Money makes the world go round, but it can also put your plans to build the home of your dreams on hold if you don’t have enough of it. However, you might be surprised what you can achieve within your self build budget.

The homes below have been organised by build cost price band — work out what your budget is, then see what others have been able to afford to do for that amount (or less).

Note: we have omitted land costs from the figures because these vary so much from place to place. Some of these homeowners may have already owned the land, or built on the place of an existing home; others have bought the land and that must be factored in to your overall budget. To find out about land costs and available plots in your area, visit the Plotfinder website.

£100,000 and under

Brighton Self Build: £90,000

Brighton self build under £90k

Contemporary Barn-Style Self Build: £80,000

contemporary barn style self build timber cladding

Handcrafted Home: £100,000

self build home under 100k

Low Cost Self Build: £98,500

low cost self build timber cladding

Stylish Contemporary Home: £59,000

Stylish contemporary home on a budget

Under £200,000

An Oak Frame Family Home: £135,000


Coastal Home on a Challenging Plot: £160,000


Timber-Clad Scottish Cabin: £125,000


Oak Frame Self Build: £200,000

oak frame self build traditional

Zero Carbon Mountain Home: £175,0001a4-IMG_32871-1002x668

Family Eco Home: £200,000

family eco home budget

£201,000 to £299,999

Fantasy Self Build: £250,000

fantasy self build exterior

Modern Family Home: £270,000


Energy Efficient City Build: £260,000


Contemporary Woodland House: £237,000

contemporary self build woodland house

Barn-Style Stone Home: £296,000

Barn-style stone home self build budget

£300,000 to £399,999

Colonial Pavilion-Style Home: £360,000


Self Build Medieval Manor: £350,000

self build medieval style manor house

Contemporary Home on the Coast: £350,000

Self build contemporary house on the coast

Steel Frame Home: £375,000


Contemporary Single-Storey Build: £327,900


£400,000 to £499,999

Swiss Chalet in Yorkshire: £415,000

Swiss chalet self build Yorkshire

Eco-Modernist Style Home: £408,800


Contemporary Home with Traditional Materials: £495,000

contemporary self build with traditional materials

A Barn-Style SIPs Home: £474,000

barn style sips home with glazed gable

Contemporary Seaside Home: £410,000


£500,000 to £599,999

Coach House: £500,000

coach house self build traditional style home

Woodland Oak Frame Retreat: £530,000


Steel Frame and Stone Home: £500,000

steel frame stone modern contemporary sloping site home

Oak Frame Replacement Dwelling: £586,000


Cutting Edge Family Home: £525,000


£600,000 to £699,999

Oak Framed House: £650,000


Accessible Eco Home: £630,000


Cotswolds Self Build: £692,000

cotswolds modern self build house

Modern Oak Frame House: £620,000


Timber-Framed Farmhouse: £600,000


£700,000 to £799,999

Barn-Style Package Build: £746,000


Sustainable Farmhouse: £700,000

sustainable farmhouse self build

Cotswold Stone Eco Home: £700,000

cotswold stone eco home self build

Oak Frame Lakehouse: £720,000

oak frame lake house self build

Striking Glazed Self Build: £740,000


£800,000 to £1million

Energy-Efficient Oak Frame Home: £941,000


Brick and Oak Build: £989,000

brick and oak traditional style self build

Oak Frame Eco Home: £800,000

oak frame eco home self build

Curved Oak Frame Home: £848,466


Modern Waterside Home: £800,000


Fine Oak Frame Home: £928,000


£1million and over

Industrial Home on a Sloping Site: £1,710,000

industrial home sloping site self build

Cliff Face Boathouse: £2,400,000

cliff face boat house self build

Sloping Site Contemporary Home: £1,000,000

sloping site contemporary home cream exterior self build

Spacious Rural Home: £1,074,782

tile self build traditional

Modern Stately Home: £1,800,000

modern stately home self build mansion

Imaginative Home: £2,500,000


Baronial-Style Eco Home: £1,000,000

baronial style eco home self build

Classical Style Self Build


Oak Frame Home: £1,300,000

traditional oak frame house exterior self build

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