Biophilic Design: 11 Practical Ideas to Connect Your Home with Nature

bright spaces and natural elements are key principles of biophilic design
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Biophilic design has become a bit of a buzzword for architects in recent times, but while the principles of biophilic design can offer brilliant benefits to your home environment, these concepts can feel out of reach for the everyday self builder or renovator. 

Yet, to some degree, biophilic design is evident in plenty of homes already — perhaps without the owners or designers even realising.

Green Homes Month

Green Homes Month

To coincide with Earth Day 2021, Homebuilding & Renovating and the wider Future Homes Network have joined forces to launch Green Homes Month, where we will be sharing all the best advice, ideas and products to help you reduce your carbon footprint and make your home greener.

Nick Robbins

Nick was Features Editor and had a particular interest in what homeowners were able to achieve on a tight budget as well as sustainable building methods. He has recently moved on to tackle a Masters degree.