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Expensive mistakes are made if you do not follow the correct sampling procedure when choosing your roof tiles.

A one-tile sample in the post, or a quick selection at a builder’s merchants does not give you an accurate impression. Traditional Clay Roof Tiles like to help you sample properly so that your chosen tiles look exactly how you imagined they would.

So here is their guide on how to choose a clay roof tile correctly. (This process should be carried out preferably as works starts on your site NO LATER).

1. Always ask the manufacturer where the clay for the tiles has been extracted from. If it’s from a country which has cold winters it should be fine but clay from a country with a warmer climate all year round may not withstand the English weather

2. Always ensure your choice of roof tiles hold the Ceram certification for Frost and Impermeability

3. Make sure you ask what guarantee the manufacturer offers. Choosing a roof tile with a long guarantee will give you peace of mind and confidence in your choice of tile.

For more information on choosing roof tiles click here.

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