10 Remodelled Bungalows: Amazing Before & After Transformations

remodelled bungalows
(Image credit: Simon Maxwell)

Remodelled bungalows are a popular for many reasons, including the fact that they tend to be easier to come across than virgin plots — plus the planning process can be simpler.

Bungalows built from the 1910s right up until the 1970s are often built on generous plots and have large footprints.

Whilst bungalows built during these 50 years might not be shining examples of cutting-edge design – in fact they are very often rather unattractive – their potential is undeniable.

The fact that they hold little in the way of architectural merit is a good thing as planning committees are often more than happy to see them updated and improved, paving the way for some fantastic contemporary design.

We’ve selected some of the most inspirational single-storey remodels to give you some ideas.

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1. Contemporary Remodelled Bungalow


remodelled bungalow

(Image credit: Richard Chivers c/o CDMS Architects)

After: In terms of remodelled bungalows, this property in West Sussex is one of the best we've seen. It was designed by CDMS Architects to make the most of the stunning views it enjoys from the rear, where the plot slopes away. 

remodelled bungalow

(Image credit: Richard Chivers c/o CDMS Architects)
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The existing garages to the front of the house made for an uninviting façade, as well as restricting vehicular access. These were demolished in order for a new single-storey timber frame extension to be erected in its place. 

The extension was designed to create a new, somewhat grander entrance to the house as well as providing new guest accommodation. 

The windows to the front have partially hidden behind a screen of vertical oak louvres in order provide an element of privacy without blocking light. They also soften the design and connect it with the landscape beyond.

2. Oak-clad Remodelled Bungalow and Extension


Before picture of Dan and Liz Burgess' home

(Image credit: Dan & Liz Burgess)

After: A dilapidated 1970s property on a wooded site in Berkshire has been transformed into a contemporary family home.

Oak clad bungalow remodel

(Image credit: Simon Maxwell)

The existing bungalow was retained, but with a significant internal remodel, whilst an extension and warm oak cladding now provides a first floor.

3. 1930s Remodelled Bungalow 


Before shot of David and Jacqui Allen's home

(Image credit: David and Jacqui Allen)

After: The overhaul of this 1930s property has seen it extended and remodelled for just £110,000.

1930s Bungalow Reinvented

(Image credit: David Burton)

When the high costs of removing soil from the awkward site, along with the nearby existence of underground mines, ruled out adding a second storey, the owner decided to extend the bungalow outwards in two directions, creating a flat-roofed wraparound extension.

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4. Striking Contemporary Remodelled Bungalow 


Before of Zoran Baros and Sandra Bilsborrow's home

(Image credit: Zoran Baros & Sandra Bilsborrow)

After: Built in 1916, this remodelled bungalow has been extended to the side and rear, whilst retaining a large number of the existing exterior walls. 

radical bunalow renovation and remodel

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

Its two strong monopitch roof sections give the house striking angular shapes, whilst the combination of steel, stone and glazing make it hard to fathom that that hidden away inside is a 1916 bungalow.

5. Remodelled Bungalow with Sea Views

Before: Located in a picturesque spot in Dorset, this 1990s property needed some ingenious design features in order to maintain privacy and make the most of the stunning views. 

Before picture of Sarah Cartwright and Paul Soanes' home

(Image credit: Sarah Cartwright & Paul Soanes)

After: This remodelled bungalow is all about maximising the stunning coastal views offered by its heavily sloping site.

Modern Bungalow Extension and Remodel

(Image credit: Nigel Rigden)

The house is entered on the first floor via a ‘bridge’, whilst the entire rear wall of the property has been removed and replaced with glazed sliding doors which open up the living space and kitchen to the new raised deck.

6. 1970s Remodelled Bungalow with Modernist Inspiration


Before shot of Trevor and Sandra Collins' home

(Image credit: Trevor & Sandra Collins)

After: A run-of-the-mill 1970s bungalow in Surrey has been transformed into a Modernist-inspired home — almost doubling its value.

A dated bungalow has been transformed with a modernist-inspired renovation and extension

(Image credit: Darren Chung)

Impressively, the owners spent just £165,000 on the project. The centre of the roof was raised by 300mm, allowing for two rooms and an en suite upstairs without changing the appearance of the house from the street.

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7. From 1950s Eyesore to Cutting Edge Contemporary Home


(Image credit: Stuart and Elmarie Ward)

After: In the area of Dorset where this house is located, 1950s bungalows on generous plots are not uncommon, yet the treatment that this particular bungalow has been given is certainly striking.

Radical Bungalow Remodel and Extension

(Image credit: Alistair Nicholls)

Twin gables to the front and rear of the property feature large expanses of glazing to ensure full-height views of the surrounding area. At the rear, the bungalow’s footprint was extended by 3m, and steel frames have allowed a largely open plan layout to be created.

The project came in at £195,000.

8. Accessible Remodelled Bungalow with Eco Credentials


remodelled bungalows

(Image credit: Transform Architects)

After: This stunning accessible home in West Yorkshire, designed by Transform Architects, is a fabulous example of just how much potential remodelled bungalows can offer.   

remodelled bungalows

(Image credit: Transform Architects)

Gone is the unattractive brick facade and small windows, replaced with crisp render and aluminium windows and door. 

Eco and accessible features include: 

  • rainwater harvesting tanks
  • a ground source heat pump
  • underfloor heating
  • natural comfort cooling
  • its own organic food crop
  • reed beds
  • log burning stove
  • waste water recycling
  • over insulated fabric to retain the heat
  • a heat recovery system
  • above standard insulation
  • automated door openers
  • hoists in the master bedroom and en suite
  • an eco-building management system
  • cat 5 cables fed into each room 
  • and open plan living.

9. Dormer Bungalow Remodel 


Remodelled bunglows

(Image credit: Vernam)

After: This remodelled bungalow started life as an unattractive 1970s home, complete with waney-edged timber cladding, dull yellow bricks and coloured bathroom suites.

remodelled bungalows

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

The owners have completely reimagined the building, re-cladding the front with stained vertical timber cladding and new bricks. They also increased its size with a striking heavily glazed extension to the rear — allowing the internal spaces to flow better as well as flooding them with natural light. 

10. Stunning Remodelled Bungalow with Timber Frame Extension


remodelled bungalows

(Image credit: Owner)

After: The original 1950s bungalow that once stood on this sloping site has been retained and ‘extended’ upwards with a lightweight timber frame. 

remodelled bungalow

(Image credit: Simon Maxwell)

A steel ‘skyframe’ offers the feeling of enclosure to the first floor patio area — two adjustable steel fixings will hold shading parasols. The existing bungalow windows have also been kept (the owner intends to paint them to match the new grey frames upstairs) while an external wall insulation system has been added to improve its efficiency.

Natasha Brinsmead

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