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How Much Does a New Kitchen Cost? Here’s How Far Your Budget Will Stretch…

a new kitchen design in a light bright space
(Image credit: British Standard by Plain English)

Before you can set a budget for your renovation, there’s one thing you need to know: just how much does a new kitchen cost? 

Ask the question upfront at a kitchen showroom, and you may not get a concrete answer — it of course depends on the size, style, finish and any work required to fit your new kitchen. However, for someone just starting out on their kitchen design journey, some ballpark figures can really help in organising your budget. 

According to a recent report by Rated People, 68% of Brits set out to tackle a kitchen renovation with a budget of under £4,000 — proving you don’t need a huge budget to start thinking about changing your space — while 11% have over £8,000 saved for their new kitchen. 

We take a look at the average costs of a range of different kitchens, from budget to bespoke and everything in between, to see how far you can stretch your budget for your renovation project. 

How Much Does a Budget Kitchen Cost?

how much does a new kitchen cost from b&q?

This mix of GoodHome Chia oak effect doors and Garcinia gloss doors from B&Q starts from £888.  (Image credit: B&Q)

A budget kitchen can cost anywhere from £1,000 upwards, depending on the brand and quality of the materials used, but excluding the likes of worktops and appliances. The average spend is around £8,000 for a budget kitchen. 

At this price point, you’ll be looking at largely chipboard or MDF cabinetry, faced with the likes of melamine, veneer or laminate. 

While most budget kitchen brands — from IKEA to DIY stores such as B&Q and Homebase, will have a fitting service, it’s less common to have at home appointments where your kitchen is measured. Largely, you’ll measure your kitchen yourself and attend a design appointment where a 3D design will be generated. 

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Delivery on a budget kitchen is likely to only be several weeks at most, if not available to take away that day in the case of flatpack designs, as pieces are picked from pre-existing stock to match your space’s design. 

Pay attention to details such as what fittings are included with a budget kitchen. IKEA supplies all its kitchens with BLUM fittings, which are also regularly used by luxury kitchen brands. 

Is a Flat-Packed Kitchen Cheaper? 

Well potentially, yes. For example, Wren Kitchens' budget Vogue range is the same quality of cabinetry as its fully assembled Infinity range, but costs 25% less, estimated at between £1,425 for a small kitchen to £3,275 for an extra large kitchen. However, you’ll need to take into account any extra costs associated with fitting the kitchen, as a flat-packed design will take longer to install on site.  

How Much Does a Kitchen Cost from a Trade Supplier? 

If purchasing from a trade supplier, such as Benchmarx or Howdens, you won’t be able to see a price list directly from the brands, as their kitchens need to be purchased through a tradesperson with an active account. 

Don’t expect to pay the trade price that your tradesperson paid for the kitchen, as there may be a mark-up for supplying the product as they’re likely to secure a discount depending on the amount of kitchens they buy annually.  

how much does new kitchen fronts cost?

Husk manufactures custom fronts in modern styles for specific budget ranges from IKEA and Howdens.  (Image credit: Husk)

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Kitchen Doors?

Whether you’re looking to upgrade a new budget kitchen carcass, or replace the doors of your existing kitchen, kitchen door replacement is a growing trend for those renovating their kitchens. 

The average cost for replacement doors, which tend to be higher quality than those that would be provided by budget kitchen companies, is around £3,000 - £4,000 for a medium sized kitchen. 

How Much Does a Used Kitchen Cost?

used kitchen with pocket door breakfast station

This ex display Stoneham Knole Shaker kitchen from Used Kitchen Exchange starts from £29,000, and features many luxury details.  (Image credit: Used Kitchen Exchange)

A used kitchen can be a budget-friendly route to get designer, high-quality cabinetry for your space. With a used kitchen, a designer is on hand to help redesign the preowned cabinetry to fit your home. 

Of course, the cost of a used kitchen is dependent on a lot of factors, including the brand, materials used, age and condition of the kitchen. 

As a rough guide, Used Kitchen Exchange suggests that sellers take the original purchase price, halve it, and then take off a £1,000 for every year it has been in use. If the original purchase price of a kitchen was £25,000 and the owners had used it for ten years then a purchaser might expect to pay around £2,500 for it.

Ex-display kitchens are somewhat easier to price with discounts starting from around 50% of the price of a non-display kitchen. 

How Much Does a Mid-Range Kitchen Cost?

a green shaker kitchen with an island

Magnet offer an at-home measurement service. A kitchen of this size in its Somerton range costs from £7,813. (Image credit: Magnet)

A mid-range kitchen could be defined by characteristics such as being made to order and using higher quality materials than a budget kitchen. Carcasses may be made from better quality veneered MDF or birch ply, doors may also be available in the likes of solid timber, plywood and high quality laminate. They’re likely to be available in a greater number of sizes and contain better internal storage solutions. 

As part of a mid-range kitchen, you can expect the showroom treatment — entailing a more experienced designer and home visits with professional measurements which will all be factored into the price of the kitchen. 

Mid-range kitchens are likely to be priced between £10,000 and £20,000 depending on size and choice of worktops and appliances. 

How Much Does a Bespoke Kitchen Cost?

a bespoke kitchen costs from £20,000 upwards

A bespoke kitchen, such as this design from Davonport, can include luxury details such as curved cabinetry. Prices for this design start from £30,000.  (Image credit: Davonport)

A bespoke kitchen is defined as a kitchen custom made to exact dimensions, allowing for the perfect fit of cabinetry for your space. Bespoke kitchens are usually handmade, often in the UK, and from luxury materials. Discerning bespoke kitchen brands will use solid timber for carcasses and doors. 

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Bespoke kitchens start from £20,000, but with an almost limitless variety in materials potentially available, high-end furniture makers will see kitchen prices of £50,000 and above. 

"A simple shaker style cabinet is quicker and easier to make than a cabinet that includes beading, or a more intricate design," explains Richard Davonport, Founder and Managing Director of Davonport. "Additionally, the shape of the cabinets can cause the price to vary, if the design includes curved cabinetry it will be more expensive. Ultimately, the more the design varies and the more individuality required, the higher the cost."

How Much Does a Kitchen Extension Cost?

a modern kitchen extension

Working to a tight budget, Material Works created this modern side return extension with a handleless kitchen featuring HI-MACS worktops.  (Image credit: HI-MACS)

Kitchen extensions largely fall into the realms of single storey extensions, although all kinds of home extensions could be used to incorporate extra space for a kitchen. 

As an approximate guide, a single storey extension will cost from £1,000 - £2,000/m2, with a basic build at the lower end of the scale and an excellent build quality at the higher end at a range, with costs of £2,500/m2 plus. 

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