These hot corner log burner ideas could make you reconsider where to position your new stove

renovated living room with corner log burning stove and sofa
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Corner log burner ideas can be a creative way to warm your home — and often free up much needed wall space for storage and other focal points (the TV, for instance) elsewhere in a living space.

Although traditionally fireplaces are positioned in the centre of a wall and many homeowners use an existing chimney when installing new log burning stoves, a extension or self build project can provide the chance to move a stove to the corner of a room. What's more, corner log burners can also be a great idea for smaller living rooms or for those homes where a more centrally placed stove wouldn't be viable.

Find out how to plan a living room space with a corner stove, including industry expert advice on considerations you have to make at design and installation stage. 

How to plan and install using corner log burner ideas

"The considerations around installing in a wood burning stove in the corner of the room are largely the same when installing a wood burning stove in any other part of the home," begins Jon Butterworth, director at Arada Stoves

"You still have to abide by building regulations. You still must have a flue connected. The size, body shape and typical heat output of your stove determines the size and location of the flue and hearth you need. Plus you need to account for siting the stove some distance away from other combustible materials.”

1. Choose a modern log burner for the corner of a new extension

modern log burner in the corner of a living room with sofa

(Image credit: Morsø)

If you're extending and have the flexibility of choosing where your new log burner can go, a corner is a great option. 

Not only does it look visually striking, but allows more wall space to be freed up for other features or storage. 

More contemporary designs of log burner also look great as they tend to include larger, clearer glazing for a better view of the cosy fire. Rather than a traditional box-like design with a single window, cylindrical models particularly suit corner locations and allow the woodburner to be enjoyed from any angle in the room.  

2. Use a corner log burner as a focal point in an open plan space

grey open plan kitchen and dining area with exposed brick and corner log burner

(Image credit: Simon Maxwell)

Don't feel afraid to only include a woodburning stove in a living room — they look just as warm and welcoming in open plan kitchen and diner spaces as well. 

A well-placed corner log stove can draw the eye of guests during dinner and provide a cosy backdrop.

The flue of this log burner adds to the symmetry of the room — echoing the oak beams in the space.

3. Position a log burner around the corner

log burner on corner of open plan layout

(Image credit: Mark Ashbee)

A log burner doesn't have to be penned in by a corner, but they can also be positioned in a more open space, creating important boundaries in open plan rooms. 

This stylish home's living room leads directly into the corridor towards the extension. By placing the log burner at the corner it delicately divides the rooms without a bulky wall or partition. 

Also note how the stove is located to the side of the hearth to allow room for log store ideas — this is another contemporary treatment to create an eye-catching focal point for any fireplace. 

4. Consider a log burner alternative for flexibility

bioethanol fireplace in dark grey living room

(Image credit: Beaumonde)

Although solid-fuel woodburning stoves are increasingly more efficient, bioethanol fires remain a greener choice for many homes. (They are also a good option for low-energy homes, where a woodburning stove could throw out too much heat.)

Plus, when you choose a floorstanding model the fire can be moved anywhere (inside or out) for the perfect, but verstatile spot. 

5. Install a log burner with corner glazing

white wall with inset log burning stove near chair and glazing

This woodburning inset fireplace from Robeys would make the perfect readying spot in the corner.  (Image credit: Lu jeffery)

Installing an inset woodburning stove with dual-aspect glazing means you can the enjoy the best of both worlds — and a roaring fire can be enjoyed from the corner of a room.

This style of log burner will make a statement and is particularly well-suited to contemporary self build or extension projects. 

6. Plan where the stove equipment and accessories will go

white living room with vaulted ceiling and corner woodburning stove

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

A stove is never just a stove. After installation (or during the design stage if you want built-in choices) you must consider where your ready-to-burn wood (be careful not to start burning wet wood), kindling, stove fan and pokers will go. This is particularly key when it comes to a corner woodburner.

All of these items can quickly invade a living room space if not properly considered. Some homes choose to hide it away with built in storage, while others prefer the relaxed look with accessories and wood out in full view. 


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