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When Penny Alexander’s son outgrew his nursery she was left with a spare room which quickly became her home office. But eventually things began to pile up and Penny needed a storage solution.

As a self-employed person, the space became increasingly important and Penny decided it simply wasn’t enough just to put a desk in a room and get cracking, so she decided to overhaul it to create an environment which is ergonomic, well-lit, comfortable and conducive to creativity and productivity.

A part of the room refresh included installing Thistle Magnetic Plaster by British Gypsum on one wall to create an interactive area where Penny could collect ideas and inspirations to help her out in her work.

Once the plaster had been installed and had dried, Penny painted over it with a small tin of blackboard paint. Her next job was to create an online gallery using small photographs attached with tiny neodymium magnets.

Penny comments: “As a lifestyle and travel writer, it is great to be reminded when I am deep in picture editing and writing that the world is still out there. I really love looking at my photographs. It feels like lots of windows into wonderful moments we have had with family and friends.  I have also attached other items to the wall with magnets to remind me of the way I want to live. These include a thank-you note, so I remember to count the things I am grateful for, and my daughter’s to do list from a few summer’s ago, to highlight that time passes fast and my to do list at work isn’t always the most important one!”

For a low cost in-home art gallery with meaning, Penny attached magnets to old birthday cards and postcards to bring more colour and personality into the room. She also incorporated magnets collected from her various trips and travels including a loch ness monster and Bothie (basic shelter in Scotland).

Penny concludes; “The magnetic wall is amazing and the overall transformation of the office is fantastic. I know it is going to be a real source of creativity for me. There is a freedom about this space I have been seeking for a long time now. This room will change the way I work, and have a long term effect on the way I perceive my work”.

Penny Alexander from at A Residence Blog ( was invited by British Gypsum to take part in a Rooms Made For You Creative Collaborator challenge where five bloggers were tasked with using Thistle Magnetic Plaster to makeover an unloved room in their home.

‘Rooms Made For You’ by British Gypsum is a new generation of products and services designed to make you think about your interior space as more than simply a functional space.

The aim is to improve the lifestyle of home owners and change the way that walls within the home are perceived in the future.

The current products are just a start of the journey and developments that are already underway to bring new products to market that will enhance your living environment.

  • Thistle Magnetic Plaster is a plaster designed to attract magnets – turning your wall into an interactive area.
  • Gyproc Habito enables you to fix things directly into the wall without the need for specialist fixings.
  • Silent Floor separates floors within the home with increased sound insulation – meaning you can enjoy the peace upstairs whilst noisy activities are happening downstairs.

For more information about British Gypsum please visit their website.

Proud to exhibit at the Homebuilding & Renovating Shows. With over 100 years’ experience in plaster, plasterboard and ceiling solutions, British Gypsum already have a multitude of high-performance products and systems. However, they're pushing the boundaries in their current thinking and have an ambitious innovation programme, driven by their customers, to deliver meaningful customer benefits. British Gypsum's mission is to develop innovative products and services that help customers build better spaces to live, work and play.