Timber Frame Extension Ideas: 10 Innovative Ways to Add More Space

Timber frame extension ideas
(Image credit: Stuart Cox)

Great timber frame extension ideas are more than just a structure added to an existing house. They rejuvenate spaces using creative and well-considered designs bespoke for each home and lifestyle. 

Adding a timber frame extension is a time and energy efficient way to add space and value to a home, but it can be hard to decide on the right style. 

Take a look at the amazing homes below, all of which have been transformed by extending in timber frame, for some innovative ideas.  

1. Go for an Extension and Remodel to a Dated Home

timber frame extension and remodel

(Image credit: Alistair Nicholls)

The homeowners of this stunning New England-inspired home were originally faced with a lack-lustre bungalow on the perfect plot. Recognising the potential for more, they extended upwards to add a second storey and gave the house a drastic makeover. 

They chose a timber frame to top their traditional brick and mortar structure, doubling its size before cladding with a solid timber weatherboarding which completes the new look.

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2. Adding a Wooden Extension on a Brick House

wood extension of brick house

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

Inspired by their post-war home's potential for greatness, Jason and Sarah Orme have added multiple small timber frame extensions to provide extra space for their family. 

The well-considered design alleviated busy and congested spaces at the back of the house while the staircase atrium to the front of the house creates striking kerb appeal. 

3. Extending in Timber for a Family Home

timber frame extension and remodel ideas

(Image credit: David Barbour)

A rear extension and garage conversion gave Michelle and Scott Leslie all they needed from their dated cottage, while being more cost-effective for the space than a loft conversion. 

The sliding patio doors create a beautiful connection with the garden the house struggled with previously and injects plenty of natural light deep into the steading-shaped layout. 

4. Choosing a Dormer Loft Conversion and Extension on Top of a Bungalow

small timber frame extension ideas

(Image credit: Simon Maxwell)

Looking for a place to raise their young family without breaking the bank led Will and Laura Dewer to renovate and extend a dated bungalow in Surrey, by adding a dormer loft conversion

Carried out under Permitted Development, the double dormers achieved the maximum allowable addition volume for a detached house of 50m2 (for terraces this is 40m2). 

5. Consider a Traditional Front and Contemporary Rear Extension Design

Timber frame extension ideas

(Image credit: Dave Burton)

A traditional school house has been converted and extended with a contemporary addition at the back. 

Although traditional dry stone walling clad the structure to compliment the original building, the extension is entirely modern with an open-plan living space and large sliding doors. 

6. Creating Character with an Oak Extension

oak and timber frame extension ideas

(Image credit: Nikhilesh Haval)

Effortlessly charming, two side extensions in oak frame with timber panel infill gave this once derelict cottage a new lease of life. One features plentiful glazing and has become a social sitting, kitchen and dining space while the other is a relaxing music room clad in timber weatherboarding. 

7. A Rear Extension to Connect with the Garden

timber frame extension

(Image credit: David Barbour)

This extension and conversion of a coach house took just six months to complete. The large-profile sliding glass doors elegantly blur the links between inside and out. 

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8. Designing a Small Side Return Extension

small timber frame extension ideas

(Image credit: Malcome Menzies)

A side return extension can be all a house needs to breathe. By building out to the side, this terrace house now has a social family dining room and a renovated kitchen that ticks all the boxes while not destroying the garden. 

9. Building a Natural Extension to a Cottage

timber frame extension ideas

(Image credit: Fiona Walker-Arnott)

A mirror image of the original Scottish cottage was created using timber frame in this project, but the form was chosen to be covered in timber cladding for a dynamic demarcation of the new spaces while still staying true to the countryside aesthetic. 

10. Adding a Modern Extension to a Period Home

Timber frame extension ideas

(Image credit: Stuart Cox)

This single-storey timber frame extension has been clad delicately in timber to compliment the brick and flint of the original period house. Taking advantage of the large garden means the new structure enjoys stunning views. 

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