Best bedroom colours and combinations for a good night's sleep

bedroom with fitted wardrobes painted in grey with large bed and pink soft cushions on bed
The best bedroom colours can make your bedroom the perfect escape (Image credit: Tom Howley)

When it comes to bedroom design, choosing the best bedroom colours is a bit like match-making. If you pair this colour with that colour will they cohabit well together? Will they compliment each other or will they clash? And is that clash manageable or is it a deal-breaker that you just can't live with? 

Either way, get the colours right and you've created a harmonious relationship that will hopefully last and you're happy to be embraced by. But with thousands of different shades on offer, just how do you find that match made in heaven?

female with long blond highlighted wavy hair wearing brown top
Ellie Kennedy

Ellie Kennedy is an in house interior expert at 247 Blinds. She is an authority on window dressings offering creative and practical styling advice for both blinds and curtains.

female with dark blond hair looking away from camera and smiling
Caroline Thornborough

A creative professional with a passion for design, Caroline is responsible for marketing, branding and curating Thorndown's colour palettes. When not working, Caroline can be found indulging in her twin passions: gardening and decorating. Whether transforming a neglected corner of her garden, wielding a paintbrush, or upcycling forgotten treasures, she thrives on breathing new life into things.

female with shoulder length blond hair wearing dark blue top
Victoria Yardley

Victoria Yardley is the visionary behind Victory Colours. Their paints are proudly certified vegan and cruelty-free, ensuring no harm comes to animals in any stage of production or testing. Together, Victoria and her team are leading the way in sustainable, ethical manufacturing practices, proving that beauty and conscience can go hand in hand.

female with blond hair sat on bed with man stood at window, both wearing jeans, light tops and looking at camera
Emily & Jonathan Attwood

Emily and Jonathan Attwood created Scooms after returning to live in the UK and being unable to source bedding to meet their needs. Scooms was established to offer a range of environmentally friendly, sustainably sourced duvets, pillows, mattress toppers and bed linen that are also suitable for dust mite allergy sufferers. 

Sarah Harley
Assistant Editor

Sarah is Homebuilding & Renovating’s Assistant Editor and joined the team in 2024. An established homes and interiors writer, Sarah has renovated and extended a number of properties, including a listing building and renovation project that featured on Grand Designs. Although she said she would never buy a listed property again, she has recently purchased a Grade II listed apartment. As it had already been professionally renovated, she has instead set her sights on tackling some changes to improve the building’s energy efficiency, as well as adding some personal touches to the interior.