20 Log Burner Ideas to Create a Cosy Home

log burner ideas for living rooms
(Image credit: ACR Stoves)

Searching for log burner ideas can be a transformative task. A quintessentially comforting and characterful feature, wood burning, electric and multi-fuel stoves  come in all shapes and sizes (and prices) and will create a cosy atmosphere in any home. 

Whether you're looking to replace a dated fire, or add an eye-catching element in a new home or renovation, there are log burner fireplace ideas for every style. 

From modern designs and small models to outdoor additions and log-effect warmers, we've selected a range of log burner ideas to inspire you below.

When looking for ideas, it can be easy to get swept up in appearances and aesthetics, so if you're after a more in-depth look at the spec which would work best for you, take a look at our guide to choosing a log burning stove

1. Create a Warm Welcome with a Modern Log Burner

Modern woodburning stove

(Image credit: Eurostove)

Whatever style of log burner you choose, the warmth they bring to a home is unparalleled. Although a natural fit in renovations, picking the perfect spot in a new home or extension project is another story. 

Adding a stove to a living room is a natural choice, but consider also installing in the room used most often, like an open plan kitchen diner. Mendip Stoves' Woodland Double Sided stove is designed to offer the best of both worlds: an open-plan warmth as well as a cosy spot to snuggle down in. 

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2. Colour Co-ordinate Your Log Burner

blue living room with matching log burner ideas

(Image credit: Anna Stathaki)

While black and grey are classic choices, modern log burners can come in a range of colourways, and many can be colour-matched to a specific shade. 

Here, the stunning stove blends seamlessly into the blue living room in a period-style renovation. 

3. Heat a House with a Large Log Burner

log burner in a sunroom

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

With new home design becoming more and more efficient and airtight, many homeowners opt to heat a home only using a woodburing stove.

4. Use an Outdoor Log Burner for Year-round Socialising

Charnwood outdoor log burning stove

(Image credit: Charnwood)

Socialising outdoors has become increasingly more important in the last few years and finishing your garden with an outdoor log burner will help warm and entertain guests. 

This Charnwood Country 4 stove has an optional backboiler available which can also power domestic hot water and a few radiators. 

5. Small Log Burning Stoves are a Great Choice where Space is Limited

small log burner ideas for living rooms

(Image credit: Darren Chung)

Space saving but no less interesting to look at, compact and slimline stoves can often be the most beautiful. 

This log burner may be petite but when placed between a picture window and patio doors, the living room instantly becomes suitable for all times of the year, come rain or shine. 

6. Go for a Bright, Colourful Modern Log Burner Idea

Modern log burner ideas

(Image credit: Arada)

Arada's Farringdon is an Ecodesign ready model that can be purchased in wood burning and multi-fuel choices, as well as in a range of contemporary colour options. 

From a daring Spice (pictured) to a relaxing grey Mist, there is a Farringdon for all tastes and styles.

7. Think about Where to Store Logs for a Woodburning Stove

Small log burning stoves

(Image credit: Esse)

Often utilised as a design feature, log stores ideas can be as big or as little as you choose. 

Many stove models offer the choice of a built-in storage unit which can be incorporated under or to the side of a burner while log baskets are a charming addition to any living room.

8. Add Some Drama with a Tall Log Burner Flue

tall log burner in modern living room

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

This converted granary store features a stunning double-height vaulted ceiling and the tall flue of the log burner, contrasting against the pared-back pale interior design highlights the drama of the living space. 

9. Consider an Electric Log Burner for a Cheaper Price

Electric stove ideas

(Image credit: B&Q/ Be Modern)

Although not entirely the same experience as a woodburning stove, electric log burners have come a long way in the last few years and there are some really great options out there, especially for those on a budget. 

10. For a Contemporary Space, Inset Your Stove 

inset log burner in modern living room

(Image credit: David Wooley)

Create a stunning contemporary focal point with an inset stove. The built-in design creates the illusion of a gas fireplace, but the deep flame can accommodate burning wood.

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11. Make a Freestanding Log Burner the Centre of Attention

log burning stove in a oak framed living room

(Image credit: Simon Maxwell)

Freestanding log burners present the opportunity to be placed where you choose (within reason to comply with flue positioning). Make the stove a centre point in a living room where every seat can enjoy a view of the warming flames for a welcoming space. 

12. Add a Unique Outdoor Log Burner 

Outdoor wood burner ideas

The Quaruba is a closed fire with wheels for extra-easy mobility. (Image credit: Calido)

A beautiful alternative to a chimenea or fire pit, but without the fear of having to keep moving to avoid smoke. 

An outdoor stove heater means the wind won't dampen the warmth produces while opting for one made from Cor-ten, such as this, or another weatherproof materials means the stove can look just as good year after year. 

13. Use a Wide Stove Surround to Zone an Open Plan Space

open plan living room zones using log burning stove ideas

(Image credit: David Barbour)

Open plan living spaces can be notoriously difficult to plan, especially when it is one large room with individual functions — such as cooking, reading and dining. 

This bungalow extension masterfully zones the spaces using a large double-sided log burner and a wide surround. This doesn't just look great – with the fuel to one side and books to the other – but also serves a definitely purpose in the layout of the room as a whole. 

14. Multi-fuel Stoves Offer Extra Flexibility

Multi-fuel stoves

(Image credit: ACR Stoves)

If you want the choice of burning coal as well as wood, multi-fuel stoves are the perfect choice. 

This Birchdale stove in Arctic White from ACR Stoves is certified smoke exempt, meaning it can be used in smoke controlled areas — perfect for both the countryside and in towns. 

15. Build a Modern Inglenook in a Contemporary Space

living room with large brick fireplace and log burner

(Image credit: Simon Maxwell)

In this self-build, the homeowners created a large, contemporary fireplace in the centre of the U-shaped open plan kitchen, dining and living space. It not only provides a characterful new material into the interior design, but also brings warmth to the modern area. 

16. Modern Log Burners can Become a Feature with Wow-factor

Modern log burner ideas

The Morso 6148 is available for £1,799 (Image credit: Morso)

Minimalist yet comforting, stoves balanced on a plinth or pedestal are ideal for warming up new spaces. Don't forget to choose a model with a large glass doors for uninterrupted views of the flames. 

17. Use a Stylish Hearth to Pull Together Different Log Burner Ideas

Small log burning stove ideas

(Image credit: Arada)

This stunning marble hearth completes the scandi-inspired living space while the Arada i series (here the i600) is a small, but impressive addition to create the ultimate cosy space.

18. Traditional Log Burners look Great in Renovated Homes

Traditional woodburning stove

The Heritage soapstone-clad stove in Blue Enamel has an output of 16kW and costs £3,933 from Eurostove.  (Image credit: Eurostoves)

After recapturing characterful features and original fixtures in a period home, installing an ill-fitting stove would be a real crime. 

There are many restored and reclaimed woodburners out there, as well as new models with the timeless appearance of the past replicated. 

19. Opt for a Classic Charnwood Log Burner to Keep it Traditional 

Traditional charnwood log burner ideas

(Image credit: Charnwood)

Brick inglenook? Check. Comfy reading chair? Check. Beautiful woodburning stove? Definitely check!

The Charnwood Island traditional multi-fuel stove is a compact and elegant choice with a heat output of 2-7kW. 

20. Electric Log-effect Stoves Don't Have to Look Out of Place

Electric log-effect stove

The E-Trinity 3 Electric Stove from ACR can be bought with a glue pipe and stylish glass hearth  (Image credit: ACR)

Freestanding electric stoves can be transformed with a few simple additions, creating the illusion of a real log burner. 

Add a flue, a hearth or even a stack of logs beside an electric fire to transform into a characterful feature. 

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