Log Burning Stoves: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying

Stockton log burning stove in matt black from Stovax
This guide covers all this information and more to help you confidently choose the right log burning stove for your home (Image credit: Stovax)

Log burning stoves are increasingly popular with homeowners due to the comfort they provide and the characterful focal point they can bring to a home. 

Today's log burning stoves are highly efficient and reduce reliance on fossil fuels for domestic heating. Great for heating a single space, log burning stoves can also work well with other low carbon heating solutions, like heat pumps. 

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Moisture contentApprox. kWH/kgHeader Cell - Column 2
10% (kild dried/brickettes)5Row 0 - Cell 2
30%3.5Row 1 - Cell 2
40%3Row 2 - Cell 2
50% (freshly cut)2.5Row 3 - Cell 2
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Type of logCost/kgCost/kWh
Fresh (50% MC)10p4p (at 2.5kWh/kg)
Seasoned (25%)26p6.5p (at 4kWh/kg)
Dried/brickettes (10%)52p10.4p (at 5kWh/kg)
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