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Electric Log Burners: Top Buys to Keep You Toasty

electric log burner
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An electric log burner is perfect for anyone who has ever dreamt of sitting in front of a blazing log burning stove on a cold winter's evening but whose home doesn't have a chimney. It is also the ideal solution for those who are put off the idea of a log burning stove due to having to clean it out periodically or wait for it to get going or burn down again. 

An electric log burner also holds many other benefits: 

  • They are cheaper than most other types of log burning stove
  • They have low or no installation costs
  • They require no chimney or hearth
  • They don't emit any fumes or smoke
  • No need to purchase logs, coal or kindling to burn

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electric log burner

(Image credit: Amazon)

1. VonHaus Electric Log Burner

A highly-rated, budget-friendly option

Size: 24.99 x 37.01 x 51.99 cm | Weight: 7.52 kg | Heat settings: 925W or 1850W | Flame effect: LED | Fuel bed effect: Log

Classic look
Two heat settings
Adjustable thermostat
LED light can be used without heat
Only suitable for occasional use 

A great, inexpensive and convenient way to heat your home. This electric log burner features two heat settings, meaning it can be used even when the weather is not so chilly. Plus, the LED flame effect can be used without heat so you can achieve a homely glow even in warmer weather.

A thermal cut-off device enhances the safety of the fire, whilst it has been praised for its easy installation and realistic flame effect. 

electric log burner heaters

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2. Dimplex SKG20BL Stockbridge Electric Stove

Solidly made with convincing flame effect

Size: 39 x 62 x 64cm | Weight: 26.24kg | Heat settings: 2kW | Flame effect: Optiflame | Fuel bed effect: Log or coal

Realistic flame effect
Choice of heat settings
Optiflame can be operated without heat
Choice of fuel bed materials
Remote control or manual
More expensive

Whilst more expensive than some of the other models of electric log burner here, this stove still offers great value for money thanks to its appearance, effectiveness and features. 

Optiflame technology means that the flame effect is really convincing — plus you can choose from either coal or log effect when it comes to the fuel bed. You can even have the look of warmth and flames when the room gets too hot simply by turning off the heat.

Finally, you won't even have to get off the sofa in order to adjust the temperature as the stove comes with the option of remote control operation. 

electric log burner heater

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3. Be Modern Orba Cast Iron Effect Electric Stove

Sleek contemporary stove with LED technology

Size: 41 x 65 x 41cm | Weight: 14kg | Heat settings: 1kW and 2kW | Flame effect: LED | Fuel bed effect: Log

Eye-catching appearance
Uses low-energy consumption LEDs
Two heat outputs
Cylindrical shape good for corners
Manual operation only

Great for those after a contemporary addition to their home, this unusual cylindrical electric log burner has benefits that go beyond its eye-catching design.

It features two heat settings, is super easy to set up (just place it on a level surface and plug it in) and uses energy-efficient and realistic LED technology.

Whilst it doesn't offer the option of remote control operation like some other models reviewed here, it does feature thermostatic temperature control and has an adjustable maximum temperature stop. 

Another benefit is that it is relatively lightweight compared to some of the cast iron models yet is still sturdy in its construction. 

electric log burner

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4. Galleon Fires Castor Electric Log Effect Stove

Compact, remote controlled electric log burner

Size: 28 x 51 x 57 cm | Weight: 9.2kg | Heat settings: 0.9kW and 1.8kW | Flame effect: LED | Fuel bed effect: Log

Remote control
Fan a little noisy

A brilliant buy for smaller rooms or in second living rooms, playrooms or dens.

This neat little electric log burner offers fantastic value for money and has a whole host of handy features, including remote control operation and colour-adjustable flames. 

It is also a lightweight stove, meaning it is easy to install and transport — even up to rooms on the upper storeys of a house. 

electric log burner

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5. Fineway Retro 1.8kw Electric Log Burner

Fun, retro design that is great for small spaces

Size: 40 x 60cm | Heat settings: 0.9kW and 1.8kW | Flame effect: LED | Fuel bed effect: Log

Quirky retro design
Small, portable construction
Automatic heat shut off function
Fan a little noisy
No remote control

After something a little more unusual when it comes to your electric log burner? Look no further than this retro little stove from Fineway. 

Easy to install, the stove is designed to be portable so can be moved around your home should you wish to add a new heat source to a particular space — it would make the perfect addition to a conservatory in the chillier months. 

It has two heat settings and safety thermal cut off too. 

electric log burner

(Image credit: Amazon UK)

6. Warmlite WL46018W Electric Log Burner

Low cost yet highly effective

Size: 24 x 39 x 56.5 cm | Weight: 5.96kg | Heat settings: 1kW and 2kW | Flame effect: LED | Fuel bed effect: Log

Budget friendly
Compact design 
Fresh, white cast iron finish
Manual control only
Fan a little noisy

An electric log burner with a price tag that belies its performance.

This is a smart, compact stove that features two heat settings, a realistic log burning effect and a thermal cut-off feature for safety.

Whilst it lacks the option of remote control, the stove has a fresh white finish that brightens up contemporary and traditional spaces alike and is lightweight enough to move around the house if required. 

Electric Log Burner Flame Effects

When buying an electric log burner, you will notice that different models have different methods for mimicking real flames. 

Ribbon effect: This is the more traditional method where strips of gauzy ribbon are lit up from beneath and blown around to create a 'flickering' effect.

Optiflame: A very popular flame effect and a step up from the ribbon effect, this uses simulated flames. 

Electriflame LED: Using LED technology, Electriflame is now found in many electric log burners, some of them featuring remote control and the option of flame dimming.

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