Porch Lighting Ideas — 9 Ways to Illuminate Your Outdoors

self build outdoor porch lighting ideas
(Image credit: John Cullen Lighting)

The best porch lighting ideas will introduce practical ways of illuminating an outdoor space (ensuring steps and slopes are visible at night) while increasing kerb appeal and showcasing certain features on the front or back of a home. 

An initial decision will need to be made as to how the new lights will be powered before styles and designs are investigated. Are you undergoing a rewire where mains will be an option, or are battery or solar options a better starting point? 

Also consider the porch itself — covered porch ideas can work best with ceiling or wall lights, while those with a lengthy walk to the door might require a motion sensor. 

We've collected our favourite ways of lighting up a porch below. 

Create a Warm Welcome with Outdoor Porch Lighting Ideas

self build with outdoor porch lighting ideas

(Image credit: Richard Kiely)

Layering different types of lighting is always the key to a good lighting design and the exterior of your home is no different. 

Here, this stunning oak frame home is transformed through combining outdoor wall lights with up and down lighters and a small ceiling light over the front door. 

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Choose Wisely When Lighting a Small Porch Area

extension with a small porch and clever lighting

(Image credit: Matthew Smith)

Although the entrance design is relatively small on this contemporary extension to a barn conversion, the porch light cleverly illuminates the front door to guests and visitors. The high and bright wall light provides a spot to wait, while the interior lighting can be seen through the large expanses of glazing for additional illumination. 

Ceiling Lights Work Brilliantly in Covered Porches

covered porch area with recessed ceiling lighting

(Image credit: Urban Front)

Where your porch is covered, ensure adequate lighting to illuminate every corner for an impactful effect. Recessed spotlights in the ceiling are ideal for this type of porch and can be incorporated into any style of home without detracting from the overall design. 

Camouflage Porch Lighting for a Traditional Scheme

self build with orangery and wall porch lights

(Image credit: Mark Brocklebank)

Colour-match or paint your wall lights so they blend into the overall design scheme. On this traditional-style home, the homeowner chose to light up their back porch area with subtle wall lights that have been coordinated alongside the orangery. 

Don't Forget to Light Up an Indoor Porch 

indoor porch with a pendant light

(Image credit: Urban Front)

Go for a show-stopping pendant when lighting up an indoor porch area to really make an impression on guests and a warm welcome home on your return. 

This stunning example can be seen by visitors when standing outside the front door and beautifully contrasts with the yellow hallway design when exiting. 

Use Smart Ideas for Your Porch

blue front door with covered porch lighting

(Image credit: Urban Front)

It can be very frustrating to fumble around in the the dark for house keys, only to then scramble to turn on the light once you've gained entry, so opting for indoor and outdoor lighting that is controlled by proximity or the location of a smart phone solves many issues. 

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Double Up on Porch Wall Lights

two wall lights either side of front door in porch

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

Mirroring delicate wall lights either side of a front door and under a cover is without a doubt one of the most welcoming small porch ideas. 

Here, the lighting is directed down towards the doorbell, door handle and shrubbery while creating a simple yet welcoming space. 

Buy Suitable Outdoor Lighting

outdoor grade wall lighting on townhouse

(Image credit: Davey Lighting)

All lights designed for the outdoors are given and IP rating — the minimum rating for an outdoor porch should be IP44. Be aware of this when researching the styles and options to suit your favourite ideas. 

Get Creative in a Large Porch Space

string lights in outdoor covered porch area

(Image credit: KooPower)

If you're lucky enough to have a porch, veranda or covered outdoor space with a little more room, be it at the front or back of the house, consider mixing and matching more practical ceiling lighting with decorative string lights. 

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