Unbelievable bungalow before and after extension and makeover

bungalow extension exterior with exposed oak frame
(Image credit: Simon Burt)

After Shaun and Trudy Moulton bought their home in west Cornwall, they quickly discovered that the neighbouring property was an empty and unloved mid-century bungalow design situated on a large plot of land. 

Sporting a bright yellow facade, a plastic conservatory and strewn with piles of rubbish, it was hardly the ideal neighbour. “It was a sad, gloomy building, and everything in it was falling apart,” says Shaun. “It shared a right of way with our driveway, so we thought we had better buy it to prevent it being developed. Then it dawned on us that we could save the original building.”

Alexandra Pratt
Homes Journalist

Alexandra Pratt is a home journalist with over 20 years experience, who has written for a number of self build titles. She has interviewed countless architects and self builders.

She is also a serial renovator and has been overhauling properties for over 15 years, and has built her way up the property ladder by undertaking DIY, living on site and project managing her own renovation and self build projects.

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