I obtained planning permission and completed conversion of domestic garages to a cottage. Have approx half an acre of garden and have built a detached brick garage in rear garden under Permitted Development.

It is more than 2m from boundary and well behind frontage. It is brick under a pitched tiled roof with a height less than 4m, so I thought it would be OK for Permitted Development. It has a floor area of around 28sq.m.

Now being told by the local know-it-all that it has to be entirely within a radius of 20m from any part of the approved main dwelling. Have looked at the requirelments, but it seems to me that this only applies if it is in a area of outstanding natural beauty, heritage site etc. I know we are in the Green Belt but there were no restrictions on PD in the cottage consent or in any previous approvals on the land.

Any clarification would be appreciated.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve read and re-read the pertinent regulations on garages and unless there was an article 4 directive removing your PD rights when you did the original conversion or, as you say, the house has a special designation, then I see no reason why the addition of a new garage that complies with the boundary rules etc would be anything other than PD.

    I am questioning the credentials of your local know-all!

  • john everitt

    That is what we thought. Just one niggling doubt – the useable floor area is just uner 30sq metres. Is there any specific limit to the size of PD as long as it remains under half of the site area (less the building)

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