The latest kitchen trends of 2023 to include in your space

pink and grey kitchen with banquette seating dining table
A timeless grey kitchen with an on-trend colour has created a welcoming kitchen diner. (Image credit: Smile Kitchens)

If you're planning a kitchen project, get ahead of the bandwagon with the newest kitchen trends. Not only will this help make sure your kitchen doesn't fall behind the times when it comes to materials, colours and appliances, but also that you're making use of the latest innovations for the kitchen. 

We've polled kitchen design experts for what they think will be the next big thing in kitchen design and some of the results may surprise you. From the evolution of the kitchen island and green cabinets to accessible appliances and textured worktops.

But, while these may point you in the right direction of the kitchen trends to come, don't forget to make sure your kitchen is a space you really enjoy. Trends come and go, but when investing in a new kitchen, you'll want to love it for years to come. 


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The latest kitchen trends come from a number of sources. Kitchen designers, for example, may notice that more and more of their customers are requesting certain styles, finishes or colours, which can also lead to more investment in new ranges around those themes. 

Trend forecasters are another source of new kitchen trends. 'Colour of the Year' predictions happen in autumn and winter every year, and other forecasts feed into what retailers stock in their stores, and how they photograph and promote their latest lines. 

Our list of the the newest kitchen trends takes all these into account for a comprehensive round-up of what's hot in kitchens right now. 

1. Get hot in the kitchen with warm paprika and raspberry tones

warm red kitchen units with white worktop and seating island

This Kitchen Makers design is the Haddon is English Red.  (Image credit: Kitchen Makers)

Just as in living rooms, kitchen units have been specified in bold, daring colours for a few years now but there's a new kid on the block — choose spicy paprika hues or pinkish raspberry in 2023 to stay ahead of the styles. 

"Fiery red is great for creating real wow factor in a kitchen whilst at the same time adding warmth for the colder months," advises Adam Brown, director at The Painted Furniture Company

It can be daunting to choose an entire kitchen based on a trends, so either opt for painted wooden kitchen ideas, which can be updated and repainted in a few years when you feel like a change, or select a few key pieces to include in this style. 

Adam suggests: "For most of us, it is best used as an accent colour and a stand-out piece of furniture will be just enough to make the right statement. Try adding a useful sideboard, a kitchen dresser, or even a bookcase painted in a deep red for an eye-catching focal point. Red pairs well with natural materials such as wooden flooring, chunky wool throws and plant life to soften the look and create a homely feel. Sitting opposite blue on the colour wheel, red also looks great paired with navy, creating a modern high-end feel."

2. Invest in more drawer-format appliances

black and wood kitchen with view through to white living room

Drawer appliances are a fantastic option for those with bas backs or accessibility concerns.  (Image credit: Fisher & Paykel)

More than ever, we're seeing innovations in kitchen storage ideas to make life simpler — pan drawers have been a firm favourite in kitchen design for a while thanks to their easy accessibility and clever storage. Now, we're seeing yet more appliances being outsourced to deep drawers, rather than a freestanding, separate unit. From fridges and freezers to dishwashers and warming drawers — take advantage of these cutting else designs. 

"People want innovative yet easy-to-use appliances and at Fisher & Paykel we have developed appliances in drawers to provide our customers with ergonomic products for their kitchens," explains Jo Jackson, market product manager at Fisher & Paykel

"Our drawer appliances are an innovation born of a deep understanding of the life lived around appliances. When planning a new kitchen, one of the first things to consider is the style you want and whether the appliances will either complement or contrast the cabinetry. Integrated appliances can be customised with a matching cabinet door to match a minimalist kitchen scheme, or if you are after a more contemporary design then stainless-steel integrated appliances can be on show rather than hiding them away."

3. Keep sustainability at the heart of design

green kitchen with white marble worktop

Even small kitchen can pack a big punch. This green kitchen introduces a fair few of our 2023 kitchen trends to an amazing effect.  (Image credit: Cullifords)

Following the sharp rise in sustainability values in 2021 and 2022, kitchens in the coming year are going a couple of steps further. Homeowners embraced ex display/second hand kitchens and kept an eye out for way to make eco-friendly habits, like recycling and composting, even easier. This year the materials really matter. 

“As we continue on our trajectory to replacing plastic completely, our use of natural materials is taking priority. In this context, marble, granite and unpainted wood kitchen cabinets become essential elements in the home," says  Oliver Webb, director of Cullifords. "Not only do they have a rich aesthetic quality, but they are increasingly recognised for their health benefits, as they do not require chemical treatment when cleaning.”

Some sustainable kitchens are greener than others — look out for those made from responsibly sourced materials and recycled elements (such as worktops), along with those where the production process has used renewable energy.  

4. Follow the kitchen line outside

blue outdoor kitchen with open shelving and gas barbecue

Open shelving outside is a smart idea to store plates that might need to be taken inside in a hurry when the rain comes!  (Image credit: Benchmarx)

Keeping the momentum of outdoor kitchen ideas going, homeowners are now following the basic formats and sizes of their indoor kitchen in their outside spaces. Usually divided by patio doors, dining tables and even kitchen islands are being mirrored directly outside to emphasise the indoor-outdoor living movement. 

Here, the line of the single wall kitchen inside has been continued outside with fitting units mimicking a traditional kitchen and sat next to the gas stove/barbecue. Note the subtle copying of the herb garden above the worktops in both areas. 

5. Embrace the multi-purpose island

two tone stone kitchen island with view to dining table

A change of levels finishes this multi-purpose island off wonderfully.  (Image credit: Cullifords)

“Now that we’re spending more time in our kitchens for tasks other than cooking, more and more homeowners are incorporating a multipurpose island into kitchen designs," says Ruth Lavender, design expert at Benchmarx Kitchens & Joinery. "Not only does this type of feature serve as a place to prepare food, but as a work from home space, homework station, informal dining area and place to entertain too – it can totally change the way you use your kitchen

“Your kitchen island ideas and goals will determine how it should be designed. If you require extra storage, such as to store kitchen essentials or work from home equipment, you may choose to incorporate cabinets, open shelving or even shallow ledges so that spices are always to hand.

“A split-level island is an ideal solution if you work from home or have a family, as it provides a comfortable area for you to comfortably sit at. This can be further enhanced by installing easy-to-reach plug sockets or even a wireless charging point, to ensure everything you need is within arm’s reach."

6. Mix and match worktop surfaces

modern kitchen with black cooker and wooden and marble worktops

This timeless kitchen uses a Shaker design alongside durable worktops that will never go out of style. (Image credit: Richard Kiely)

Practicality is at the heart of 2023's kitchen ideas so we predict a rise in mix and match worktops in the coming year.

Work out which are the best kitchen worktops for your lifestyle and cooking style. Quartz and granite are ideal for nearby hot cooking areas and by sinks while timber, or even laminate can be more easily applied to islands where wipeable and a softer texture is more appealing. 

But this style doesn't have to stop at two. For keen cooks a moveable butcher's block mini-island topped with a slice of marble is a cost-effective, stylish option for working with pastry, while some kitchen suppliers are creating contrasting chopping boards and sink surrounds for flexible worktops. 

7. Bring in earthy green tones

green kitchen with oak frame vaulted ceiling

This kitchen was an ex-display model which was reinstalled into a self-build house by the Used Kitchen Exchange. The original value was £31,999 and was sold for £15,000, including the range cooker, Belfast sink, tap and cookerhood.  (Image credit: Used kitchen Exchange)

"There's nothing quite like adding a dramatic colour to update your kitchen space and a beautifully rich, deep forest green is a great choice that is already proving popular for 2023," comments The Painted Furniture Company's Adam Brown. "Beautiful green tones are sure to stand the test of time with their obvious link to creating feelings of nature, a trend that has shown great staying power since the pandemic.

"People have been drawn to nature-inspired and earthy tones for the past couple of years, and this is something that will continue into 2023 and beyond. Green, the colour of life and vitality, is the perfect choice for those wanting to re-energise their cooking space and is an adaptable shade that can be used with varying depths.

"Rich, emerald hues are ideal for those that want to make a statement, whereas restful olive and sage tones are perfect for those that prefer something lighter. Whether its kitchen cabinetry or a large kitchen dresser painted a beautiful shade of green, this beautiful colour offers huge scope for interior design."

8. Follow the return of the rustic floor

green and black kitchen with breakfast bar and terracotta herringbone flooring

Combining three of our favourite trends this year, green black and terracotta floors, this kitchen is a masterclass in effortless style.  (Image credit: Baked Tile Co.)

Kitchen flooring ideas can be tricky to get right with so many requirements to find the right material so homeowners are swaying towards more natural, timeless choices that won't need to be swapped out when trends change or the kitchen needs an update.

Modern rustic terracotta tiles are back with a vengeance, providing a warm, welcoming aesthetic with a cost-effective charm. Traditionally, clay tiles were tricky to include in British homes – and especially kitchens – thanks to their porous nature and instability when cold. However, products like The Baked Tile Co.'s Casa Cotto (pictured) have been created to they are low-maintenance and anti-slip.

Similar style can be created using bricks, quarry tiles, and rough-edged porcelain options.

9. Always be prepared with side spaces

black and white kitchen with dining area and hidden cloakroom

Deep cupboards could also be used as utility or laundry spaces, boot rooms and pet zones.  (Image credit: Mark Ashbee)

The kitchen is no longer an isolated space. Modern kitchen ideas and designs include pantries, utilities, boot rooms and prep zones – even pet areas and cloakrooms – all of which can stem from the main hub. Designers are now viewing these spaces as a single entity with a united design. 

"Walk- in pantries are now often found to the side of the kitchen where there is a natural opening for the space to be. By removing the door to the pantry the kitchen space changes and the opening acts like an intriguing space to peek into," comments William Durrant, owner of Herringbone Kitchens. "A smart way of designing it is to use a different paint colour to that of the kitchen and maybe go a bit brave to make it an area that becomes an integral part of the design rather than one you want to hide." 

The kitchen above ingeniously hides the W/C and pantry within the kitchen units with concealed doors.

10. Experiment with black steel in a 2023 kitchen

black steel kitchen in barn conversion with exposed timbers

Steel-fronted cabinets were included in this barn conversion. The wall also includes a utility area, W/C, plant room and pantry.  (Image credit: Mark Ashbee)

First it was copper, then brass and gold — now, black steel is the metal in the kitchens of 2023. These luxury metal touches have slowly been creeping into the kitchen for a few years now and are set to overtake the tried-and-tested stainless steel and brushed nickel finishes we have all become accustomed to (although it must be said these will remain popular).

“The key to mixing metals in a kitchen is not to over do, as this can have the opposite effect and result in your kitchen looking too busy! For a subtle look, start small with your cabinet hardware and pair it with finer details like lighting," advises Alex Main, director of The Main Company. "For example, brushed brass or gold cabinet handles look great with black wall lights or black appliances. Mixing a statement colour like black with a softer, warmer metal helps to balance the overall look without being overkill.

"Another way to mix metals subtly is pairing matte or brushed metals with bright finishes as this can add interest depth and interest. For longevity, invest in quality pieces and finishes as this can instantly elevate the look and feel of your space, allowing it to remain timeless."

11. Creatively conceal extractor units

grey and wood kitchen with dining area and breakfast bar

Gruff Architects designed this kitchen interior with the emphasis on being family friendly, including warm timber and oak veneers.  (Image credit: French + Tye c/o Gruff Architects)

With hobs and ovens being moved to a more central and social position on the island fighting with intrusive cooker hoods and extractor fans has provoked some experimental solutions over the years. From downdraft extractors to modern chandeliers which will whisk away smelly air — we've seen it all over the last few years. 

In 2023, however, the endeavour to creatively combat this requirement is turning to creating a ceiling kitchen unit to conceal the extractor. 

This kitchen uses a unit the size of the island to incorporate the extractor fan, lighting and a space for hanging plants. The sculptured design ensure the idea feels like a work of art, rathe than a practical solution, while the colourway and materials match the rest of the open plan living space.

12. Get back into black

black kitchen with black worktops in modern design with gold tap

Black units, worktop and ovens in this kitchen have been lifted by a bright white surround and timber wrap-over surface.  (Image credit: Smile Kitchens)

“Darker hues in the kitchen have grown in popularity over the past few years, with greens, greys and blues dominating. We’re likely to see this continue into 2023, with the introduction of even darker hues, such as black," advises Benchmarx's Ruth Lavender. "Whether this is incorporated through cabinets, or more subtly through accessories and appliances, it’s a key trend to watch. 

“Black ovens, hobs, microwaves and coffee machines are the more subtle ways to introduce this trend into the kitchen. The finish can also be added to designs through worksurfaces, solid colour or black-patterned splashbacks and metalware such as taps and handles. These darker accessories can be paired with lighter kitchen cabinets to keep the kitchen feeling light and bright, or darker shades to give a moody look."

13. See how to incorporate sneaky storage in a 2023 kitchen

red and yellow plywood kitchen fronts and shelving

This compact kitchen, by Wood Works Brighton, uses birch ply painted in blue, yellow and orange.  (Image credit: Wood Works Brighton)

Practical, yet concealed kitchen storage ideas are pushing the trends of 2023. Although open shelving is still popular to express a more living room style, with houseplants, pictures and more decorative cookware on show, hiding away clutter with a place for everything is inspiring innovative cupboard solutions from kitchen designers.

"We are seeing less wall units which means more hidden and simple storage is becoming popular in 2023," says Herringbone's William Durrant. "Floor to ceiling units and lower runs of cabinets are being designed with clever storage in mind. These combined with the floating shelves and on-display units look wonderful."

14. Blend freestanding furniture with fitted kitchens in 2023

freestanding navy unit with brick floor

Freestanding units might be the opportunity to introduce one of the 2023 colour trends into an older kitchen.  (Image credit: deVOL)

For years fitted or bespoke kitchens have reined supreme, and for good reason. Better storage and tidy units means less clutter on the work surfaces. However, homeowners are now choosing to match a wall of fitted units with a statement freestanding piece — be it a classing welsh dresser, larder cupboard in a contrasting style, or a reclaimed butcher's island.

"Bars, dressers and islands on legs are great pieces of furniture that will change the visual dynamics of the space," adds William Durrant from Herringbone Kitchens. "Stand-alone display dressers in stained oak are incredibly popular and a true wow factor in any space. Whether it has open shelving to display your favourite items or it has bifold or traditional doors these dressers provide great functionality, storage and they look beautiful too." 

This combination of modern and traditional inspirations is right up our street and we can't wait to see how experimental designers can be with this trend in 2023.

15. Stretch the kitchen into open plan spaces

dark blue kitchen in oak frame home with gin cabinet

This home, designed by Oakwrights, uses the oak frame to zone the large kitchen, seating and dining area so the space doesn't feel empty.  (Image credit: Mark Watts)

Get a unified open plan space with this next trend. Work with your kitchen designer to influence some cabinetry or layout ideas in an open plan space. Isolated design can work brilliantly for zoning, but we're seeing the kitchen bleed into dining and sitting areas.

Be it a TV unit or gin cabinet (as pictured), coordinating the style, materials and colour of your cupboards in these living space works brilliantly.

16. Try out a new texture

timber panelling above a red kitchen with white worktop

Raw wood panelling, smooth cup handle and crackle glaze tiles make this kitchen fascinating to admire — and easy to copy! (Image credit: Chris Snook c/o The Main Company)

Tactile materials on the walls and surfaces of our kitchens adds an extra dimension to a design in 2023. Be it through a leather-effect worktop surface, timber wall paneling or simply rattan cupboard inserts for the perfect country kitchen look. 

"Texture can be added in a number of ways," continues The Main Company's Alex Main. "Worktops, splashbacks and cabinet hardware are all areas where you can add varying textures into a kitchen. Metal worktops like copper are versatile, striking and easy to maintain, plus they just get better over time as they age. A metal worktop can be carried through to the splashback for a dramatic look!

"Tactility is key to adding depth to you space — one of the easiest and most subtle ways of doing this is with handles and door knobs. Opt for a knurled or grooved design for immediate texture and interest." 

17. Go for a high glaze tile splashback

light blue grey tiles on splashback of green kitchen

Bringing in different tones of green is a good way for a kitchen to feel on-trend but in a way that won't date.  (Image credit: Tile Mountain)

Let your kitchen shine with crackle glaze or high-gloss tiles between your worktop and cupboards.

Linking nicely with the natural light trend above, this kitchen splashback idea will let light bounce around your space, making it feel magical to cook in whatever the time of day. For the perfect look, match with a matt-finish cupboard and open shelving.

18. Build in banquette seating

pink and grey kitchen with banquette seating dining table

A timeless grey kitchen with an on-trend colour has created a welcoming kitchen diner. (Image credit: Smile Kitchens)

While open plan is here to stay, more homeowners are moving away from entirely interconnected spaces and choosing to keep some rooms separate. This could be the living room/snug or a more formal dining area.

This is where banquette seating steps in. While breakfast bar islands are a decent alternative, this diner-style set up is relaxed and social without the formality of a dedicated dining area. Plus, this spot is ideal for keeping an eye on kids doing homework while adults are cooking — or simply a flexible work from home spot.

19. Lay chequerboard flooring

pink and green open plan kitchen in renovated house

This deVOL design cleverly break the mould of fitted units and follows the line of a galley kitchen.  (Image credit: deVOL)

Chequerboard flooring is set to be a big trend next year, but instead of the traditional black and white plain ceramic tiles, look at using interesting patterned tiles for a new twist on the look. 

Marbles, even beyond black and white into browns and reds, add a sense of luxury to this classic kitchen flooring idea. 

20. Watch out for the return of kitchen wall lights

grey and white kitchen with gold accent lighting

Grey units and marble surfaces are the perfect backdrop for the warm gold finishes of this kitchen.  (Image credit: Kate Feather Kitchens)

Spotlights and downlights are been incredibly popular for years in the kitchen as they cater to both task lighting, for jobs like chopping and cooking, as well as ambient lighting, for eating dinner with the family. 

However, strategically placed wall lights are back in the kitchens of 2023, providing stylish highlights to walls and illumination below shelves. To be bang in line with the latest designs, try to find wall lights with an adjustable arm, so the light can be directed towards the appropriate area.  

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