12 Master Bedroom Ideas For a Modern and Relaxing Space

master bedroom ideas
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The best master bedroom ideas don't just look good, they also make the most of every inch of space to create a tranquil spot to sleep in. 

Big, small, modern or traditional-inspired, designing a new master bedroom or updating an old one requires some careful forethought to maximise the potential an any shaped room. 

Take a look below at our favourite master bedroom ideas any homeowner can copy for their ultimate master bedroom.

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1. Designing Layouts for a Master Bedroom

master bedroom layout ideas

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Starting from scratch?

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A good idea for planning a layout of a master bedroom is to draw a scale plan of the room — quirky alcoves and crooked walls included! Then, work with the essentials for every bedroom: a bed (be sure to look up the dimensions), side tables and clothes storage. 

Ideally, the bed will be centrally situated with a comfortable walkway either side (about half a metre should do). In smaller rooms this might not be possible and the bed has to sit adjacent to the wall. In time like this, it can be a good idea to lean into limitations by installing shelving, or even building in a wall recess, instead of a table. 

master bedroom with wardrobe ideas

This bedroom masterfully utilises the original (yet slightly awkward) oak frame structure to create a dressing area with wardrobe and dresser unit. For a similar look, consider knocking through into an under-used box room  (Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

As bedrooms are a space for relaxation (usually away from the hustle and bustle of social rooms), create a sense of calm by ensuring bits of clutter all have a place — side tables, dresser units and bookcases all have their part to play here. 

In terms of storing clothes and shoes, freestanding units can come in all shapes and sizes but if the room is awkwardly spaced, built-in storage can create a sleek and purposeful finish. 

2. Think about Lighting for a Sophisticated Master Bedroom

modern master bedroom ideas

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Layering lighting using different sources can utterly transform any bedroom. We use bedrooms at different times of day and the lighting design should reflect that. 

Task and ambient lighting for morning routines is essential (desk lamps, downlights and LED mirrors), but don't forget a dimmer glow to send you off to restful sleep (opt for warmer hues in lamps).

If you're stuck for space in a small bedroom, think about hanging pendant lights rather than a table lamp. 

3. Work with Quirks for an Characterful Bedroom 

master bedroom ideas

When restoring her hillside cottage, Amy Jones (founder of Greta Mea Interiors) added a door to the first-floor bedroom which leads to a top garden terrace (Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

Alcoves, fireplaces, eaves and (if you're lucky) timber beams are all beautiful elements but can put a snag in the works for a sleek design based on a traditional square bedroom. 

Embrace the oddities of a room by looking at unconventional solutions for storage or create a decorative focal feature. 

4. Make Your Master Bedroom Multipurpose 

master bedroom ideas 2020

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Although experts say bedrooms should be used solely for sleeping, the realities of 2020 have taught us that often bedrooms have been retrofitted into home offices out of sheer necessity. 

If this is the case, carving out a section of the bedroom for a designated working space has to be well considered. Try to position the desk facing away from the bed, and provide a different view to the one you wake up to. 

Natural light, as always, is a must — as is properly catering for storage, not just clothes, but papers, books and laptops. Don't let work-life clutter invade your night time routine. 

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5. Adopt a 'Boutique Hotel' Treatment

small master bedroom ideas

This cosy bedroom also features light switches either side of the bed for the ultimate luxury experience  (Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

By far one of the biggest trends of 2020 and 2021 is a luxurious bedroom inspired by romantic weekends away from the clutter of daily life. Get this look by pairing bold colours with metallic fixtures and ensuring the bed is the star of the show. 

6. Go for Grey Master Bedroom Decor for Tranquillity

grey master bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Chris Snook)

Pale colours like grey, off white and eggshell blues are naturally calming tones ideal for engineering the perfect place to nod off in. The rooflights of this bedroom loft conversion means the painted wood floor and feature panelling stay light and bright. 

7. Include an En Suite in Your Master Bedroom Idea

master bedroom layout ideas

(Image credit: Chris Snook)

Building an en suite by a master bedroom can work wonders to add value to your home. Here, the homeowners created the ultimate luxury in their renovated terrace by partitioning off the bedroom, dressing area and en suite away from the rest of the family corridor. 

8. Add a Bedroom Balcony 

modern master bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Laurence Liddy)

If you're extending to add an extra bedroom or self-building, creating a spot for the perfect first cup of coffee in the morning will make all the difference. 

The sliding doors in this self build's bedroom make the most of their panoramic views while the roof overhang means the homeowner can enjoy it no matter the weather. 

9. Decorate a Small Master Bedroom with Simple Things

master bedroom with simple things

(Image credit: Malcom Menzies)

To save space in this new loft bedroom, stylish shelving and under-eaves cupboards take the place of busy bedside and dresser tables. This, combined with bold materials used in the en suite creates an impactful yet deceptively simple bedroom. 

10. Create Something Special with a Large Master Bedroom

master bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Richard Keily)

This two-storey extension included a mezzanine for a new master bedroom, complete with Juliet balcony outside and a view out to the glazed gable and beyond. 

11. Add a Unique Feature in a Small Master Bedroom

small master bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

If you can, open up a small master bedroom to create a vaulted ceiling. Not only will this create the illusion of extra floor space as the eye is drawn upwards, but also make the room feel bright and airy. 

12. Make a Statement in a Large Master Bedroom

master bedroom ideas

(Image credit: BC Designs)

Sloping eaves and a narrow orientation don't stop this gorgeous loft conversion from being full of wow factor. Practical as well as luxurious, large wardrobes are paired with an opulent copper freestanding bath. 

If you're after a similar look, be sure to talk with your build team about the logistics of a water supply, as well as being savvy to choose the right flooring

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