Can you use wallpaper in a bathroom? Find out what the experts say

bold floral wallpaper mural in bathroom with wooden floor and white freestanding bath
You can use wallpaper in the bathroom - but it's down to type and application methods (Image credit: Wallsauce)

You may be wondering can you use wallpaper in a bathroom if you're choosing finishes for your new bathroom design. Although paper and water generally don't mix that well, the answer is surprisingly, yes.

But, before you rush to the shops, be warned that this doesn't mean you can simply grab a roll of wallpaper in any finish with a design you love and assume that it will work.

male with short dark hair, glasses wearing navy shirt leaning against a wall
James Mellan-Matulewicz

James Mellan-Matulewicz is the founder and Creative Director at design and print studio Bobbi Beck. He has spent over 10 years in a variety of roles across design and creative industries and is an expert on everything related to wallpaper.

Steve Jenkins
Steve Jenkins

Steve is Homebuilding's resident DIY expert with over 20 years of experience in transforming and renovating homes. He specialises in painting and decorating, and is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to getting a professional finish on your DIY jobs. 

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Tim Dixon

Tim Dixon is the fifth-generation of family-run wallpaper business Beautiful Walls, which started life in 1854 as The London Paper Hanging Company. He prides himself on the company's commitment to great design and exceptional customer service.

Sarah Harley
Assistant Editor

Sarah is Homebuilding & Renovating’s Assistant Editor and joined the team in 2024. An established homes and interiors writer, Sarah has renovated and extended a number of properties, including a listing building and renovation project that featured on Grand Designs. Although she said she would never buy a listed property again, she has recently purchased a Grade II listed apartment. As it had already been professionally renovated, she has instead set her sights on tackling some changes to improve the building’s energy efficiency, as well as adding some personal touches to the interior.