Triple Glazed Windows: Do They Make Sense?

Contemporary self build with triple glazing
(Image credit: Green Building Store)

Triple glazed windows are becoming an ever more popular option from today’s windows suppliers – particularly in the aluminium space – but long-standing concerns about the real benefits outweighing the perceived costs are still on homeowner’s minds.

It’s a tricky decision that faces self-builders when they come to specify their final finishes and, as triple glazed windows cost around 20% more than double, why should anyone choose it? Advocates point out that its more about quality and comfort and that self-builders should consider triple glazing for the same reasons they install underfloor heating: it’s just better.

Mark Brinkley

Mark is the author of the ever-popular Housebuilder’s Bible and an experienced builder. The Housebuilder’s Bible is the go-to hardback for self builders; originally published in 1994, it is updated every two years with up-to-date build costs and information on planning and building regulations, and is currently in its 14th reiteration.

He has written for publications such as Homebuilding & Renovating for over three decades. An experienced self builder, his latest self build, a contemporary eco home built to Passivhaus principles, was created on a tight urban brownfield plot.