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11 Front Door Ideas to Add Instant Kerb Appeal

Front Door Ideas by Urban Front
(Image credit: Urban Front)

The best front door ideas will not only complement your home's exterior, but also provide a welcoming entrance that helps to portray your own personal style.

When choosing which front door you want to invest in, there are some key considerations to be made:

  • Material
  • Colour
  • Thermal efficiency
  • Durability and maintenance
  • Price

We’ve rounded up the best front door ideas to help you see what's available on the market.

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1. Timber Front Door Ideas are Great for Adding Charm

Front Door Ideas - Front Doors by Urban Front

This stunning hardwood door by Urban Front completes this contemporary house (Image credit: Urban Front)

Timber front doors blend together the appearance of a traditional front door, perfect for period properties, with modern benefits such as security, thermal efficiency and style. 

Front Door Ideas Using Purlfrost Window Film

A classic timber door is given a refresh with glass panels and a decorative finish (Image credit: Purlfrost Window Film)

Traditional-style timber doors work well with modern dooring fittings and lots of glazing so don’t be afraid to mix up your style ideas.

If you own a listed property or live in a conservation area you may want to go for a wooden front door to maintain the charm and character of your home.

Remember, some of the cheaper softwoods can be prone to twisting and warping over time and need to be properly treated and looked after.

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2. Metallic Front Door Ideas Add a Contemporary Touch

Front Door Ideas - Metallic Front Door by Urban Front

This house is finished perfectly with a modern metallic door by Urban Front (Image credit: Urban Front)

If you really want to stand out from the crowd why not try a metallic front door?  The textured finish of metallic front doors is best suited to contemporary homes and those homeowners that want to create a sense of wow-factor.

3. Pivot Front Door Ideas are Ideal for Self Builds 

Front Door Ideas - Large Pivot Front Door by Urban Front

This large Pivot Front Door by Urban Front provides instant wow-factor (Image credit: Urban Front)

Increasingly popular, pivot doors rotate on a pivot rather than traditionally swing open and closed. They are best suited to large door openings and are often taller and wider than most standard-fitting front doors.   

“The real benefit of pivot hinges is the fact that you can have a very large, heavy door on them,” explains Elizabeth Assaf designer at Urban Front. “Nowadays, I think a lot more people would rather have one large door instead of double doors because it looks much more contemporary.”

4. PVCu Front Door Ideas are Brilliant for Those on a Tighter Budget

Front Door Ideas

A classic PVCu front door is ideal for those who want a low-maintenance door (Image credit: Getty Images)

PVCu front doors have come a long way in recent years and are an affordable, durable front door choice. 

Virtually maintenance free, PVCu doors are a great choice for those looking for something that gives a good thermal performance and security without the hefty price tag.   

5. Embrace an Oversized Front Door For a Stylish Idea

Front Door Ideas by Origin

This huge double door by Origin, looks fantastic with glass panels either side (Image credit: Origin)

A big oversized front door will add an instant style statement and is particularity suited to architecturally-striking homes.  

You can create an oversized front door by having a double door opening where two doors join in the middle, or you can take a large pivot door and add lots of glazing around it. 

6. Incorporate Glazing into Your Front Door Idea to Flood Your Home with Natural Light

Front Door Ideas - front door by Stormclad

The glazed panels on this door by Stormclad create a wonderful entrance way  (Image credit: Stormclad)

Front doors with lots of glazing are an effective way to open up a dark hallway and create a stylish entrance.

Side panes and fanlights allow you to add lots of design elements to a modern house, while smaller square panes and stained glass can enhance a period property.

Front Door Ideas by Urban Front

Lots of glass will open up a dark hallway (Image credit: Urban Front)

There are lots of ways to add glass into your front door, and doorway, so make sure you speak to your supplier to check out all the options. 

Remember to make sure all glass in (and around) your front door is made from strong safety glass.

7. Create a Personalised Look with Bespoke Door Furniture

Front Door Ideas Using Purlfrost Window Film

Consider getting your door number etched into any glass panels (Image credit: Purlfrost Window Film)

Any front door can be given a makeover with the addition of some new door furniture such as a handle, knocker, bell, house number and letterbox. There are a huge range of shapes and material finishes to help your door stand out.

Front Door Ideas - Front Doors by Urban Front

This metal door is cleverly personalised with the house number (Image credit: Urban Front)

Look at materials such as copper, gold, stainless steel and rose gold to give your front door the design edge over others, and think about having your door number etched into any front door glazing for a striking, personalised finish.

8. Colourful Front Door Ideas Add Instant Kerb Appeal

Front Door Ideas - Bold Colours by Dulux

This traditional front door has been painted a bold colour for an instant update (Image credit: Dulux )

“There is a growing trend for choosing a front door that has an unusual, striking or pastel colour,” says John Evans Managing director of Stormclad, “if you are feeling bold, a mustard yellow or vibrant teal can make a real impact and for something more subtle, pastel greens and blues can brighten the front of your home without being too excessive.”

Front Door Ideas by Urban Front

Add style and a statement with a bold yellow front door (Image credit: Urban Front)

Look at how your front door colour can complement the rest of your home's exterior. Does it work alongside your windows? Or your render or cladding? Do you have a certain colour scheme around your front garden that may impact the choice? 

A bold front door colour can be a really easy way to change the look and feel of your home as people approach so take the time to choose carefully.

9. Factor Energy Efficiency in to Your Front Door Idea 

Front Door Ideas by Origin

This traditional style aluminium door will provide fantastic thermal efficiency. Front door by Origin  (Image credit: Origin)

Keeping your home well insulated is all part of achieving a thermally-efficient home so you will want to prevent any heat loss through your front door.

Older, badly-fitted front doors may allow heat to escape easily so make sure you fit something new and effective. PVCu and composite doors will be the most cost effective, while aluminium, while effective, will be more expensive.

10. For a Top-of-the-Range Front Door Idea, Choose Aluminium 

Front Door Ideas by Origin

This stylish aluminium door by Origin has a large handle and glass feature down the middle for a contemporary finish (Image credit: Origin)

Aluminium doors tend to be top of the range when it comes to front doors because they are light, strong and extremely durable. And not to mention stylish.

Victoria Brocklesby, COO at Origin says, “Aluminium has a strong, yet lightweight structure, making it the most secure and low-maintenance option on the market.”

Front Door Ideas - Front Door by IDSystems

Robust and long-lasting, aluminium doors are a great choice. Door by IDSystems  (Image credit: IDSystems)

Aluminium doors are also ideal for those living in harsh environments, such as on the coast, who may be concerned about the effect of the strong winds and salt water's affect on their home. 

Smart and stylish, these front doors are as strong as steel but lightweight allowing them to have lots of glazed window areas too.

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11. Security Should be at the Heart of Your Front Door Idea

Front Door Ideas

Wood and aluminium doors with toughened security glass make ideal security doors (Image credit: Getty Images)

There are lots of ways you can opt for a secure door but the two main factors will be the door material, like wood or aluminium, and the door lock. 

Everest Windows recommends to always look for British Standard (BSI) Kitemark and PAS 24 accreditations when buying a front door. Plus if you have glass in your front door make sure it’s toughened, security glass.

If you want to incorporate some smart technology in your door security, then considering items such as a video doorbell can be a sensible move.

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Front Door Ideas by IDSystems

This secure aluminium door is by IDSystems and is a wonderful addition to a contemporary home (Image credit: IDSystems)

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