Open plan kitchen extensions: A practical guide to creating your new space

open plan kitchen with orange island unit and stools
open plan kitchen extensions require practical decision (Image credit: Olive & Barr)

Open plan kitchen extensions can be a great addition to your home. Adding extra practical space as well as the chance to create a stunning architectural addition to your home, they're one of the most popular kitchen extension concepts.

But with this style of extension comes the added stress of knocking down a substantial portion of an external wall, the need for added structural support, possible differences in floor and ceiling levels, potential implications to your overall energy efficiency, and a myriad of glazing decisions to make.

black and white headshot of male with beard
Nathan Kingsbury

Nathan has over 20 years experience in the industry. For Nathan, designing kitchens is more than just a business; it’s a vocation and passion. He is a natural artist with an inventive, engineering mind, a trained craftsman with a precise eye for detail and a perfectionist with an honest and attentive nature.

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John Place

John started his career in furniture design and since then has worked as a designer with some of the biggest brands in the furniture and kitchen industry. In 2012, he set up PlaceDesign to draw from these 20 years of experience and works closely with his clients and a skilled team of tradespeople to create unique, bespoke kitchens. 

Sarah Harley
Assistant Editor

Sarah is Homebuilding & Renovating’s Assistant Editor and joined the team in 2024. An established homes and interiors writer, Sarah has renovated and extended a number of properties, including a listing building and renovation project that featured on Grand Designs. Although she said she would never buy a listed property again, she has recently purchased a Grade II listed apartment. As it had already been professionally renovated, she has instead set her sights on tackling some changes to improve the building’s energy efficiency, as well as adding some personal touches to the interior.