Best Light Switches: Top Buys For Any Interior Scheme

best light switches chrome light switch
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Hunting down the best light switches you can afford really is worth it — it is smaller finishes touches such as switches and sockets that really can make all the difference to your over all interior scheme. 

Get little things like this wrong or plump for obviously cheap fittings and it will really let your home down. Why spend ages planning out your perfect lighting design scheme only to let it all down with substandard switches?

Here, we've pulled together the best light switches around, giving our top buys for a range of house styles and needs, from sleek and contemporary to smart light switches designed to make life a little easier. 

Best Light Switch for Modern Homes

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brushed chrome triple modern light switch

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BG Nexus NBS Range Brushed Steel Switches & Sockets

Reasonably priced, sleek and easy-to-fit

Dimensions: ‎15 x 11.7 x 2.7cm | Colour/Finish: Brushed steel | Circuit type: 2-way | Gang: 3

Budget friendly
Contemporary appearance
Matching items available
Supplied screws a little short

The ideal light switch for anyone looking for something unobtrusive yet a little classier than a plain white plastic light switch.

The BG Nexus NBS Range Brushed Steel Switch is useful in that it is part of a really wide range of gang and circuit types making it easy to find matching items to ensure a streamlined interior scheme — plus the price tag is pretty reasonable too.

On the downside, although the switch is fairly straightforward to fit, the screws supplied are a little on the short side, which could make fitting tricky and may mean investing in some sturdier, longer screws to get the job done quickly. 

Best Smart Light Switch

smart light switch

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Yagusmart Smart Wall Light Switch

Sleek smart light switch that can be control by voice, mobile app or manually

Dimensions: 19 x 18.9 x 6cm | Colour/finish: White | Circuit type: Varies | Gang: 1 - but others available

Simple, modern appearance
Voice and remote control
Timer function
Compatible with range of smart home devices
More complex to set up than a traditional switch

The idea of smart light switches is to make life a little easier and to tie in with other smart home gadgets — and the Yagusmart Smart Wall Light Switch does just that.

This smart light switch has the advantage of making voice control possible, but it can also be controlled manually or via the mobile app from anywhere — meaning you can control the lights even when you are not at home — a great home security feature.

The switch is compatible with Amazon Alexa, IFTTT and Google Home and also has a timer function.

On the downside, the switch can prove a little more complex to set up than a conventional light switch, although there is plenty of online help available.

Best Traditional Light Switch

brass toggle light switch

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Knightsbridge CSTOG1AB Square Edge Antique Brass 10A 1G 2 Way Toggle Switch

Great timeless finish at a reasonable price

Dimensions: 8.9 x 2.71 x 8.9cm | Colour/finish: Antique brass | Circuit type: 2-way | Gang: 1

Cost effective
Classic appearance
Matching items available
Fiddly to fit

The Knightsbridge Square Edge Antique Brass light switch is ideal for anyone looking for a classic-style fitting that is unlikely to date any time soon — although despite its more traditional appearance and toggle switch, the warm brass finish is actually very much on-trend right now. Its stylish good looks belies its reasonable price tag too.

On the downside, it is a little more fiddly to fit than some of the other switches featured. 

Best Slimline Light Switch

brushed chrome single light switch

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Varilight 1 Gang 10 Amp 1 or 2 Way Rocker Architrave Switch Matt Chrome

Slimline light switch ideal for awkward areas

Dimensions: 12.8 x 9.6 x 3.2cm | Colour/finish: Chrome | Circuit type: 1-way or 2-way | Gang: 1

Narrow to fit awkward spaces
Contemporary finish
Matching items available
A little more expensive than some plastic versions

The ideal solution for anyone wondering how to fit a standard-sized light switch into a small spot — such as between a doorway and wall or in a tight space. The narrow design of this modern-looking chrome light switch is not only practical, but also looks great and its chunky rocker switch has a reassuringly sturdy feel. 

The switch has been designed as part of a co-ordinating range of fittings, so even where space isn't an issue, matching products are available.

On the downside, it is a little pricier than some other models out there — although it beats some of the cheap-looking plastic versions hands down. 

Best Statement Light Switch

navy contemporary light switch

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Trendi Art-SS6 3 Gang 2 Way Artistic Modern Glossy 10 Amp Rocker Tactile Light Switch

Funky light switch sure to become a talking point

Dimensions: 14.6 x 8.6 x 2.5cm | Colour/finish: Navy | Circuit type: 2-way | Gang: 3

Funky, modern appearance
Huge range of other colours available
Sleek screwless faceplate
Bit pricier than some

Fancy turning your light switches into a talking point? Look no further than the Rocker Tactile Light Switch from ‎Trendi Switch.

The navy colour looks great with the chrome switches but the switch is also available in a host of other shades, including hot pink and forest green.

Not only will these switches allow you to make a real statement in your home and to colour co-ordinate with other features in a space, but they are also available in a range of configurations.

Of course, on the downside, they are a little pricier than some of the more conventional light switches out there.

Best Decorative Light Pull

beaten metal light pulls in copper, brass and chrome

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Modern Bathroom Light Pull In Copper, Gold Or Silver

On trend bathroom light pulls in a range of finishes

Dimensions: H8.5cm x W3.5cm; jute rope approx: 1.6 metres length | Colour/finish: Copper, gold or silver | Circuit type: N/A | Gang: N/A

Beautiful beaten metal finish
Suitable for a range of interior styles
Reasonable price tag
Jute cord could become a little damp

Don't settle for a flimsy white plastic light pull in your bathroom — treat yourself to something a little more special in this room when considering bathroom lighting ideas — this is a room that should bring on feelings of relaxation.

These Modern Bathroom Light Pulls from Not On The High Street come in gold, copper and silver — plus their beaten metal design is highly fashionable right now. The pulls themselves are sturdy and chunky and the jute rope can be adjusted to suit your space. 

The only downside is that after some time the jute could get a little damp although providing your bathroom is well-ventilated this shouldn't be an issue. 

Best Kids Bedroom Light Switch

dog light switch for children's rooms

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Sausage Dog Light Switch

Fun and funky — ideal for children's bedrooms

Dimensions: 8.5 x 8.5cm | Colour/finish: Multiple | Circuit type: 1-way dimmer | Gang: 1

Will put a smile on your child's (and your) face!
Well made
Dimmer switch
May need changing when your child grows out of it

Inject some individuality and fun into your child's bedroom (or any room that takes your fancy for that matter) with this comical dimmer light switch featuring a cute sausage dog.

Unlike some other fittings for children's bedrooms, this is not just a switch cover but an actual light switch.

While it is a pricier option than the other switches here, it really is likely to be a one-off — as opposed to you having to purchase multiple matching items for your entire house.

Do You Need an Electrician to Change a Light Switch?

So, you've found the best light switches for you and now you need to fit them. For most competent DIYers there will be no need to call an electrician to fit or swap a new light switch, although there will always be exceptions.

You need to be aware that you will need an electrician to install a new electrical circuit, as might be the case if you are installing a light in a new location. It is also advisable to call in a professional electrician if you are changing the electrics in 'high-risk' areas, for instance in a bathroom.

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