60 modern staircase ideas — inspiration to elevate your home

contemporary hallway with modern staircase
(Image credit: Urban Front/Staircase supplied and installed by Featurestairs.com)

Finding the right modern staircase ideas for your home is key not only to the way your interiors look, but also to how it works on a practical level. 

Stairways are often one of the first features visitors are faced with when entering a home and occupy a central location within the floorplan, meaning your staircase design really needs to enhance the overall style of your home.  

All too often, people just do not give enough thought into choosing this sizeable feature and it can be quite daunting to know where to start. From contemporary wooden flights to masterpieces in metal and floating glass steps, there are so many modern staircase ideas out there it can be hard to know where to even begin. 

Fear not, whether you're renovating an existing staircase, adding a new one to update a dated hallway, or designing from scratch in a self build, we've brought together the very best of contemporary stairway designs to help you narrow the search. Take a look below for the very best trends, styles and structures — with a few tips from the experts to get you on your way. 

Which modern staircase ideas are right for you?

Whether you are renovating a staircase or starting completely from scratch, making decisions on materials, configurations and designs as early as possible will mean that when you begin to contact suppliers, joiners and architects (or getting your hands stuck in on a DIY basis) you will have a clear idea of the finished product which will save both time and money. 

"Staircases come in all different shapes and sizes, and it often gets overlooked how the layout and design can impact the home," says Roberta Jervis, senior designer at Neville Johnson

"For example, straight staircases, often found in smaller hallways, can easily make the space feel cramped with an ill-designed balustrade. Using glass here can create an open-plan aesthetic, allowing light to flood through the hallway and make the space feel and appear bigger.

"Similarly, double winder staircases, where the stairs undergo a half turn before the landing, are a perfect opportunity to use glass, or even a mixture of glass and steel, so that the space doesn’t feel ‘closed off’.

"Larger staircase layouts such as bifurcated stairs (those that branch off in opposite directions) with a gallery landing can create a huge impact with a beautiful steel balustrade. Since the area is more open, you can afford to go a little more dramatic in your design to create a stylish focal point in the home.

"Stairs that are made up of both straight and curved components make for interesting designs, allowing you to shape the ascension to best fit the space, but generally it’s the style of balustrade that makes a big impression," adds Eric Nicholls, managing director of Spiral

"With bespoke design, you can be incredibly creative with how you enclose a staircase. Many people opt for glass but currently we are seeing a trend for powder coated steel sheet — often in the ever-popular anthracite grey but also the bright and bold oranges and reds! Steel panels can be laser cut to provide interest in patterns to create light studies.

1. Bring metal, glass and wood together

glass wood and metal staircase

This fuss-free wooden staircase has been paired with a glass balustrade and a handrail kit in brushed silver, from Rothley Ltd (Image credit: Rothley Ltd)

When it comes to timeless yet contemporary materials that pair particularly well, you can't go far wrong with glass, timber and brushed chrome or steel. Glass balustrades allow for a lightness of form and let light flow from one space to another, while solid timber trends will never date yet look fresh and modern. 

Here, the handrail used is one of Rothley Ltd's easy-to-install kits that require no drilling. 

2. Keep an enclosed stairwell well-lit

ideas for lighting a staircase with LED strips

This stunning all-wood staircase features a combination of cut outs and stair lights to really bring it to life.  (Image credit: Simon Maxwell)

Enclosed stairwells can be dark and isolated from the rest of the house, so including the right staircase lighting ideas is key.

In an existing home, well-placed wall lights or a dazzling pendant light will make the space feel more comfortable without much intervention, but if you're undertaking a rewire during a renovation, talk with your electrician about installing LED strips or low spotlights to create a wash over the stair treads. 

In a new home, get creative with internal windows, as in this self build which includes narrow internal glazed panels provide glimpses into the main open plan space. The solid bamboo staircase includes colour-changing LED lighting hidden in the handrail and a lightwell above. 

3. Contrast an original staircase with a bold wall covering

bold floral wallpaper in stairway with Georgian staircase

This made-to-measure floral wallpaper mural by Marina Stupakova, from Wallsauce.com, costs £37/m2. (Image credit: Wallsauce.com)

If you have an existing elegant staircase but are keen to add a modern twist then creating interest on the wall that runs alongside the flight might be your best option. Not only does this mean you can stay well away from tampering with any original details, but it is also a cost-effective route that is easy to achieve on a DIY basis. 

Here, the elegant original Georgian staircase, with its winding handrail and dainty spindles, sits happily alongside the daring botanical print of the wallpaper mural by Marina Stupakova.

4. Make small and simple updates to refresh an old staircase

black wooden staircase with long spandrels in hallway

A lick of paint, new stair runner or modern balustrade are all ideal ways of giving an old staircase a makeover.  (Image credit: Dunelm)

Reviving an existing staircase is a sustainable and cost-effective solution. With a little imagination, a new perspective on wooden staircase ideas can make a world of difference in a hallway or stairwell. 

This could be through a new bannister design, a fresh coat of paint or a stylish stair running, as shown in this contemporary design. 

The simple palette of a dark, almost black, navy and a natural rug and runner instantly improve what is otherwise a simple stair structure. Finally, the floor-to-ceiling spandrels is a look we're seeing more and more — why not try to replicate for a modern refresh? 

5. Use glass for a floating effect 

Modern wood and glass staircase ideas

A glass balustrade is the perfect partner for floating treads.  (Image credit: Laurence Liddy)

Make an instant statement like this self-build's clever timber and glass floating staircase design. 

Finished with a modern glass balustrade, the wooden steps have the illusion of floating. 

The simple straight flight has a hidden steel stringer (the housing either side of the stairs) behind the stone-clad plasterboard which supports the whole structure.  

6. Use a half landing for a window seat

window seat on half landing

If you have a half landing big enough to create a window seat then take full advantage of the opportunity.  (Image credit: English Blinds)

If you have the space within your staircase configuration and happen to have a window overlooking the stairwell too, then take full advantage of this by fitting the area with a window seat. 

Not only will this make the most of all space available, but it will also encourage people to stop a while and enjoy the view. Another added benefit of window seats is that they can be designed to incorporated storage. 

7. Tuck a home office under the stairs

grey home office under white painted staircase

Don't waste the space under your staircase — it can become a useful home office.  (Image credit: Sharps)

Where space is an issue, eking out the potential of every inch is paramount and with more of us working from home than ever before, the awkward under the stairs space can be full of opportunity. 

Adding under stair storage ideas for filing papers, books and even printers will ensure at the end of the day a home-worker can close up and walk away feeling as if work and home life is separated. 

From tiny fold out desks, freestanding units and fully built-in storage, like this beautiful grey example from Sharps, there is a solution for every small space. 

8. Give an old staircase a timeless makeover

updated staircase with stair runner in a modern home

Re-cladding staircase treads and updating cosmetic elecments can totally transform a tired flight.   (Image credit: Chris Snook)

When updating a house, renovating a staircase is often low on the list, but can be incredibly transformative. 

This original staircase has been elegantly updated with a calm, confident redesign. Stair runners are making a magnificent comeback and when this grey herringbone material is paired with black steel rods, the space is instantly updated. 

"As well as having the potential to completely transform the look of your hallway, a well-designed staircase can also add value to your home," Neville Johnsons's Roberta Jervis comments. "Typically, the stairs are the first thing we see when we enter a home, so think of the impact a stunning staircase can have on potential buyers.

“With a staircase renovation, the turnaround is remarkably quick, if the stairs are structurally sound, simply re-cladding the treads and replacing the cosmetic components can completely change the aesthetic of your staircase. With very little fuss and no building work!”

9. Consider cork as a stair cladding material

cork staircase in modern open plan dining room

Cork makes a modern, yet classic, staircase cladding.  (Image credit: Will Scott)

A staircase is the perfect spot to experiment with different internal cladding ideas. This is especially true if it features in a dining or living room as the understated use of a new material will bring an extra dimension to a room design. 

Stairway wall ideas like this can be retrofitted DIY using timber battens, plywood sheets or even acoustic panelling that absorbs sounds in a busy open plan space. 

The hallway wall and side of this staircase are clad in cork to create a sunning optical illusion, as the staircase essentially disappears from view when you're standing in the kitchen. 

10. Don't be afraid to mix and match materials 

steel modern staircase ideas in an extended home

Staircases need not be made from just one material — metal and timber look really striking together.  (Image credit: Simon Maxwell)

Staircases play an important part in our homes — often greeting visitors at the door and welcoming tired family members to bed. So be sure to set the tone for your home by creating a warm interior scheme in the hallway. 

This can be through the use of colour, wall panelling or interior cladding or clever layering of materials through the stairway and into the hallway design

Simple yet inviting, this steel design has been finished with ash on the floor and treads. 

11. Brighten up a hallway with fresh painted stairs

green painted staircase with radiators and coat hooks

It is always best to opt for stair paint or floor paint when painting stairs to ensure a long-lasting finish.  (Image credit: The Radiator Centre)

Give an existing staircase a new lease of life by including painted stairs ideas

A fresh colour can elevate a dark and dated hallway, making it feel bright and welcoming. Blues, mid greys and greens invite a calmer environment while yellows and even pinks will perk up anyone's day after coming home. 

The modern, green of this stairway is paired with a dark, practical flooring in this home to create definition in the bright hallway.

black painted staircase in a loft conversion with rooflight

Walls next to staircases can sometimes look a little bare — creating an individual art gallery adds character.  (Image credit: Chris Snook)

This staircase up to a converted loft ticks all the boxes — a rooflight to flood the lower landings with light, an eclectic selection of family photos on the walls and a dark, restored staircase that contrasts wonderfully with the statement pendant. 

These stairway wall ideas are all simple (and cheap!) tricks that can be applied to any loft conversion stairs but together the impact is undeniable. 

13. Open up a gloomy enclosed staircase

contemporary wooden staircase with roof light

Window or rooflight placement is key to ensuring your stairs area well lit.  (Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

Where an enclosed stairway is unavoidable, a great staircase idea is to lead down into an open plan space to enhance the idea of moving between private and public spaces — but be sure to check the building regulations before making any changes! 

Including a turn in this staircase creates an inviting environment and incorporates the staircase into the design of the house, rather than as an after-thought.

14. Use a stair runner for a budget-friendly update

striped stair runner and pine staircase with white walls

There are so many designs of stair runner now available, finding one to suit your home shouldn't be too hard. This design is from Carpetright (Image credit: Carpetright)

Utilising a simple pine staircase is a cost-effective option but they're also fantastic as they offer the chance to be customised for a more bespoke feel. They can either be painted, have the right types of carpet fitted or, as here, have a contemporary stair runner up the centre. 

Stair runners have recently come back in vogue and is inspiring lovely modern twists on the classic look. 

15. Add some drama using bold colours on your stairs 

DIY black painted staircase with wooden treads

Here, a daring charcoal paint has been used on the balustrades, risers and string, while the treads have been kept bare.  (Image credit: The Radiator Centre)

Unleash your inner DIY guru by learning how to paint stairs and going bold with a dark and dramatic staircase. Black, dark grey and deep navy can all make a dated staircase feel sophisticated when contrasted with wood tones and white accent features. 

If you're not confident 'colour drenching' – where every element is painted the same colour, as here – consider simply painting the staircase skirting with a contracting colour, or creating depths of tones with complementing shades. 

16. Draw the eye with interesting tiled risers

blue painted staircase with pattered tile risers

Here, using tiles to cover the risers of the staircase lends a fresh, Mediterranean look.  (Image credit: Annie Sloan)

Complement a new colour choice by adding pattered tiles to the risers. Not only will this protect the staircase from damage as people shuffle up stairs, but also gives a visual impact for users. 

Just as you would when looking at how to tile a wall, make the correct preparation when tiling stairs — otherwise the effect won't be a neat and tidy as required. 

For a simpler option, look for adhesive tile patterns that don't require any strenuous DIY and can simply be removed if the style no longer works for you.

17. Combine different textures for instant impact

pale blue staircase ideas in a new build with concrete floors

Wood, exposed brick and metal all combine here to add character to the minimalist hallway.  (Image credit: Simon Maxwell)

Utilise exposed brick in a stairwell design to break up long expanses of plastered wall and to create a transition from the hallway to landing.  

This steel staircase's balustrades have been painted in a French Grey which is continued around the door linings and skirting boards throughout the floorplan — a simple but effective way of creating a coherent home. 

18. Personalise your staircase with extra details 

bright hallway with LED lighting and wooden staircase

In this family home, clever understairs storage and low-level wall lights have tailored it to the needs of the household.  (Image credit: Stairbox)

For staircases near a front entrance hallway, blend together the living and sleeping areas, as well as functioning a porch, by choosing complementing materials, lighting and how the spandrel – space under the stairs – will be used. 

Here, light-coloured decoration is matched with clever lighting design such as downlights and accent lighting across the treads for an inviting approach while the practical design underneath offers a space for outdoorware. 

19. Keep things simple to save on costs 

While cost-effective staircase ideas in a pink kitchen

This staircase is super simple yet highly contemporary.  (Image credit: David Barbour)

While staircases can be as expensive as you choose, that doesn't mean all designs have to cost the earth. Keeping the plan simple can create some stylish and striking results, as this contemporary glass and timber unit shows. 

The homeowners bought an inexpensive pine staircase and whitewashed it before fitting a 15mm toughened glass balustrade themselves. 

20. Go for full on modern luxe with black and gold

black and gold staircase and hallway

This ultra glamorous hallway features tones of black, gold and copper — the oversized Matheny chandelier is from DelightFULL (Image credit: DelightFULL)

If you fancy being a bit of a design rebel, why not buck the trend for white and pared back and indulge in a little out-and-out luxury instead? Black and metal shades, such as gold, copper and brass will really add drama to your stairwell.

Here, the highly unusual staircase, with its shades of black and gold, has been graced with a stunning gold chandelier and a marble-effect wall panel. 

21. Use cosy carpet to finish off a staircase 

brown carpeted staircase in modern hallway

(Image credit: Carpetright)

A key decision to make when looking at a wooden staircase is whether you will carpet the steps or leave the timber on show. 

Warm underfoot, there are infinite choices in different types of carpet you can choose, so ensure you take care to pick on that can handle heavy foot traffic (as well as looking beautiful, of course). 

22. Zone open-plan spaces with contemporary stairways

a large open plan space with a modern staircase

The addition of this modern staircase helps to define the kitchen diner from the living spaces beyond.  (Image credit: Alistair Nicholls)

Open plan living is more popular than ever and it's important to get function 'zones' like a snug, kitchen or home working area right. One way to divide a large space is to use contemporary staircase ideas to create visual partitions. 

This stunning steel staircase highlights the double-height void in the centre of this open plan home. It has been painted in the same RAL shade as the windows and divides the more intimate snug – out of shot around the corner – from the modern kitchen and dining area. 

23. Use matching balustrades for a cohesive look

black steel staircase in scandi inspired hallway

The industrial look of these interior is defined through the use of metal balustrades and interior doors.  (Image credit: Dave Burton)

The perfect blend between Scandinavian and industrial styles, this staircase and hallway design works in complete harmony. By tying the balustrade in visually with the internal doors and over-sized mirror, the whole look is pulled together. 

Plus, including great landing ideas like a hanging egg chair gives purpose to the often wasted space. 

24. Keep your hallway light and open with glass balustrades 

glass and wood modern staircase in renovated farmhouse

The use of glass balustrades prevents light coming in from the window and sidelight from being blocked.  (Image credit: Dave Burton)

Avoid feeling cramped in and claustrophobic by using glass to let light filter into hallways and landings. 

Replacing a traditional design in this modern farmhouse, this wooden staircase features open treads and a glass balustrade so natural light from the rooflight above and glass panels by the front door can flood the entryway. 

25. Bring out a simple design by pairing it with pattern 

hallway with patterned flooring and concrete modern staircase

The interesting pattern of the floor tiles here really highlights the simple form the concrete staircase.  (Image credit: Carpetright)

Strong contemporary materials such as concrete, natural wood or steel can sit confidently alongside interestingly pattered types of flooring, such as carpets or bright tiles. 

Choosing a more daring pattern for well-considered flooring will add instant personality and create a space full of fun and intrigue. 

26. Make a modern staircase the focal point of a room

simple staircase in a modern open plan home

Chunky wooden treads and a steel 'spine' make this staircase a real talking point.  (Image credit: Fiona Murray)

If your staircase will reside in an open plan area, why not make it an architectural feature in it's own right? The stairs are a sizeable item in any floor plan and as such can become a wow factor that defines the whole of your interior scheme. 

This staircase both adds a statement feature in this open-plan space as well as cleverly dividing it to create a cosier area for watching TV with vertical spindles. 

27. Stick to classic details for a timeless modern look  

staircase ideas

Keeping your staircase design fuss free will mean it won't date any time soon.  (Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

A simple, straightforward design, this staircase is elegant and will most definitely stand the test of time. 

Treasured memories can be showcased on a gallery wall, while DIY decorating means the space can always be refreshed when in need of an update by painting a wall

28. Create contrast between your wall and staircase colours 

pink and white staircase design

The simple white staircase really shines thanks to the dusky pink wall it sits alongside.  (Image credit: Sweetpea & Willow)

Staircases are often at the front of our homes as we open the front door, so choosing a unique decorating style or design for a new staircase makes immediate impact on guests. 

Combining favourite stairway styles with beautiful hallway ideas that have a bit of fun with colour or pattern makes a home feel welcoming and can bring a smile to your face when bringing in the shopping, or going to bed. 

Bright staircase ideas can include powder-coated steel, a pop of colour on a wooden balustrade or contrasting a strong hue on the walls with a neutral staircase for a warm welcome— this pink stairwell certainly does the job!

29. Turn your staircase into an architectural feature

staircase with long wooden spandrels and photo gallery

The tall, slender floor-to-handrail spindles on this staircase allow light to flow through from one space to another.  (Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

Incorporating architectural details when designing a modern staircase is a wonderful idea to make any home feel special. Here, elongated sapele spindles and internal glazing create a stunning throughview to the garden while a feature wall draws the eye upstairs.

Other small forward-thinking details which make a huge impact on the overall finish could choose shadow gaps instead of skirting boards, feature pendant or chandelier lighting, a recessed handrail and a complementary mix of materials. 

30. Match your floor to your stairs

chequered floor tiles

This clever effect was created using paints from Annie Sloan (Image credit: Annie Sloan)

Liven up an existing staircase and create a highly individual effect using floor paint or stair paint to match your stair treads with your hallway floor tiles. 

Here, an eye-catching chequerboard effect has been achieved using Annie Sloan paints — the look is further enhanced by co-ordinating the wall colours with the stairs too. 

31. Restore an original staircase with care

Renovated wooden staircase idea

If you are lucky enough to have an original staircase, breathing a new lease of life into it will mean any newer modern additions are all the more noticeable.  (Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

As the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Wooden staircases can last decades if properly cared for or renovated and original features should be retained wherever possible in order to ensure the character of a period property. 

Saving an old staircase is an achievable DIY task, and it can become a statement piece in a renovation, as this pared-back cottage renovation goes to show. 

32. Add atmospheric lighting to a floating staircase

LED lighting for floating stair design ideas

The lighting you use to illuminate a modern staircase can completely change the feels of a space.  (Image credit: John Cullen)

Adding LED strip lighting under each stair tread in floating staircases with a glass balustrade gives a sleek and polished impression. 

Planning your staircase design ideas in conjunction with designing your lighting system in any project will provide cohesive finish. 

33. Modern Glass Staircases are Great in Open-plan Layouts

oak and glass staircase in a contemporary kitchen

These glass balustrades sit beautifully alongside the exposed timber frames.  (Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

The open plan kitchen layout is key for the small floorplan of this self build and the staircase was carefully selected to work with the layout. 

The homeowners opted for glass balustrades in order that the house had clear views from the entrance hall right through to the rear garden. Glass works really well pared with timber and looks particularly stylish in timber frame homes. 

34. Take an industrial approach with a metal staircase

curved metal staircase in brick living room with windows

This ingenious design reflects the curve of the window and manages to appear lightweight despite its size.  (Image credit: Nigel Rigden)

If you’re renovating a house or converting an existing property, reflecting the building’s heritage through similar materials is a great way to capture an authentic build finish. 

This curved metal staircase in a converted water tower carefully navigates the elevation’s windows while expertly mirroring their dramatic arched steel-frames. 

35. Use U-shaped staircase to create a mezzanine

Modern oak and glass staircase ideas

This contemporary staircase has been designed to create a handy home office on the mezzanine level.  (Image credit: Woodfloors4u)

This oak and glass U-shaped staircase with half-landing creates an enviable spot to relax in and makes the most of a double-height space before leading up to the mezzanine area. 

The oak handrail at the top matches the characterful flooring while the glass balustrade also means the room isn't divided up or interrupted. 

36. Incorporate exposed brick for extra character

curved brick and wood staircase in modern home

The exposed brickwork on the wall of this staircase adds bags of charm to this new house.  (Image credit: Simon Maxwell)

An exposed brick staircase can work wonders when designing for a new home or building an extension. Bursting with charm when paired with an exposed oak frame, this new build’s staircase gives the illusion of being a period property. 

Despite its curved form, the staircase make up is actually fairly simple, utilising wooden treads and painted plaster. 

37. Make the most of a small space with a spiral staircase 

black steel staircase ideas in kitchen

Despite being crafted from black steel, this spiral staircase doesn't overwhelm the space.  (Image credit: Tile Giant)

Light, bright and airy, this room is the perfect blend between traditional materials and modern styling, in no doubt thanks to the handleless kitchen paired with the black steel staircase. 

Spiral staircases make a lot of sense in more compact spaces, but do think through how you will get furniture up and down between levels. 

38. Reflect the details in a glass and metal staircase

metal and glass staircase ideas

Concealed LEDs and floorwashers look stunning combined with glass and metal.  (Image credit: John Cullen Lighting)

A good lighting design can transform any simple staircase, as this example shows effortlessly. Alternating recessed LED floorwashers illuminate the treads beautifully while the glass balustrade lets the warm light flow into the main dining area. 

Concealing LED lights under each step of an open tread staircase also creates a cost-effective yet etherial appearance.  

39. Create a flight that won't date with white wood 

white wood staircase ideas

A white timber staircase can be pared with pretty much any interior scheme your heart desires.  (Image credit: Carpetright)

Far from being boring, a simple, white-painted staircase can look fresh, modern and timeless — and pairs well with all kind of interior schemes too.

This white wood staircase design is anything but 'safe' thanks to the warm pink walls, rustic barn doors, and open landing which adds drama to the double height dining room below. 

40. Transform an original Victorian staircase with modern finishes

traditional victorian staircase renovation

Even period staircases can be given a fresh, modern look with the addition of a new runner and a coat of paint.  (Image credit: Carpetright)

Update a tired terrace staircase by painting in a contemporary shade of blue and adding an understated yet stunning grey runner. 

The perfect mix of traditional and modern, this home utilises the staircase design and smart small hallway ideas to showcase everything that is special about the terrace, while keeping it rooted in contemporary styles.

41. Blend old and new ideas for a unique staircase

industrial glass and metal staircase in stone cottage extension

This conversion, with its exposed original stone walls, needed a staircase that could do these details justice.  (Image credit: Andrew Lee)

This industrial glass and metal staircase is just one incredible addition that saved this modern home that was once a Georgian ruin. The original exterior wall and the glass balustrade create a fabulous contrast between restored building and the contemporary additions.

42. Draw out the details of an elegant existing staircase 

staircase renovation ideas

Crisp white paint sits beautifully alongside the sweeping timber handrail of this gorgeous staircase.  (Image credit: Carpetright)

Unless there is something physically wrong with a staircase during a renovation project, many simply need some attention and can be rejuvenated by some TLC. 

Taking the time to find out how to save an old staircase could have both time and month, while also giving the materials greater longevity. 

This pared-back design is made all the more interesting by the dark stained wood handrail which draws the eye invitingly upstairs. 

43. Achieve timeless style with solid oak and glass 

oak and glass staircase in contemporary oak frame home

Oak and glass is a match made in heaven — particularly when used alongside an exposed oak frame.  (Image credit: Richard Keily c/o Oakwrights)

Character in modern homes is difficult to come by so choosing something as simple yet elegant as a solid oak staircase with glass balustrade can never go wrong. 

The oak frame of this self build is combined with clean lines and a neutral palette of the staircase in the open plan living space for the perfect blend between contemporary and traditional.

44. Make a statement with an oversized pendant light 

staircase with a large light in centre

The intricate design of the staircase and the interesting architecture details of the house needed a light that could add 'wow' without stealing all the attention.  (Image credit: Fiona Murray)

Add an eye-catching, contemporary light fitting to instantly create wow-factor in a stairway.

This bespoke staircase revolves around the super modern chandelier in this home, creating a focal feature that draws the eye up through the triple-height space. The elegant raindrop effect of the staggered suspended bulbs ensures the look isn't overwhelming.  

45. Factor storage into your staircase design

Staircase design idea with storage for small space

Staircases take up floorspace so it makes sense to use them for extra storage. (Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

Compact shouldn’t be a negative word when dealing with spaces in small houses. Designing a staircase that is discrete yet thoughtfully decorated can be essential to ensure space is saved rather than wasted. 

This tiny home of just 42m2 utilises smooth birch plywood timber cladding to hide away under-stair storage while a studwall between the staircase and the front door provides a lobby space, a coat rack and shallow drawers. 

46. Fit a skylight to brighten up an enclosed staircase 

Enclosed staircase with rooflight idea

To avoid this stairway feeling claustrophobic, a large skylight has been fitted above.  (Image credit: Simon Maxwell)

Introducing natural light into your staircase design is a great idea for small spaces or loft conversions. Due to Building Regulations, a covered staircase might be required so creating a transition area which feels light and airy is paramount. 

Ceiling glazing and rooflights, roof lanterns and lightpipes are all great ways to draw in light from above. 

47. Introduce warmth to modern interiors with wood

Timber staircase in modern home ideas

Chunky walnut adds a rich warmth to this pared-back hallway.  (Image credit: Urban Front)

The best modern staircase design let the materials speak for themselves — as this walnut structure demonstrates. 

The muted green of the front door and the polished concrete floors makes every element in this hallway sing. The warm wooden tones ensure that the overall look is not too stark — a problem in some contemporary homes. 

48. Make a statement with a chunky spiral 

Modern spiral staircase ideas

The chunky ash treads of this staircase are offset by the more lightweight spindles.  (Image credit: Bisca)

Modern staircase in home

(Image credit: Bisca)

This central spiral staircase was designed for the homeowners to transition from the quirky open plan living space (above) to the more rustic basement floor (top). 

Thick treads made from ash are stacked to hide the usually visible central column which supports the structure. 

49. Create the illusion of space with a glass balustrade