We look at the best kitchen trends 2024 to consider for your home

natural wood kitchen
(Image credit: Olive & Barr)

It's here — kitchen trends 2024 rounded up so you can be sure your design will include all the newest and most innovative ideas around.

While designing a kitchen should certainly not mean stuffing as many newly-launched products and trends into your new space, it is most definitely worth noting the latest advice, ideas and products if you want to ensure your kitchen feels and looks up-to-date and is a pleasure to use. 

We've tracked down the top kitchen trends to look out for in 2024 and spoken to experts in the field so that you can be sure you are aware of all the options available to you if you have a kitchen project to look forward to in the new year. 

Going into a new year, trends tend to be partly a reflection of the previous 12 months and the lessons we have learnt in terms of what has worked and what hasn't, but the best trends to embrace are those that take a new angle on those things which already work well and improve or enhance them.  

Thankfully, many of the kitchen trends for 2024 do just this — plus they look set to be trends which it will be realistic for most of us to embrace — no high-maintenance glossy finishes or colours that are likely to leave anyone regretting their decision a few weeks later. 

In general, most of these new trends are incredibly easy to live with and really embrace the natural world all around us, fostering a feeling of wellness, as well as encouraging us to live sociably with ease. 

Of course, as ever, there are also some trends to be on the lookout for that are purely aesthetically pleasing — and what's wrong with that? From new ways to bring your own personality into a space to fun little updates on the classics, there is certainly a lot to be excited about for anyone planning a kitchen in 2024. 

1. Kitchen curves everywhere

For your kitchen ideas to be on trend you need to be thinking of ways to incorporate some softer lines and forms within its design — the super straight and streamlined look is gone (for now anyway).

"As we head into 2024 we expect curves to continue to take centre stage within design," says creative director at Harvey Jones, Melissa Klink. "From extractor canopies that double as sculptures, to backsplashes that resemble framed paintings, clients have been incorporating different shapes to elevate the character of their kitchens. Curves deliver a harmonious ambience to the hustle and bustle of the modern home and look set to thrive through 2024."

This trend picks up on the more organic style of design also to be on the look out for in 2024.

"The beauty of swerving lines will take a playful turn as organic and exaggerated forms dominate design. We expect to see smooth finishes which extend beyond kitchen islands, infiltrating dining table bases, cabinets, seating and more. Designs in 2024 will incorporate these organic shapes, bringing unique character and balance to kitchen spaces," continues Melissa. 

Butler sink with curved marble splashback and brass kitchen tap

Expect to see plenty of curves in kitchen designs going forward — particularly in the smaller details, such as the pretty marble backsplash here, from Harvey Jones.   (Image credit: Harvey Jones)

2. Solid slab kitchen backsplashes 

If you are still only considering kitchen splashback ideas that are made up of individual elements such as tiles, then it is time to take a look at the hottest new alternative — slab backsplashes. 

"The term 'slab backsplash' encapsulates the idea of using a single, continuous piece of material, often natural stone or engineered quartz, to cover the entire wall space behind the countertop and kitchen cabinets," explains Richard Davonport, managing director at Davonport. "This design choice is an exercise in simplicity and boldness, and it has rapidly gained prominence for several compelling reasons.

"One of the most striking features of a slab backsplash is its ability to create a seamless finish. This continuous, uninterrupted surface offers a contrast to tiles and their grout lines which can make a space feel overly busy," continues Richard.

"Slab backsplashes also offer an extensive range of materials to choose from, each exuding its unique character and charm. While natural stone, such as marble, quartzite, and granite, imparts a classic and timeless aura, engineered quartz, porcelain, and even glass are also popular choices for those seeking a contemporary and versatile appeal. The versatility of materials allows homeowners to express their individuality and tailor their kitchen to their specific tastes.

"In addition to how good they look, slab backsplashes are remarkably easy to maintain. Unlike traditional tiled backsplashes, which require regular grout cleaning and sealing, a slab surface is a breeze to wipe clean."

"We have witnessed the increasing popularity of using a single, continuous slab of material, such as marble, granite and quartz as the backsplash, extending from countertop to ceiling," agrees Al Bruce, founder of Olive & Barr

"The slab backsplash serves as a focal point, showcasing the beauty and natural patterns of the chosen material. Homeowners have been drawn to this trend for its ability to make a statement while complementing various kitchen styles, from sleek and contemporary to more traditional or even rustic designs. Additionally, the choice of material and its veining or patterns can significantly influence the overall look of the kitchen, adding depth, texture and character to the space.” 

Al Bruce
Al Bruce

Founder of Olive & Barr, Al Bruce began his illustrious career 25 years ago studying to be a cabinet maker. His natural skill in the craft of cabinetry and keen business acumen saw him quickly rise up through the ranks of the handmade kitchen industry, gaining invaluable experience and a wealth of knowledge along the way. 

marble kitchen splashback

A solid slab backsplash, such as this from Olive & Barr, really allows you to make a strong statement in the kitchen.  (Image credit: Olive & Barr)

3. Designing with togetherness in mind

While the trend of designing a sociable home with larger, more open kitchen diners has been around for some time now, this really will be taken to the next level in 2024. Homeowners are keen that their kitchens are full of welcoming vibes and that they can easily accommodate every kind of get together, from intimate family dinners to elegant evening soirees. 

"The art of living together is becoming increasingly crucial within kitchen design," says Melissa Klink. "Dining areas, for example, are inviting landing spots that offer a hub for the whole family to gather. With bespoke bench seating and elegant fabrics, this space can transform into a functional cosy area, fostering togetherness in the kitchen."

kitchen bench seating

Built in bench seating means even smaller kitchens can feel like spaces in which to gather together.  (Image credit: Harvey Jones)

4. Matching worktops with splashbacks

At the same time as aiming for a laid-back, relaxed feel in the kitchen, there will also be a push for a way to do this that maintains a smart sense of unity and simplicity — and one of the most successful approaches to this is to use matching or closely coordinating materials for several elements in the space. Your kitchen worktop ideas can be a great place to start.

"We’re seeing the same material be used for worktops that then flow into the slab backsplash," observes Richard Davonport. "It provides an uninterrupted visual rhythm, adding a clean and minimalist finish, even if the material used is populated with veining and texture."

marble kitchen splashback and brass kitchen tap

In this beautifully simple kitchen, from Davonport, the eye-catching veining of the marble used for the worktop, backsplash and shelf add character.  (Image credit: Davonport)

5. Warm over cool shades

There has been a definite move away from cooler colours and tones and stark neutrals for kitchen units during 2023 and this looks set to continue and grown into 2024. 

"The demand for a ‘warm’ kitchen ambience continues to shape interior trends in 2024, steering away from the era of grey," points out Melissa Klink. "It’s clear that vibrant patterns, collages, soft and cosy fabrics and all that lovely dopamine dressing we are currently obsessed with will dominate design. Grey is gone and super warm tones and shades will be the new go-to — we’re talking rich burgundies, aged brass, muddy golds, warm terracotta, fresh greens and crisp teal hues, among others."

"The desire for colour in the kitchen has gained momentum over the last year," adds Al Bruce. "We have noticed a shift in homeowners wishing to add personality to their kitchen design through bold colour and texture choices, steering away from the more traditional neutral tones."

"The allure of the dramatic dark kitchen cabinetry remains; however, we have seen homeowners steer towards warmer and brighter colours, from soft pink to fiery red tones and fresh green and blue hues," continues Al. "We expect to see homeowners gain more colour confidence in 2024, introducing colour throughout the kitchen, through cabinetry, worktops and even inside cupboards and pantries, creating unique elements of surprise."

That said, Al does advise to choose colours that you feel comfortable with rather than being a slave to fashion.

"While keeping an eye on current kitchen trends is valuable, opting for colours that deeply resonate with your taste is key to creating a kitchen you will love for years to come."

"Earth colours, like lime wash, light yellow and pastels instead of cream and greys or just wood is a beautiful design element for 2024," says William Durrant, owner of Herringbone. "Combining the light base colour of cabinets with darker and more dramatic worktops elevates the design, adding interest while keeping the space light, airy and calm, creating a romantic mood and atmosphere."

pink and burgundy kitchen

Soft pink and warm burgundy look fabulously cosy and inviting together — this enviable kitchen is from Harvey Jones.  (Image credit: Harvey Jones)

burgundy kitchen

Richer, warmer shades are on the rise in the world of kitchens as we head into 2024 — this design, from Laura Ashley Kitchen Collection features a gorgeous burgundy island.  (Image credit: Laura Ashley Kitchen Design)

6. A continuation of Scandi chic

We've been in love with the Scandinavian aesthetic for some time now, as well as their approach to everyday life — hygge, fika and so on. But now that love is spilling over into kitchen design.

"The essence of the Scandinavian lifestyle and home aesthetic is really finding a place in British kitchens with clean colour palettes, natural details and functional artistry," says Melissa Klink. "Scandi-inspired kitchens are characterised by soothing neutral hues, minimal decor, and a balanced blend of grounding dark accents."

scandi inspired kitchen pantry

Stick to a natural finishes and a laid back look for some Scandi vibes in your kitchen.  (Image credit: Nkuku)

7. Shades of blue other than navy

We love navy kitchen ideas as much as the next person, but that doesn't mean there isn't space for some other shades of blue to make an appearance in your painted kitchen ideas — and that is just what you can expect in 2024. 

"While indigo has been a popular kitchen colour for a few years, 2024 sees blues becoming more balanced and moderated, creating a sense of energised calm within the home," reveals Simon Collyns, group marketing and retail sales director at Symphony Group."

Be on the lookout too for two-tone blue kitchens, combining rich navy with brighter shades such as aqua, or powdery baby blues teamed with Pantone's Colour of the Year, Peach Fuzz.

powder blue fitted kitchen

The flush fronts of Symphony's Turin Kitchen in Alby Blue give the design a crisp, modern look.  (Image credit: Symphony Group)

8. Ribbed glazing for unit doors

The best trends are both beautiful as well as practical and so we are pleased to see ribbed glazing making an appearance onto the trends list for 2024. Not only does it look great but it also hides a multitude of sins when in comes to kitchen cupboard clutter — one for anyone worried about kitchen shelving ideas giving away their messy tendencies. 

"Adding texture in both look and feel, ribbed glazing is set to be a huge trend for 2024, says Simon Collyns. "It looks great as a feature unit or two within a kitchen design, breaking up blocks of colour while partially concealing the contents inside."

"Reeded cabinetry, textured glass and all kinds of vertical textures are beautiful design elements for 2024," says William Durrant. "Not only do they make your cabinets, dressers or bars stand out, but they also add texture to the kitchen and cabinets, whilst hiding the potential mess inside the cupboards."

ribbed glass kitchen unit

Using ribbed glass for your unit fronts, such as in this kitchen from Symphony Group, is a great way to blur out clutter.  (Image credit: Symphony Group)

reeded kitchen finishes

This contemporary kitchen from Eggersmann, available at The Myers Touch Kitchen Design Studio, features ribbed finishes on both the glass units as well as elsewhere in the scheme.  (Image credit: Eggersmann available at The Myers Touch)

green kitchen with marble worktops

This beautiful dark green kitchen from Herringbone features ribbed glazing on the wall unit fronts and a striking solid slab backsplash that matches the worktops.  (Image credit: Herringbone)

9. Twin kitchen islands

Not content with just single kitchen island ideas, designers are now introducing us to the benefits of having twin islands instead.

“Twin islands are a great choice to create a truly ‘social’ kitchen for all ages, allowing the chef to effortlessly work between the zones, yet still socialise with the family and enjoy meals together,” explains Tony McCarthy, commercial director of Crown Imperial.

Double kitchen islands can help a big room feel more cosy and intimate, but also provide plenty of work surface space for food preparation and socialising. With a twin island, you might also find you can forego wall units too, allowing for more flexibility in your design. 

pale blue kitchen with double kitchen islands

Twin kitchen islands, such as these from Crown Imperial, are the way to go in 2024.  (Image credit: Crown Imperial)

10. Striking black and white schemes

For all the talk of warmer and more natural shades being used in kitchens, you can also expect to see some gorgeous monochromatic looks being offered — and they certainly have plenty going for them. 

"Using black and white, especially in unique patterns or textures, can create an eye-catching focal point in your kitchen, drawing attention to areas like an elegant backsplash or a stylish kitchen island," points out Homebuilding & Renovating's website editor Amy Willis. "The yin and yang of black and white can also create a sense of balance and harmony in the kitchen, making it a comforting and balanced space to cook and socialise in."

They also point out how well this style of kitchen is likely stand the test of time. 

"Black and white serves as a neutral backdrop, making it easy to incorporate pops of colour through accessories, appliances, or artwork. This allows for personalisation as trends come and go and easy updates over time. Additionally, black and white kitchens exude a classic and enduring elegance. This colour scheme never goes out of style, ensuring your kitchen remains chic and sophisticated for years to come." Ashlyn. 

Amy Willis headshot
Amy Willis

Amy looks after the website for Homebuilding & Renovating, having joined the publication in 2022. She has been renovating and extending her historic home in the Suffolk countryside for over three years, overhauling the kitchen, living room, upstairs bedrooms and bathroom.

black and white kitchen with large kitchen island

This stunning kitchen scheme, designed by Amy Storm & Company, proves black and white is super stylish.  (Image credit: Amy Storm & Company)

11. A return to natural wood kitchens 

Wood kitchen ideas enjoyed a surge in popularity a couple of years ago then got overtaken a bit by painted kitchens — and now they are back once more, our desire for a stripped back look seemingly unsuppressable. 

"The wood kitchen trend has made a significant comeback in recent years. We have moved on from outdated and clunky wood kitchens to seamless elegant designs, which celebrate the beauty and versatility of wood," says Al Bruce of Olive & Barr.

This trend also ties in nicely with the Scandi-inspired look. "With a nod to the Nordic style, we have noticed a demand from homeowners looking to invest in an authentic look which celebrates natural materials in abundance, moving away from the stark white design from previous years," continues Al. 

"While painted cabinets remain a popular staple in kitchen design, there is something about untouched materials which feels timeless," says Al. "Wood kitchens create a warm, inviting atmosphere, the natural grain and textures add depth and character to the home and provide the perfect backdrop for an abundance of natural textures, from quartz worktops to sandstone floors and more.“

"The colours and textures of nature are likely to continue to play a big role in kitchen design for 2024," agrees Molly Chandler, designer at Willis & Stone. "From oak islands and flooring to textured natural rattan furniture and lighting, finding ways to bring the outside in remains very much on trend. A return to wood finishes brings a warmth to the kitchen, making it appear much more like a homely living space, rather than a room based purely on the function of food preparation."

natural wood kitchen

Natural wood kitchens, such as this from Olive & Barr are timeless and easy to live with. (Image credit: Olive & Barr)

12. The 'back kitchen' as an essential

Thought one beautifully designed kitchen was enough? Time to think again — the 'back kitchen' is the next big trend in to be aware of whether you are after kitchen extension ideas or are renovating or designing your new home from scratch.

“The ‘back kitchen’ trend has been gaining interest in modern kitchen design. This idea involves a secondary space, separate from the main kitchen, dedicated to tasks like food prep, storage and utility functions," explains Al Brice. "Homeowners are increasingly valuing the idea of keeping the primary kitchen area clean, organised and more focused on entertaining. 

"The back kitchen might feature additional sinks, ample countertop space and discreet storage. This trend aligns with the desire for open-plan layouts while maintaining a clutter-free and simplified look," continues Al. "Functionality and efficiency drive the design; however, they can be just as beautifully curated as the main kitchen. Even allowing homeowners to experiment with a different interior look which they may be less likely to commit to in an open-plan design.” 

"The rise in popularity of back kitchens can perhaps be attributed to a cultural shift towards more home cooking and entertaining," muses Molly Chandler. "Typically located adjacent to the main kitchen, they provide a convenient extra space for meal prep and storage of larger kitchen essentials such as food mixers, jam pans and larger serving dishes which are perhaps only used on special occasions. 

"Back kitchens are particularly useful for entertaining as they may include an additional sink and dishwasher, which can be a great help in cleaning up after larger gathering or parties, allowing the main kitchen to remain tidy and presentable."

back kitchen

A back kitchen, located just off the main kitchen is the ultimate in practicality.  (Image credit: Olive & Barr)

13. Modern variations of the Shaker kitchen

Shaker kitchens are never really out of fashion, their timeless, unfussy design meaning they won't date and will slide easily into any kind of interior scheme. That said, there is always a little room for progress.

"Shaker-style kitchens are an enduring trend — a timeless and classic look full of character. This is a design that complements all styles of property, from period houses to modern new-builds," say the experts at Laura Ashley Collection. "While the traditional in-frame door is a staple of Shaker style, there are still ways of creating a more personal and bespoke finishes for the home with different colours, colour combinations, handles, work surfaces, appliances, walls and flooring."

pale pink shaker kitchen

This Shaker kitchen from Laura Ashely Kitchen Collection looks thoroughly modern thanks to the choice of fittings it has been paired with.  (Image credit: Laura Ashley Kitchen Collection)

14. An influx of earthy greens

The popularity of green as a kitchen colour idea is going nowhere as we head into 2024 — and it really is worth considering this trend as green kitchens have so much to offer.

“Rich, earthy greens were hugely popular in 2023 and we don’t see this slowing down in the new year as they brings a sense of tranquillity and natural connection to the heart of the home" says Jessica Inglis, consumer marketing manager at 1909. "Green cabinetry in particular can dramatically enhance the overall look and feel of a kitchen, allowing for a variety of design possibilities. For a particularly eye-catching look, pair this colour with white marble surfaces, sleek brass or matt black hardware and a soft backdrop for a sought-after finish.”

"All-white kitchens are predicted to take more of a back seat for kitchens in 2024, while soothing shades of pastel green such as mint and pistachio are set to be popular choices," advises Molly Chandler. "Linking back to themes of nature, pastel green shades have warm and inviting undertones making them a great choice for creating a calming atmosphere in what can be a busy room. With a classic appeal, these light and airy colours are also an ideal choice for those after small kitchen ideas, making them feel more open and spacious."

dark green kitchen with built-in seating

This kitchen from 1909 ticks so many boxes in terms of trends for 1909, including its forest green shade and cosy seating area.  (Image credit: 1909)

15. Smart new storage solutions

Anyone after kitchen storage ideas for their new kitchen should be pleased to hear that there are some great new offerings as we move into the new year.

“Now, more than ever, homeowners are seeking clutter-free and organised spaces for a clean and streamlined aesthetic," observes Jessica Inglis. "It’s important to have areas to store awkward items such as cutting boards and trays, as well as spices and cookware. With space-saving storage solutions, you can not only
enhance kitchen organisation but also contribute to a more efficient and enjoyable cooking and dining experience, especially in smaller or galley kitchens. 

"More hidden and simple storage is becoming popular in 2024," says William Durrant. "Floor-to-ceiling units and lower runs of cabinets are being designed with clever storage in mind. These, combined with floating shelves and on-display units look wonderful in either oak or stone with a stone splash back. These can be placed above the sink or in utility rooms are beautiful, functional and act as a lovely feature in any space. These shelves open up the kitchen and create a lovely sense of space, especially if you have high units or upper cabinetry."

built-in kitchen storage

Space-saving kitchen storage ideas, such as these from 1909, are getting all the more innovative.  (Image credit: 1909)

16. Bespoke surface finishes

Rather than feeling restricted to off-the-shelf and standard surfaces for worktops and backsplashes, you can now show-off your individual style by getting creative and designing your own.

"In 2024 we predict an increase in bespoke surface finishes that will add texture, personality and individuality to kitchen spaces," says director and co-founder of The Myers Touch Keith Myers. "For example, the new material finishes from our German design partner, Eggersmann allow us to create cabinetry and island units as a piece of individual craftsmanship. By combining different shades, shapes and contrast materials such as lacquers, glass fronts, slatted oak, Corian, rolled brass and concrete vintage wood, kitchen furniture can be created to look entirely bespoke and handcrafted."

honeycomb backsplash

Allow your personality to shine with bespoke surface finishes such as these from The Myers Touch.  (Image credit: The Myers Touch)

17. Kitchen islands on legs

Be on the lookout for a more relaxed, mix-and-match, lighter approach in general when it comes to kitchen design, moving forward. The latest looks are often centred around units and fittings that look flexible in their design, rather than being purpose built for the kitchen.

"For 2024 the 'furniture' look is taking over from the heavy fitted look in many aspects, including the kitchen island," says William Durrant of Herringbone. "Butcher-style islands, islands on legs and those in-between are real statement pieces of furniture that give an extra detail to the kitchen space and allow for movement too."

pale pink kitchen with large kitchen island on legs

Kitchen islands on legs, such as this from Herringbone, add a nice relaxed feel to the kitchen.  (Image credit: Herringbone)

18. Dark metal handles and knobs

It is unlikely that many people can have missed the trend for warm metallic finishes for brassware in the kitchen, such as taps. Copper and brass were particular favourites and have also been widely seen used for cabinet knobs and handles, as well as for kitchen lighting ideas

While they are still popular, there are several new finishes on the scene right now. 

"Brass has been a favourite for many years now and one we adore," says William Durrant. "However, for 2024 gunmetal, tarnished or darker metal finishes for hardware are flourishing."

black and white kitchen with black kitchen tap

This black and white kitchen, from Herringbone, looks great combined with exposed brick and darker cupboard hardware.  (Image credit: Herringbone)

gunmetal grey kitchen tap

Expect to see darker finishes for taps and kitchen hardware, such as this Signature Modern Boiling & Filtered Water Tap in Gun Metal from Quettle (Image credit: Quettle)
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