Bedroom Flooring Ideas: Inspiration for a Cosy, Practical Finish

stylish carpet master bedroom flooring ideas
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Choosing to include the right bedroom flooring ideas is a fine balancing act that is very personal to each individual lifestyle and home style. 

As different materials will impact how you want the rooms to feel, take the time to weigh up the pros and cons of each type and it will pay off further down the line. For instance, while carpet provides a cosiness that painted floorboards might not, the cost or maintenance might be off-putting for those with young children. Budget also plays an important part, as does ease of installation, so consider the options thoroughly before committing. 

Take a look below at our guide to the different types of flooring which are ideal for bedrooms, plus how to coordinate with the overall décor scheme, or make a feature of it in itself. 

Bedroom Flooring Ideas to Inspire Relaxation

natural flooring ideas for bedrooms

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Bedrooms are a space to unwind after a long day, so ensure the bedroom flooring idea you choose will further create a relaxing sanctuary. 

Here, a neutral natural flooring has been installed (jute is ideal for bedrooms, as is sisal and seagrass) to complement the subtle greys of the décor for a grown-up, calm environment. 

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Go Natural with a Wooden floor

wooden flooring in a bedroom with vaulted ceiling

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Be it using real or engineered wood flooring, wood creates a timeless effect in a bedroom. Celebrate its natural vibrancy, or make a statement by painting (see more below) different types of wood flooring in the bedroom can be matched to pretty much any style, allowing you to express yourself in this personal space. 

While cooler underfoot than carpet or other types of flooring, a patterned rug can always do the trick will bringing a splash of colour to a neutral backdrop. 

Create a Unified Interior with Carpeted Master Bedroom

pale carpet in a tranquil master bedroom

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It helps when choosing a type of carpet to consider alongside the overall design scheme and look for general master bedroom ideas. A long-pile light grey carpet will pretty much go with any cosy interior, but a more unusual colour in a short pile – like the blush pink pictured – matched with a feature wall creates a well-considered bedroom design. 

DIY Bedroom Flooring — Opt for LVT!

white wooden floor in relaxing bedroom

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It is rarely advised for homeowners to lay their own carpet as it takes years of practise for it to look as easy as it does. However, if you're looking to keep costs down by taking it on yourself, choose LVT flooring (luxury vinyl tile)

Most systems are click-fit for quick installation, is soft underfoot and comes in a wide range of high quality patterns and effects. 

Paint Floorboards for a Cheap Bedroom Update

black painted floorboards in a modern bedroom

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Depending on the state of what's under the existing surface, you may want to revive wood floors and give a bedroom a refreshing update with paint. A fairly simple job to take on a DIY basis, this route is be as calming or as show-stopping as you like. 

This bedroom masterfully utilises the black painted floorboards and matching furniture to contrast with a light-colour on the walls and ceiling. 

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