Experts reveal the best bathroom trends for 2024

coloured bathroom suite with blue wall panelling and floral wallpaper
(Image credit: Duravit)

The start of the year is a great time to look at bathroom trends whether you are about to start creating a new bathroom from scratch or plan on giving your existing space an overhaul.

Bathroom design should be all about tailoring the space to meet the specific needs of your household and lifestyle, but that doesn't mean that trends don't have a place — they are a great way to garner inspiration and gather up some ideas you perhaps hadn't considered before. 

This year, expect to see lots of bold colours, plenty of texture and some glamorous finishes — all of which are easy to incorporate and look set to stand the test of time too.  

"Trend predictions for 2024 show a recurring focus on some of the most popular themes we have seen in recent years including biophilic design, spa-like features, and a move towards more personalisation," says James Roberts, director of Sanctuary Bathrooms.

“Despite this, our experts also note some subtle and key differences in areas such as colour, style and design, with reds, browns, and fluted details all likely to be prominent.”  

We asked a range of bathroom experts for their thoughts on exactly what the hottest trends in bathroom design are for 2024 to kickstart your project. Check out our round up of the best. 

The way in which home trends of any kind are used is important. While they are a useful source of ideas, you need to be aware that the bathroom is a very practical space that needs to work hard for the needs of all the household. As such, some trends just might not suit you — as is often the case for those after family bathroom ideas

It's worth considering that most bathroom trends don't tend to be such a flash-in-the-pan as in other rooms in the house. That said, some trends have more staying power than others and more than ever it seems that bathroom companies are very aware of how we want the very most from our money. 

"Trends are hugely important in shaping product offering and catering for demand so it is always important to stay in the loop with what customers are looking at," says James Roberts. "This is especially vital in the financial climate where customers are having to revise budgets and make their pounds work harder by investing in a more long-lasting bathroom space."

modern bathroom

Expect to see plenty of spa-like bathrooms and those using bolder colours than have been seen before. These products are from Sanctuary Bathrooms.  (Image credit: Sanctuary Bathrooms)

1. Hotel and spa-like bathrooms

For several years now bathrooms have been seen as far more than basic, practical spaces, with homeowners realising that, with the right bathroom design ideas, they can actually become the ultimate retreats. 

According to a recent survey by Champion Health, 79% of Brits claim they frequently feel stressed so it makes sense that at-home spa and self-care nights are becoming more popular.

“We are seeing more designers and consumers incorporating a spa-like feel in the bathroom," confirms Jeevan Seth, CEO at Just Taps Plus. "It’s a trend that has gained substantial popularity as people seek luxurious spaces that encourage self-care.”

In order to achieve this feel, incorporate soothing colours and include plenty of greenery. You might also want to familiarise yourself with the term 'quiet luxury'.  

“Quiet luxury is a phrase that many of us were discussing in 2023," explains Hege Lundh, marketing and business development director at Lundhs Real Stone. "A trend that embodies beauty in quality and simplicity, we will incorporate this thinking into the design of our worktops this year. Many homeowners and designers are looking for striking materials that are both timeless and can stand the test of time. Natural stone is not only incredibly durable and hardwearing, but it exudes sophistication and visual appeal, pairing with any scheme.”

neutral bathroom scheme with freestanding bath

Achieve 'quiet luxury' in your bathroom by combing timeless materials with plenty of natural light and greenery. This look has been created using paints from Earthborn.  (Image credit: Earthborn)

2. Fluted and curved details

Fluted and ribbed finishes first began attracting attention in interiors last year and this is a trend that is set to flourish in 2024. Swapping flush finishes for those featuring shallow grooves adds personality and texture, without the look being overwhelmingly fussy. 

"Fluted and curved details, such as fluted shower screens and curved sinks, add a much-needed softness to bathrooms, which can otherwise be quite harsh and clinical spaces,” explains home decor and lifestyle influencer Claire Faulkner.

If cost is a concern, then you might like to consider a window film to create the look instead. 

"While glass shower screens can offer a contemporary look to your bathroom scheme, a reeded glass effect can provide a luxurious and spa-like feel," says Joanna Baumard, co-founder of Purlfrost. "Bathroom designs can often feel quite clinical and minimal, so if you’re looking for that extra bit of depth and texture in 2024, then consider reeded glass window film. Offering the same effect as real reeded glass but for a lot less, you can transform your bathroom with ease.”

It isn't just glass that is set to get the fluted treatment either — look out for ribbed tiles and bathroom storage ideas too. 

fluted wall tiles

Fluted and ribbed finishes continue to be popular in both bathrooms and kitchens this year. These tiles are from Artisans of Devizes.  (Image credit: Artisans of Devizes)

3. Coloured sanitaryware

Before you start rolling your eyes and scroll straight past this one, just take a moment to hear us out. 

The latest coloured basins, baths and toilets are nothing like the avocado and aqua suites of old — and really can add a pop of personality to your bathroom without being 'too much'. 

"Coloured sanitaryware has made a firm comeback and is great for injecting personality into what can often be a clinical space," says Phil Etherden, MD at The Albion Bath Co. "We are seeing a huge increase in interest for coloured baths and bathroom furniture from our customers, and often in luxuriously bold shades such as navy, emerald green and deep crimson."

"Gone are the stark white bathrooms, and people are moving towards the earthy and warmer colours," confirms Emilie Fournet, an interior designer from London.

"Creating a complete work of art within your own four walls takes courage and requires a 'thread' for a harmonious colour scheme that runs throughout the room," say the experts at Duravit. "A guest bathroom or cloakroom is a good place to start small room – big big impact. It provides the ideal opportunity to experiment with colours. Bathroom objects such as a vanity and washbasin in a strong colour can be combined with coloured taps and expressive wall coverings that highlight an individual wall or smaller surface. Furnishing items, walls, floors and decoration should have a consistent colour harmony, be that tone-in-tone or combined with complementary colours."

turquoise bathroom suite

Coloured suites have come a long way since the 1970s as this bathroom from Duravit proves. (Image credit: Duravit)

4. Glamorous metallics

The metallic trend – popular in kitchen trends for the last couple of years – has now reached the bathroom and this is a great one to include if you want to inject a sense of warmth and glamour into your room. 

"Metallic touches in the bathroom are hugely fashionable at the moment and give a real sense of getting back to base materials," says Phil Etherden. "Our luxurious burnished and polished bath finishes are a popular option for anyone looking for a solid, industrial warehouse look. They’re ideal for creating a focal point and adding structure and glamour to a bathroom scheme."

metallic freestanding bath in large bathroom

Add a glamorous touch by including metallics into your bathroom scheme — this luxurious bath is from The Albion Bath Co.  (Image credit: The Albion Bath Co. Ltd)

5. Bolder, darker interior finishes

While the bathrooms are often designed to be all-white, fresh, clean looking spaces, there is a definite shift away from paler, more neutral shades when it comes to bathroom decor and more of a move towards a cosier, warmer look — something to consider when developing your bathroom renovation ideas

"As more consumers are choosing to introduce the allure of deeper tones into their homes, the emphasis is on creating a rich and immersive experience that goes beyond the utilitarian nature of a bathroom," says Jeevan Seth. "Within the colour palette of this trend is charcoal, navy and forest green, as well as brushed and matte brassware to add depth and interest to surfaces. These hues evoke a sense of opulence and tranquillity, transforming bathrooms into luxurious retreats.”

"I have noticed a rise in clients requesting dark and moody interiors, due to the cosy and dramatic atmosphere they tend to create," agrees Juliette Thomas, founder and director of Juliettes Interiors. "Deep shades of black, navy, charcoal, forest green and dark burgundy are essential for this style. We’ve noticed this trend works well for bathrooms, as it can help to create a sophisticated and spa-like aesthetic, especially when paired with copper or gold accents."

"Using colour in the bathroom has already seen great popularity in 2023, and we don't see it slowing down as we move into 2024," says Sam Tamlyn, managing director at California Shutters. "Whether it's brightly painted walls, bathroom furniture or accessories, the bathroom has evolved from a functional space, to an area in the home which we can be proud of. We see homeowners moving away from all-white spaces and being more adventurous with their design.”

coloured bathroom suite with blue wall panelling and floral wallpaper

Burnt oranges, navy, crimson and bold botanicals are all big news in 2024 — and this bathroom, featuring sanitaryware from Duravit, ticks all the boxes.  (Image credit: Duravit)

6. Energy efficient bathroom fittings

It will probably come as little surprise to learn that incorporating energy efficient features in the bathroom is a trend to be on the lookout for as we head into the new year. From lighting to water-saving fittings, this is a room in which there is now plenty of choice when it comes to saving money and energy. When thinking of ways of heating a bathroom, this is also worth bearing in mind. 

"Sustainability and conscious consumption have been a steadily growing consumer trend for several years now. Ignited by the introduction of smart water meters and the continued societal conversation around our impact on the environment, homeowners are more aware of their consumption than ever, which is in turn leading to more informed purchasing behaviour and greater demands when it comes to specifications," says Paul Bailey, leader, project management at GROHE.

"One of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce energy and water usage at home is to upgrade bathroom fittings, such as taps and showers, to models that provide resource-saving aspects like a reduce water flow or cold-start functionality, which makes using warm water a conscious decision."

"In the upcoming year of 2024, the demand for energy-efficient towel rails and bathroom radiators is poised to surge, driven by the growing interest in eco-friendly heating technologies like air and ground source heat pumps," says Nick Duggan, MD, The Radiator Centre. "Embracing the trend towards sustainability, these radiators not only provide efficient warmth but some also incorporate innovative built-in energy-efficient cooling functions—a feature likely to gain prominence as our summers grow increasingly warmer."

sensor tap

The IXMO Sensor 5 SM tap from Keuco is not only touchless, but it also has a reduced water flow to save energy.  (Image credit: Keuco)

7. 'Living room' bathrooms

We've seen a more relaxed approach to kitchen interiors over the last few years, with artwork, houseplants and comfy chairs creeping into the designs. Now, this approach is being seen in bathrooms. 

"Going into 2024, we are definitely seeing bathrooms become more like the rest of our homes in terms of attention to detail and styling," says Jeeven Seth.

"The real stand out for interior design trends is the growth of customisation and uniqueness. Bespoke now reflects something that no one else has, resulting in a more exclusive outcome for the customer," adds Juliette Thomas, founder and director of Juliettes Interiors

bathroom with fireplace

Turn your bathroom into somewhere you really enjoy spending time by incorporating comfortable finishes, just as you would in your living space. This calming scheme was created using paints from Benjamin Moore (Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

8. Stand-out statement stone finishes

Large expanses of marble and other stones are a trend shortcut to a luxe look. However, if you are wondering how much it costs to tile a bathroom, then bear in mind that using real stone can be prohibitively expensive, even for the biggest of budgets. 

"From marble-effect to onyx-effect, this season wonderful stone-effect patterns make their mark in the world of tiles," says Grazzie Wilson, Creative Lead at Ca’ Pietra. "As stone-effect tiles typically come in materials including porcelain and ceramic, it makes them more affordable than the real deal."

"Much more than clean lines and comfortable spaces, new minimalism is all about finding meaning and searching for well-being and mind clarity in your home. Rather than the obvious ‘stripping back’, new minimalism is more about being detail orientated, opting for high-quality furniture with a special and luxurious touch for example, as well as refined and colder finishes, like stone, marble, or brass, in order to achieve a balanced room," adds Cullifords' Oliver Webb. 

Marble-effect tiles often come in both large and small formats, ensuring that you can execute almost any bathroom tiling ideas with ease. 

stone basin and brass bathroom tap

This stone basin and tiles from Lundhs Real Stone are timeless in their appeal and make a bold statement too.  (Image credit: Lundhs Real Stone)

9. A layered approach to bathroom lighting

Decorative bathroom lighting is nothing new, but in 2024 expect to see even more ornate and interesting bathroom lighting ideas hit the market, where once bathroom lighting was mostly perfunctory. 

"Homeowners are looking to invest in versatile lighting schemes for their bathrooms as we head into 2024," says Piero De Marchis, director at Detail Lighting. "Spotlights and pendant lighting will provide the bathroom with a more relaxing ambience, whilst task lighting is better for functionality."

These new designs, which will require a higher IP rating depending on where they're used in bathroom, give you a greater range to explore when creating a lighting design for your bathroom. Mixing different types of lighting and creating a more sophisticated lighting scheme should be high on your agenda for your bathroom project this year. 

bathroom with layered lighting scheme

Forget an unflattering single pendant light to illuminate your bathroom — take a layered approach, as can be seen in this scheme from Detail Lighting, instead.  (Image credit: Detail Lighting)

10. The compact bath

For many people tight on bathroom space, the bath is usually the first thing to be sacrificed, yet the relaxation benefits of bathing can't be argued — plus the inclusion of a bathroom is often a deal-breaker for those looking for a family home. 

Thankfully, designers have caught on to this and are now coming up with all kinds of solutions for those looking for space-saving solutions and even downstairs bathroom ideas

"When it comes to baths, compact baths are set to be big in 2024, allowing people with smaller bathrooms to still have that spa-like experience at home," says Nigel Palmer, head of communications marketing at House of Rohl. “We've seen increased interest in compact freestanding baths, suggesting that homeowners recognise they are trying to accommodate them even in smaller bathrooms.”

compact pink bath in small bathroom

No space? No problem, when companies such as The Albion Bath Co. are offering beautiful compact baths such as this.  (Image credit: The Albion Bath Co Ltd)

11. Neutral schemes with character

If the thought of coloured bathroom suites and a colour explosion on your walls brings you out in a cold sweat then fear not — there is a still a place for more calming neutral schemes in 2024 — however, even this style is constantly evolving. 

Add patterns to your greys, beiges and whites to create depth to the design. Better yet, introduce natural, botanical-inspired prints with tiles and bathroom wallpapers to really cement that end-of-the-day sanctuary feeling.  

This trend can work particularly well if you're looking for small bathroom ideas which won't make the space feel even more compact with busy colours and patterns. 

"Timeless and versatile, neutrals are colours that form the foundation of various design styles and will remain a popular choice in 2024," says Bailey Oates, colour expert at Earthborn. "Think beige, cream, grey, stone and ecru shades — all of these hues will still be used throughout the home and will bring a warming appeal that will not only ground the space but create a sense of calm too."

neutral bathroom walls

If too much colour seems overwhelming for you, stick to a warming, yet neutral scheme instead — this paint is from Earthborn.  (Image credit: Earthborn)

12. Wetrooms with their own identity 

It is unlikely that 2024 will mark the end of glass panel walk in shower ideas, but we're seeing an increase in designs that completely section off the shower space from a bathroom with a solid wall — creating a cocooned effect.

This design is helpful for busy family bathrooms for those getting ready all at once, and allows for an experimentation of two different styles, as in this home. A refreshing coastal scheme is contrasted by high-colour floor-to-ceiling patterned tiles — a secret luxury space behind the wall. 

white coast themed bathroom with separate shower space

Timber wall panelling and white shutters beautifully create a fresh coastal-inspired bathroom here.  (Image credit: Dan Duchars)

13. Tactile fixtures and finishes

Be sure to include plenty of texture and tactile finishes into your bathroom if you want it to feel modern and be a welcoming spot to linger. 

Hege Lundh, marketing and business development director at Lundhs Real Stone says: "Matte, structured textures have taken over high-gloss, shiny surfaces and this will continue to be the case for next year. 

"While homeowners are still wanting to make a luxurious statement, the trend for creating a more lived-in feel means that design choices have become increasingly tactile. Surfaces like natural stone offer a luxurious yet pared-back appearance, meaning requirements for both design and aesthetic can be met with ease."

"We are seeing more and more requests for hardware that adds texture and interest into a bathroom design — and introducing tactile cabinet knobs and handles is a great way to do this," says Paul Clifford, managing director at Croft. "Opting for quality when choosing frequently touched items is key to longevity, so choose cabinet pulls and handles with an interesting pattern and design for a luxurious finish with a difference.”

white fluted bathroom tiles with white vanity unit

The Zen Marble Hones Reed Mosaic tile from Ca' Pietra give a texture to a pared-back bathroom interior.  (Image credit: Ca' Pietra)

14. Wood panelling in the bathroom

While it is fair to say that bathroom wall panelling ideas are not entirely a new concept, this year sees fresh designs and materials that make achieving this style easier than ever before.  

"White bathroom suites are the norm around the globe, and to turn this room into a sanctuary, you need to add contrast," explains Olivia Crosher, interior designer from Naturewall

"Neutral palettes and natural textures are synonymous with the coveted hotel and spa-style schemes we all seek. Wooden-style feature walls instantly transform the space by adding organic tones and visual interest. Combined with black or brass accents, they uplift the room and give it a contemporary yet soothing atmosphere."

"The trend for neutral colours and natural materials show no sign of waning in 2024 too," adds Amanda Telford, creative manager at CTD Tiles. "Whether it’s through wood-effect bathroom tiles, sage green walls or the incorporation of lots of organic textured accessories, this trend can be incorporated in a number of different ways."

white freestanding bath with wooden wall panelling behind

Naturewall's waterproof SlatWalls are easy to apply to bathroom walls.  (Image credit: Naturewall)

15. Heritage style reinvented

Traditional bathroom styles are perennially popular, but there are certain ways to create a classic look without falling into pastiche. Giving a contemporary twist with colour selections, while honouring the shakes of a traditional bathroom suite is one way to get it right. 

“This trend is about how you successfully combine the two styles. Consumers are more informed in what they love and want and are also willing to take more risks when it comes to their bathroom design, to create something truly unique,” says Darren Allison, marketing manager at BC Designs

"Bathrooms are becoming somewhere where people are feeling less afraid to make a unique statement, somewhere that feels personal and tailored to their own tastes and requirements," adds Amanda Telford. "With an increased focus on the ‘improve don’t move’ effort, it’s safe to say that it’s an exciting time to be looking at bathroom design and trends."

a modern traditional style bathroom

Successfully combine styles to achieve this trend — mix a traditional bath with a modern tap, or period-style lighting with a contemporary shower treatment.  (Image credit: BC Designs/Darren Chung)

16. Interesting plaster finishes

Microcement and polished plasters were huge in 2022 and in 2023 we're seeing that softer, textured plaster finishes are being incorporated into bathroom designs — from Tadelakt and Venetian plaster to lime. Clay plaster is also a great contender for this style. 

Clare Whitney from Clayworks  explains: "Clay plasters are 100% natural with no polymers, oils, additives or lime. The absolute rawness – clay does not ‘set’ like most other plasters, or indeed paints – and the natural textural and colour variation heighten the senses and the emotional connection with that space. 

"Then it feels luxurious. Luxury is no longer a look or an aesthetic but much more a feeling that can only be achieved by raw materials such as clay and straw, wood, wool, sisal, and stone, which all have natural textural variation."

a bathroom with venetian plaster walls

Many alternative plasters come with added benefits, such as noise dampening or waterproofing.  (Image credit: Paul Testa Architecture)

17. Whimsical bathroom tiles

Your bathroom tiles are the perfect way to introduce colour, personality and fun into your bathroom design scheme — and 2024 sees even more striking ideas being thrown out by designers than ever. 

Step up the personalisation of your bathroom tiles by creating your own design using the latest patterned tiles. This style has been brewing in the background for a few years, but this year we're going to see new shapes and forms in bathrooms using modern designs. 

For a look like this, lay out your tiles on the floor and play with different orders and lines until you're happy with the overall effect. Then consider how important fixtures like sinks and vanity units will change the final result. Be sure to create a good dialogue with your tiler — this level of pattern work isn't difficult, but to get what you're after you will have to be clear. 

bathroom mural from tiles

Tropical Oasis is a bold rainforest-style mural from Original Style made from ceramic tiles.  (Image credit: Original Style)

18. Stylish accessible bathrooms

Adding flair to practical and functional fixtures in a bathroom isn't always the most pressing concern for those that need additional help, but we are definitely seeing that accessible bathroom features are being included within the latest trends.

The newest bathroom innovations are making it easier than ever to create an accessible bathroom that is also super stylish. Be it with the latest metallic finishes for grab bars, or with stone-effect flush shower trays for wet rooms — these elements can be added alongside a bathroom renovation to make life easier. 

As an example, bathroom manufacturer KEUCO have recently worked with Studio F. A. Porsche to design and create a range of stylish accessible bathroom products that are design driven with excellent functionality. The design combines aesthetics and barrier-free functionality in a sophisticated and innovative way, without making the special functions visually obvious.

accessible bathroom

KEUCO AXESS is a cross-generational concept made from sustainable high-quality materials with an intelligent design. (Image credit: KEUCO)
Juliette Thomas
Juliette Thomas

Juliette Thomas is the founder and creative director of the London-based interior design and luxury furniture retail company, Juliettes Interiors. Juliette has been designing and offering unique exclusive interiors and furnishings since 2005.

Jeevan Seth
Jeevan Seth

Jeevan Seth is CEO of tap and shower specialist JTP.

Phil Etherden
Phil Etherden

Phil Etherden is managing director of The Albion Bath Co.

Hege Lundh
Hege Lundh

Hege Lundh is marketing and business development director at Lundhs Real Stone.

James Roberts
James Roberts

James is one of three Directors of Sanctuary Bathrooms, working alongside his father and brother, and is responsible for overseeing everything marketing and operational with the business.

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