30 kitchen island ideas to inspire your new cooking space

large kitchen island in kitchen with wooden vaulted ceiling
A kitchen island can transform your kitchen space (Image credit: Tom Howley)

When it comes to kitchen island ideas, there's plenty to choose from. Whether you’re looking for an additional dining space, a central cooking zone or simply a cosy coffee spot there’s a kitchen island idea to suit most homes.

But as with all kitchen design the key to success is working out what you want to use your island for. Once you’ve decided that, then it comes down to creating a space that’s not only functional, but looks good too.

image of Al Bruce founder of Olive & Barr
Al Bruce

Founder Al Bruce began his illustrious career 25 years ago studying to be a cabinet maker at college. From humble beginnings, his natural skill in the craft of cabinetry and keen business acumen saw him quickly rise up through the ranks of the handmade kitchen industry, gaining invaluable experience and a wealth of knowledge along the way.

black and white headshot of female smiling at camera
Lisa Coppin

Lisa is chief creative officer at The Cotswold Company and has over 30 years in UK retail specialising in homeware and furniture.

headshot of male with short brown hair
Mor Krisher

Caesarstone’s in-house design team is headed up by Mor Krisher, who has conceived many of the brand’s award-winning surfaces ranging from nature-inspired, marbled whites to hushed, tactile greys that look and feel like concrete. Delivering timeless beauty with functional resilience, his designs provide surface solutions for a vast range of indoor and outdoor applications, including kitchen worktops and bathroom vanities.

Katie Corcoran

Katie is an experienced journalist, with nearly two decades of experience. She previously worked as a digital editor at womanmagazine.co.uk. She has renovated two houses including a 200-year-old cottage and a 1950s semi, taking a hands-on approach to the work. She also runs her own photography and design company.