How much does a new kitchen cost in 2024?

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Just how much does a new kitchen cost on average to buy and install? This is usually one of the first thoughts to run through the heads of homeowners considering investing in a new culinary space — after all, there is no point designing a kitchen and heading off towards the showrooms, design in hand, with no idea of how much you'll actually need to achieve the space you have been dreaming of. 

Although choosing a new kitchen really is one of the best bits of any self build, renovation or extension, you need to be realistic if you don't want to end up disappointed or with a half-finished kitchen. 

tim phillips
Tim Phillips

Tim Phillips is an experienced senior quantity surveyor and estimator and has worked in the construction industry for over 35 years. He has worked on many varied projects in this time, for corporates, public bodies and private residential clients, managing multi-million budgets. 

For the past 13 years, Tim has worked on a freelance basis, whilst managing his rental property portfolio. He has extensive experience of undertaking his own full-scale house renovations. He is also a speaker and expert at the Homebuilding & Renovating Shows.

Looeeze Grossman
Looeeze Grossman

Looeeze is an expert in all things related to second hand and used kitchens. In 2005 she started The Used Kitchen Company, responsible for introducing the concept of recycling kitchens from showrooms and private homes, saving 1000s of tonnes of waste from landfill, promoting sustainability and introducing an ethical choice to the kitchen industry.

Hugh Metcalf

Hugh is editor of sister title and former digital editor of He has worked on a range of home, design and property magazines, including Grand Designs, Essential Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms and Good Homes. Hugh has developed a passion for modern architecture and green homes, and moonlights as an interior designer, having designed and managed projects ranging from single rooms to whole house renovations and large extensions. He's currently renovating his own Victorian terrace in Essex, DIYing as much of the work as possible. He's recently finished his kitchen renovation, which involved knocking through walls, and landscaping a courtyard garden, and is currently working on a bathroom renovation.