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Amazing Kitchen Remodel Ideas: Innovative Ways to Renovate and Update

Traditional kitchen remodel ideas
(Image credit: Wren Kitchens)

When starting a house update or renovation, looking for kitchen remodel ideas should be top of the list. 

Sometimes the motivation at the heart of an extension or remodel, a great kitchen design, is the key to a welcoming home. Usually the most social space around for every aspect of your day, a well thought-out kitchen can transform your family lifestyle and way of living. 

As kitchen-diners are a firm favourite, we've got loads of ideas on how to merge the two spaces, but also how to embrace 'broken plan living' – once of the best trends of 2020 – and how to update a kitchen while working to a budget. 

We’ve compiled the best kitchen remodel ideas to provide you with the inspiration that will make sure you get the most out of your redesign.

Designing the Right Layout for your Remodelled Kitchen

Kitchen diner remodel ideas

(Image credit: Lizzie Barry c/o Naked Kitchens)

Kitchens no longer serve just one purpose any more — they provide a space for entertaining, a place for the family to congregate, and even a spot to sit with the laptop to work from home. 

Juggling all of these activities can be tough for one room to cope with, so getting the layout of a kitchen right when remodelling is essential. 

This design by Naked Kitchens effortlessly ticks all the boxes with a fresh look at traditional styles. Large items of furniture help to zone this open-plan space, while a change from kitchen units to bookcases visually 

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Get a Kitchen Remodel on a Budget by Mixing and Matching

Kitchen remodel ideas

(Image credit: The Main Company)

Combining high-end elements with more cost-effective features is a great way to achieve a unique kitchen remodel without letting the budget run away from you.

The homeowners of this Victorian terrace undertook a whole house renovation and the kitchen formed the basis of the whole project. 

They wanted to create a multi-functional room that didn't break the bank so chose plywood for the in-frame bespoke cupboards – from The Main Company – while the Douglas Fir flooring was reclaimed. 

Kitchen remodel trends 2020

(Image credit: Kitchen Makers)

One of the most distinctive kitchen design trends in 2020 has been the bold navy units with brass cup handles; the look is timeless yet looks fresh and modern. 

Essential features for a new kitchen in 2021 are set to include multi-functional kitchen islands, as well as bigger and better pantry and larder units for storing dried and tinned goods. 

Futureproof a Kitchen Remodel with Smart Technology

Smart home kitchen remodel ideas

(Image credit: Chris Snook)

Smart home tech is a must-have for futureproofed kitchen remodels. Whether it's something simple like a voice-activated speaker or full house automation, smart home tech can make daily life that little bit easier. 

This smart kitchen includes a single point of connectivity to control all aspects of modern lifestyles — from lighting and music, to unlocking doors and heating the room. 

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Loft-Style Cooking and Dining Areas

loft style kitchen exposed brick

(Image credit: Homebuilding & Renovating)

A great example of a remodel truly working in tandem with family life is this American-inspired kitchen-diner design. The exposed brick wall and contemporary use of space means there are no wasted areas between ‘zones’.

Create Split Level Spaces for a 'Broken Plan' Kitchen Diner 

Modern kitchen remodel ideas

(Image credit: Malcom Menzies)

A change in level between kitchen and living area can really help zone an open-plan space, as this London terrace remodel and extension shows. 

Design and build company Patrick + Rosie suggested to the homeowners that digging down would give extra ceiling height in the new kitchen space, while old and new spaces feel connected yet zoned from each other. 

Reposition the Kitchen when Remodelling

White kitchen remodel ideas

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

When dealing with an existing home, it is tempting to only think in terms of the current layout, but rethinking the spot your kitchen resides in can be transformative.

Does the front of your house get the morning light when busy family members fill the room, or will the back provide the ultimate link from the kitchen into the garden spaces? 

When this run-down cottage was remodelled and extended by Amy Jones (founder of Greta-Mae Interiors), she and partner Bryn chose to reposition the kitchen from the dark back of the house to the vista-facing front. 

A Country-Style Kitchen Update in the City

Country style kitchen remodel ideas

(Image credit: Chris Snook)

When renovating her second-storey flat, Pippa Jones expressed her love of 'cottage-core' through her kitchen design. Timeless shaker kitchen units were paired with a Belfast sink while a modern colour palette roots the space in the present. 

She also lifted the ceiling as part of her kitchen remodel and loft conversion/extension project — the tall ceilings now add volume and drama to this room.

Use Natural Materials for a Timeless Kitchen Remodel

wooden worktops exposed stone wall kitchen

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

Simple lines and minimal materials give a slight nod to Scandinavian inspiration in this modernist kitchen design. The sink, tap and extractor are no-fuss while the natural materials – stone and wood – and view beyond take centre-stage.

Introducing High-tech Appliances

white and wood kitchen

(Image credit: Geraint Davis c/o Hamilton-King)

High-tech appliances scattered through this orangery-style kitchen mean that while traditionally laid out, the space remains contemporary and practical. The family budgeted for the quality of appliance so fitting out their kitchen didn’t break the bank.

Technology Integration

Re-doing your kitchen is something that might only be done once every 20 years and, although we don’t recommend leaving it quite that long, when you are designing it you might want to introduce some elements of technology that this fast-growing market has to offer. 

From temperature-zoning wine chillers to fridges that remind you what’s nearing the end of its use-by-date — for every simple kitchen appliance that just does the job, there’s another linked to a smartphone app that will do it before you’ve even got home.

Include New Patio Doors in a Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodel with bifolding doors

(Image credit: Brayer Design)

A favourite for installation in kitchen-diners with an exterior wall, bifold or sliding doors provide for a seamless finish to a modern kitchen. 

Matched with a smoked glass splashback to reflect the light, these doors fold beside the wall to create a truly special indoor-outdoor space.

Think About Lighting Small Spaces in a Kitchen Design

contemporary kitchen lighting

(Image credit: Lyndon Douglas, Nina Maklin)

Every inch of this remodelled kitchen in a terrace home has been put to good use, including the workspace and sink area, nestled between built-in cabinets. 

The warm hue of the spotlights complements the stainless steel worktop and give a homely atmosphere to the contemporary style.

Remodelling a Kitchen On a Budget

grey shaker style kitchen with wooden worktops

(Image credit: Anthony Greenwood)

Replacing the 1960s kitchen with new units from Howdens was a key part of this kitchen remodel. 

The oak worktops were found online and the homeowners shopped around for appliances to keep costs down. The entire house was completed remodelled for just £45,000.

Choose Classic Cabinets for an Elegant Kitchen

Traditional kitchen remodel ideas

(Image credit: Wren Kitchens)

Rather than striving for a contemporary style that could go out of date in the decade, this kitchen embraces traditional styles that will never tire. 

Pale blue and white shaker units with brass cup handles and fixtures complete the look effortlessly.

Add a Great Lighting Scheme

victorian terrace contemporary kitchen

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

From natural light infiltration and an ambient glow provided by the LED strips under the cupboards to plenty of downlights and statement pendents — this kitchen has got every aspect of a good lighting design covered. 

Victorian terrace houses are plagued by awkward spaces and a rabbit-warren feel with little natural light, but this terrace-turned-office-turned-modern home was no different. 

After knocking down the walls between the kitchen and old scullery - although the chimney breast remains to zone the spaces – a contemporary flat rooflight was added.

Knocking Down Walls

Making the kitchen the most important room of the house is the goal for many renovators and remodellers. A social space can be maximised by having an open-plan layout, but if you’re thinking about knocking down internal walls, costs beyond the demolition should be taken into consideration — this by itself can add considerably to the budget. 

The lack of wall space also means the design has to make up for the lost kitchen storage opportunities. Perhaps units and larder cupboards that were previously fixed on three walls might only reside on one.

Zoning a Modern Kitchen Remodel

modern barn conversion blue wall kitchen

(Image credit: Chris Hill)

This beautiful kitchen is not afraid of using a multitude of well-designed materials to create structure and spacing. Quirky and thought-out, this style means there is separation between the cooking space and living area in this large room. 

Partial room divides help zone this kitchen in this large living space.