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Best Log Baskets: Stylish Storage for Logs and Kindling

best log baskets
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Log baskets are a must-have item for anyone lucky enough to have an open fire or log burning stove, providing a handy way to keep logs and kindling in a fireside spot within easy reach.

While a sturdy log shed in your garden (preferably close to your back door) is also vital when it comes to storing large quantities of wood for the fire, it is impractical to keep traipsing in and out every time you want to throw another log onto the fire — plus keeping a good stock indoors means they will be thoroughly dry and ready to burn. 

Here are the best log baskets you can buy right now.

log baskets

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1. Wovenhill Bamboo Rattan Oval Extra Large Storage Log Basket

Roomy, easy to transport and with classic good looks

Size: 90cm x 61cm x 76cm | Material: Bamboo rattan | Lined?: Yes | Kindling storage?: No

Capable of storing large amounts of logs
Has wheels for easy of manoeuvring 
Strong handles
Natural product so colour variations can occur

Log baskets

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2. Small Grey Rectangular Wicker Log Basket

Classic style, highly practical log basket

Size: 49cm x 30cm x 48cm | Material: Wicker | Kindling storage?: No | Lined?: Yes

Timeless design
Lined to prevent mess
Sturdy construction
Easy to carry
Colour may vary 

This traditional-style log basket is sure to add bags of warmth and character to your living room.

Constructed from sturdy wicker, the basket is lined with strong hessian to prevent smaller pieces of wood from escaping. The handles are made from rope which makes carrying a full basket easier. 

Those after a basket with slightly more storage space than this model offers might want to take a look at the matching larger version, which measures 56cm x 37cm x 50cm. 

log basktes

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3. Hill 1975 Logs & Kindling Buckets + Matchstick Holder

Smart, modern fireside kit

Size: 5cm x 34cm x 32cm | Material: Metal | Kindling storage?: Yes | Lined?: Yes

Handy set including match and kindling storage
Sleek, contemporary finish
Easy to carry
Cannot store large quantities of logs

This super stylish set of storage buckets for logs, kindling and matches will keep everything you need to set and light your fire hand — and would make the ideal gift too.

It has a smart black finish and the log and kindling buckets feature softly rounded handles which make carrying them with full comfortable. Their solid construction also reduces any mess from wood and bark chips. 

log baskets

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4. Tweedbrook Log Carrier

Ideal for transporting and storing logs

Size: 31cm x 51cm x 37cm | Material: Wicker | Lined?: No | Kindling storage?: No

Ideal for bringing logs indoors
Various sizes available
Traditional style

This log storage basket doubles up as a handy log carrier, making light work of hauling in those logs on a winter's evening. 

Its large handle makes carrying even heavier loads easy, whilst its spacious storage basket means it should hold enough logs to see you through at least a couple of days of roaring fires. 

It comes in several sizes meaning you can select the one most suited to your needs — or invest in a couple of different sizes to sit alongside one another next to your hearth. 

This bamboo log basket can hold a serious amount of logs, making it ideal for those who have more than one fire or who have fires regularly. It can hold around a barrow and a half of logs.

There is no need to be worried about the weight of the basket once it is filled either as it sits on four wheels to make it easy to push across the floor.

The bamboo rattan is sturdy, as are the hoop handles, whilst the lining keeps mess to a minimum.

best log baskets

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5. DOEWORKS 18 Inch Firewood Racks Fireplace Log Holder with Canvas Carrier

Sturdy and perfect for modern and traditional homes

Size: ‎44.45cm x 31.75cm x 39.88 cm | Material: Alloy steel | Kindling storage?: No

Heavy duty
Removable canvas sling for carrying firewood
Timeless design 
Can be used inside or out
Flat pack assembly required

This is a brilliant log basket on many levels. Firstly, it will look great positioned next to all styles of open fire and log burners, from super sleek contemporary models to cosy inglenooks, thanks to its unobtrusive yet stylish design.

Next up on the list of benefits is the canvas sling it comes with. This can be removed to take and fill with logs before suspending it back into positioned within the steel basket — and it has the added benefit for keeping the floor underneath debris free. 

Although it has to be assembled, this is simple and quick to do.

Finally, the steel is resistant to corrosion for more than five years meaning should you wish to use the log basket out on a sheltered terrace or patio, it will be fine there too. 

best log basket

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6. Vintoney Felt Firewood Basket

Contemporary and portable option

Size: ‎38cm x 32cm x 11.2cm | Material: Felt | Kindling storage?: No

Stylish alternative to wicker or metal
Contemporary appearance
Value for money
Can be use to store other objects 
Harder to clean than metal or wicker
May get damp

Looking for a softer, contemporary looking log basket as an alternative to the standard metal or wicker? You might like to consider this felt offering instead. 

This felt log basket is also a great option for anyone on a tighter budget — plus, it could easily be repurposed for use as a newspaper or magazine rack — or even as a toy or blanket box. 

Despite being made from felt, it feels very sturdy and holds a good amount of logs — plus the handles are comfortable to hold even when it is full. 

The main downside is that the felt is harder to wipe down than other materials and does not offer as much air circulation for the logs as wicker, rattan or slatted metal log baskets. It could also get damp, taking a while to dry out.

log baskets

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7. HomeZone® Large Fireplace Log Rack with 4 Tools

Useful multi-tasking log rack

Size: Approx. 73cm x 30cm x 39cm | Material: Steel | Kindling storage: Yes | Lined?: No

All-in-one fireside kit
Drying rack for damp logs
Large capacity
Assembly required

This really is a one-stop shop for your fireplace. More of a log storage unit than a log basket, this rack features two shelves on which to store logs and kindling, along with four fire tools - tongs, poker, broom and shovel.

One of the shelves would be the ideal spot for logs to dry out indoors, whilst the curved handles mean the lightweight unit can easy be transported from one spot to the next when required. 

Which is the Best Log Basket for Me?

Choose a log basket that will be big enough for your needs and will fit neatly next to your hearth. 

Some designs feature separate compartments for storing kindling and matches.

Consider the look of the log basket — there are designs out there to suit all interior schemes. Contemporary log baskets tend to me made from materials such as stainless steel and felt, whilst more traditional log baskets are often crafted from wicker, cast iron and rattan. 

A log basket should be strong, spacious and stylish. Avoid those made from a very open-textured material as small chips of wood and bark are likely to escape easily and make a mess of your floor. 

Those with handles are handy for carrying wood from outside to in. 

Natasha Brinsmead

Natasha is Homebuilding & Renovating’s Associate Editor. She is at the end of the DIY renovation and extension of an Edwardian cottage.