Seeking small home office ideas? Here's 12 compact solutions

office under stairs with doors painted orange on the inside and man sat at desk working
Small home office ideas can help turn unused spaces into productive places (Image credit: Ben Knight Photography)

Small home office ideas can sometimes feel challenging - especially if your work life has changed and you've swapped corporate spaces for a remote role or have taken the leap into working for yourself.

The reality is that while the extra time saved from not commuting may be a bonus, jostling for space at the kitchen table to get your job done can be less than appealing. And while you may be able to include a home office design in your self-build, extension or renovation project, you may not want to, or indeed be able to allocate a huge space to the cause.

woman with mid length blond hair wearing blue dress in colourful room
Emma Deterding

Emma Deterding is a leading interior designer who has been named among the top 100 in the world. With over twenty-five years of experience, Emma has honed her ability to offer well thought-out schemes for private clients, turning  their homes into beautifully designed and practical places.

female with shoulder length blond hair wearing black top and jeans smiling to camera
Claire Garner

Claire has over 15 years’ experience in the interior design industry, and over a decade running her own interior design studio. Her ability to design is well known as is her skill in creating beautiful designs through layered simplicity; evoking a true sense of depth and calm in her spaces.

Sarah Harley
Assistant Editor

Sarah is Homebuilding & Renovating’s Assistant Editor and joined the team in 2024. An established homes and interiors writer, Sarah has renovated and extended a number of properties, including a listing building and renovation project that featured on Grand Designs. Although she said she would never buy a listed property again, she has recently purchased a Grade II listed apartment. As it had already been professionally renovated, she has instead set her sights on tackling some changes to improve the building’s energy efficiency, as well as adding some personal touches to the interior.