Garage built, 6.5m x 6.5m. The first building control officer said not bother him with it. The garage was completed. He left the council. Then another, second, building control officer told the builders to move the side door (to outside) and wall in the stairs for fire regs because we have a habitable room upstairs. Giving separate entrance to access, upstairs via enclosed in stairs.

We have storage loft upstairs in garage , accessed by removable wooden space saver stair. Building control say this is habitable room, as I have plasterboarded and put down carpet, with velux skylight. Although height is just 5ft 10 at apex of roof. If I had not upgraded loft then, the council states, then I would not have to make changes for fire regs.

The room is not habitable , in my opinion, due to lack of head space, it is just for storage. I cannot imagine anyone would want to live in it ! The builder refused to return to make changes, as in his view, the council should have advised him when asked initially.

Suggestions please. I am quite happy with the builders work, and think the council are being in flexible.

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