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Garden Office Ideas: Brilliant Solutions for an Outdoor Office Set Up

Lakeside timber frame home office
(Image credit: Border Oak)

More of us than ever are in need of garden office ideas as working from home is fast becoming the norm.

From all-in-one style modular garden offices to architect-designed bespoke buildings, there is now something to suit everyone. 

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Important Considerations Before Settling on a Garden Office Idea

Before getting stuck into our inspiring garden office ideas gallery, take a moment to think about what you want from your new home office. Consider the following:

  • How many people will your garden office need to accommodate at any one time?
  • How will you get services, such as electricity, to the building?
  • Is your new home office likely to require a planning application?
  • Who will construct it?
  • Will you need toilet facilities and if so, how will you get water to and from the office?
  • What is your budget?
  • How will you heat the space in winter?
  • Might you want it to be big enough to perform more than one function? For example, a guest room or hobby room.

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1. Mini Garden Office Idea

small garden office

(Image credit: Garden Affairs)

If you were thinking that your garden wasn't big enough for a garden office, it might be time to think again. There are modular garden offices in all shapes and sizes, including this Mini Office from Garden Affairs, measuring just 2.4m x 1.8m. Prices from £2,414. 

2. Multi-purpose Garden Room

Garden office bifold doors

(Image credit: Crown Pavilions)

If you have the space, consider a garden office that is large enough to use for other activities once the working day is done. This design from Crown Pavilions features a large run of bifold doors meaning it makes the perfect summerhouse in which to sit and enjoy the garden too. 

3. Space Age Garden Office Pod

Garden office pod

(Image credit: Cuckooland)

The Luxury Summerhouse Garden Pod from Cuckooland is a great garden office idea and will definitely become a talking point for any work meetings you might hold there. It features sliding doors and windows and remains a comfortable temperature even on sunny days thanks to a reflective stainless steel cover for the roof. It also features a heater, bluetooth audio system, power poits, LED lighting, a table and two sofas. £16,995.

4. Subtle and Simple Garden Office Ideas

garden office

(Image credit: Waltons)

Those after a garden office to blend seamlessly into their garden should take a look at the range offered by Waltons. This Shore 4m x 3m Log Cabin home office is available with a host of upgrade options, including different roof coverings, colour options and rainwater goods. From £2,099.99.

5. Incorporate Your Existing Home in Your Garden Office Idea

Modular garden office

(Image credit: Crown Pavilions)

This home office from Crown Pavilions has been designed to blend in well with the house it sits next to. The tone of the cladding and the grey windows match those on the main building. 

6. The Perfect Retreat

Timber frame garden office

(Image credit: Border Oak)

The perfect hideaway, this timber frame, timber clad garden studio by Border Oak nestles into its rural setting making an idyllic spot from which to work from home — as well as to enjoy after work drinks with (or without) work colleagues. 

7. L-shaped Garden Office Idea

Modular home office

(Image credit: Rubicon)

This contemporary style garden office from Rubicon Garden Rooms has an L-shaped footprint which allows for it to be neatly positioned into one corner of the garden — a great way to get maximum internal space without taking up too much of the garden. 

8. Don't Forget the Area Around Your Garden Office

Pretty garden office

(Image credit: Garden Affairs)

This pretty garden office is the Mini Office 1 from Garden Affairs and measures just 2.4m x 1.8m. The owner, who runs her garden business from the office, has embedded it into its setting using a range of climbing and potted plants, as well as building a paved seating area around it. 

9. Fully-Customised Garden Office Idea

Timber clad garden office

(Image credit: Border Oak)

Having a bespoke garden office, such as this timber clad design from Border Oak, means you can be sure that your new building will meet all of your needs. This garden room not only blends well into its pretty setting, but it also incorporates a handy covered log store and mini verandah from which to admire the day's gardening efforts. 

10. Barn-style Garden Office Idea

Barn style garden office

(Image credit: Smart Garden Offices)

This barn-style building from Smart Garden Offices sums up what many people want from a garden office set up — a comfortable place to work, separate from daily home life, housed in an attractive outbuilding that complements the garden and provides a nice spot to while away the more restful parts of the day too.