20 Bathroom Design Ideas That Will Transform Your Space

bathroom design ideas
(Image credit: Waters Baths of Ashbourne)

After some inspirational bathroom design ideas? You've come to the right place.

We have rounded up the very best bathroom ideas around — a brilliant mixture of tried and tested classics along with some just-launched bathroom trends. 

So, whether you’re planning a multi-tasking family bathroom or a luxury en suite for your self build or renovation project,  we've got you covered. 

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1. A Wet Room/ Walk-in Shower Combo is a Brilliant Bathroom Design Idea

Whilst wet rooms and walk-in showers are nothing new in the world of bathroom design ideas, the newest showering launches combine the two in order to overcome the issues often associated with traditional wet rooms.

Offering more space than standard walk-in enclosures yet eliminating the chance of flooding the entire bathroom, these are seriously stylish showering solutions. 

bathroom design ideas

The Stonetto shower tray from Duravit comes in a choice of flush-fitting, semi-recessed or floor-mounted installation so is perfect for customising your walk-in shower.  (Image credit: Duravit)

2. The Best Bathroom Design Ideas for Avoiding Fights - Twin Basins!

If you regularly find yourself with a queue outside the bathroom in the morning rush, consider twin basins (and even showers). Perfect for en suites and family bathrooms alike. 

bathroom design ideas

Practical and stylish — twin basins make sense. These stylish countertop basins are offset beautifully by Tile Giant's Pamplona tiles.  (Image credit: Tile Giant)

3. Smart Lighting is a Smart Idea for Your Bathroom Design

Smart home technology hasn't bypassed the bathroom and one of the best bathroom ideas we have seen is bluetooth bathroom lighting, combining a speaker with LED lighting — sure to enhance your bathing experience. 

bathroom design ideas

This bluetooth lighting from Victorian Plumbing combines and speaker with LED lighting, allowing you to stream audio from your phone as well as set the light levels to suit your mood.  (Image credit: Victorian Plumbing)

4. Opt for Large Format Wall Tiles

Along with textured wall tiles and highly patterned designs, large format tiles remain a popular design feature in bathrooms — they offer a sleek, eye-catching finish, plus there is less grouting to clean.

bathroom design ideas

Mist Geo Tiles from Walls and Floors combine three bathroom design ideas in one — they are textured, large format and feature a subtle geometric pattern.  (Image credit: Walls and Floors)

5. Built-in Bathroom Storage is an Essential Bathroom Design Idea

Bathroom storage is vital for the space to work well and feel uncluttered, yet you don't want it eating into valuable floor space. 

Use built-in storage and create alcoves in showering and bathing areas to provide handy spots for bottles and jars.

bathroom design ideas

Storage alcoves have been created next to the bath and above the back-to-wall WC in this bathroom from Waters Baths of Ashbourne. (Image credit: Waters Baths of Ashbourne)

6. Adopt a Broken Plan Layout as a Bathroom Design Idea

Bathroom layouts can be difficult to get right, particularly if you want to incorporate a walk-in shower or wet room space and are concerned about water spraying everywhere. 

Consider a 'broken plan' layout and use partial walls and screens to define the various areas of the space. 

bathroom design ideas

In this bathroom, the bathing and showering areas are separated by a tiled panel. The dual entrance wet room panel was installed by Matki Installations (Image credit: Matki)

7. Use Waterproof Wallpaper

After alternative wall covering ideas for your new bathroom? If you fancy something other than plain painted walls or tiles, why not consider one of the new waterproof wallpapers now on offer instead? They offer visual interest and are easy to clean.

bathroom design ideas

Waterproof wallpaper from Bathroom Design Studio London is now available in an impressive range of colours, designs and patterns.  (Image credit: Bathroom Design Studio London)

8. Incorporate a Bold Basin Design in Your Bathroom Idea

Whilst we are not suggesting you swap your white bathroom suite for an avocado one, there is definitely something to be said for introducing a bit of wow and design bravery into the bathroom in the form of a statement basin. 

The latest launches include some really intricate and beautiful patterns that, when combined with a simple suite, could really enhance your bathroom. 

bathroom design ideas

The Floral range from the Bespoke by Burlington collection can help inject a nature-inspired décor into the bathroom — a great way to add a modern twist to classic ceramics.  (Image credit: Burlington Bathrooms)

9. Layer Your Lighting

Forget an unflattering central light in your bathroom — the last thing you want when looking in the mirror as you exit the shower. 

Instead, use multiple layers of lighting that can be operated separately — wall lights over or around mirrors, under-cabinet LEDs and recessed spots all work well. 

bathroom design ideas

This stunning lighting scheme is by John Cullen — LED strips have been concealed within the ceiling to shine light just where it has the most impact.  (Image credit: John Cullen)

10. A Freestanding Bath Creates a Luxurious Bathroom Design Idea

There is something about a freestanding bath that screams luxury and indulgence (remember that Flake advert?) — particularly when it features decorative feet. If you are worried about the weight of a cast iron rolltop or similar then fear not, there are models available made from acrylic and steel to overcome the issue. 

bathroom design ideas

The simple lines of this rolltop from Clearwater mean it would not look out of place in either a contemporary or a traditional setting — note the touch of greenery too, an ideal way to add a sense of wellness to the space.  (Image credit: Clearwater)

11. New Bathroom Blues

For a long time it was felt that blue in the bathroom had the potential to make the space feel cold and unwelcoming — and so it fell from favour. 

But now blue is back and this time it is bold and warm — reminiscent of stormy summer skies or the vibrant blues found in far flung places. 

bathroom design ideas

Blue tiles from Tile Mountain's Fulham range are glossy and gorgeous — and pair perfectly with the trend for copper brassware.  (Image credit: Tile Mountain)

12. Bringing in Furniture from Elsewhere in the House is a Great Bathroom Design Idea

Perhaps it is a desire to forge somewhere to retreat to for longer than the time it takes to hop in and out of the shower, or maybe it is just an increased realisation that the bathroom should be a spot in which to fully de-stress. 

Whatever it is, bathrooms these days are frequently featuring furniture that was previously seen as more at home in the living room.

bathroom design ideas

Transform your bathroom into a cosy retreat that is just as much about relaxing as it is function. This design, from Waters Baths of Ashbourne, ticks all the boxes with its comfy armchair, wall art and greenery.  (Image credit: Waters Baths of Ashbourne)

13. Copper Brassware is a Hot Bathroom Design Idea Right Now

Copper finishes are hot news in the world of interiors right now, and the bathroom is no exception. Copper brassware looks great paired with bold blues and greens, as well as pinks. 

If you want to keep the look more subtle, opt for copper bathroom accessories instead. 

bathroom design ideas

This tap from Big Bathroom Shop, is crafted from solid brass and has a brushed copper finish.  (Image credit: Big Bathroom Shop)

14. Create a Jaw-Dropping Bathroom Design Idea withIndustrial Fittings

Some of the latest industrial style bathroom fittings are truly jaw-dropping. No longer stark and cold, these designs are contemporary and eye-catching and can be successfully combined with more classic sanitaryware for a softer overall look. 

bathroom design ideas

The Origami basin from Bathroom Design Studio London will add a punchy dose of design impact into your bathroom.  (Image credit: Bathroom Design Studio London)

15. You Can Find Freestanding Baths for Small Spaces 

Even small bathrooms can have rolltops and freestanding — many bathroom suppliers now offer back-to-wall baths that replicate the look.

bathroom design ideas

This back-to-wall bath from Waters Baths of Ashbourne offers a slightly different take on the freestanding idea. It is a great idea for those with small bathrooms who might not fancy a standard built-in bath.  (Image credit: Waters Baths of Ashbourne)

16. Panelled Walls in the Bathroom

Wood panelling or timber cladding on the walls in a bathroom can add a real sense of warmth. 

Ensure you choose a moisture-resistant engineered timber to prevent it warping or moving and paint or oil it with a suitable finish. 

bathroom design ideas

The soft green wood panelling in this bathroom, from Waters Baths of Ashbourne, adds character and warmth to the space — note the ladder towel rail, a really lovely finishing touch.  (Image credit: Waters Baths of Ashbourne)

17. Statement Bathroom Tiles Can Create a Wow-Factor Bathroom Design Idea

Bring your bathroom walls to life with some stand-out tiles — whether you opt for a vibrant colour, a zingy pattern or a interesting format, your walls can become works of art in their own right. 

bathroom design ideas

Why not ditch the standard tile shape in favour of something a bit livelier? The Drops Persian Blue tiles from Porcelain Superstore were inspired by Moroccan fan tiles and feature a fish scale design.  (Image credit: Porcelain Superstore)

18. Give Your Bathroom Design Idea the Metallic Treatment

The copper trend doesn't end with brassware — baths and showers have got the metallic treatment too. 

But if a solid copper bath is beyond your budget, consider a cheaper alternative such as copper effect.

bathroom design ideas

This copper effect bath is from Victorian Plumbing and adds drama to even small bathrooms.  (Image credit: Victorian Plumbing)

19. Don't Be Afraid of Using Colour in Your Bathroom Design Idea

It can be tempting, when faced with a small space, to err on the side of caution when it comes to using colour. However, bold patterns and dramatic shades can actually deflect the eye away from the proportions of a compact space. 

bathroom design ideas

Forest green and brass in this bathroom adds a moody yet warm aesthetic. The wallpaper, from Divine Savages, offers a twist on the class Art Deco fan motif of the 1920s.  (Image credit: Divine Savages)

20. Embrace Wooden Finishes in Your Bathroom Design

Providing the timber you use in your bathroom is engineered or treated to ensure it is moisture resistant, there is no reason why it should not be used for all kinds of applications, from bath surrounds to basin vanity units. 

bathroom design ideas

The combination of timber laid in a herringbone pattern behind the basin, the crisp bath surround and the rustic countertop on which the basin sits, along with the bamboo light fittings, all ensure this bathroom exudes character. The vinyl floor tiles are from Zazous. (Image credit: Zazous)
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