Is this the UK's Most Energy-Efficient Barn Conversion?

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(Image credit: Alistair Nicholls)

As a youngster living in Cambridge, Richard had walked past a barn and outbuildings and was struck by how the different elements could be joined to make a house. “I can still remember that in my mind’s eye. That was my own ‘grand design’ and now it’s appeared in real life,” he says.

For Richard, a chartered surveyor and, now, Passivhaus consultant, serendipity didn’t so much nudge him as send him spinning towards his childhood dream. After exploring – and rejecting – options in Scotland and Devon, Richard, then living in London, settled on East Sussex so that he could be close to family members. 

Alison Wall

Alison Wall is an experienced homes journalist, and former chief sub editor of Homebuilding & Renovating. She has interviewed countless self-builders and renovators regarding their projects, and has a special interest in eco builds. She is also renovating her 1970s home and garden, and has a particular interest in making her own home greener, having recently added solar panels, an EV chargepoint and a solar battery system.