom storage vanity unit from Mereway Kitchens & Bathrooms

(Image credit: Mereway Kitchens & Bathrooms)

Whether you've created a master suite in your loft or have added a bathroom to compensate for an extra bedroom, then it makes sense to add some clever storage solutions in there too. 

Vanity units and mirrored bathroom cabinets keep the space practical and stylish, while offering ample storage for toiletries. 

8. A Super Space-saving Loft Storage Idea

Loft Storage Ideas

(Image credit: My Furniture)

Corner units and shelves will allow you to make use of every inch of space in your loft and can be a space-saving alternative to a dressing or side table. 

9. Just Want to Use Your Loft for Storage?

Loft Storage Ideas

(Image credit: Orthex)

If your loft is a storage zone only, then it pays to keep it organised. If you haven't already boarded your loft, follow this handy DIY guide on how to board a loft to ensure that you can store items safely and securely.

Stackable boxes are key to ensuring that your items are stored in a safe and stable manner. Clear or translucent boxes are a good idea so you can easily see what is inside each box without having to open them first. Clearly (and accurately) labelling the boxes is another option. 

Measure the dimensions of your loft hatch before buying the boxes to make sure you can actually get them into the loft. 

Depending on how much available space you have in your loft, you may also be able to fit a shelving unit in there, but do remember this will need to be assembled in the loft.

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