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The Umbris patio roof system is highly adaptable to suit your building or your design preferences.

Installations can be; free standing which can be designed with minimal supporting posts or vertical timber louvres for additional weather protection, additionally floating roofs attached to three sides of the space requiring no further supporting structure, another installation design is integrated louvres into a solid roof construction to control sunlight onto a terrace, as well as cantilevered without any vertical supporting posts needed, extending up to 2m from a building unsupported or 3m with tie rods.

The motor for the automation of the louvres is completely integrated into the field profiles which not only increases the life of the motor and automated components but creates a modern finished design. With the perfect balance of functionality and design, Umbris exceeds on a technical level. Invisible fixtures, built-in motor and extra strong louvres for a durable product with the best quality warranties.

By using the highest grade aluminium for the main structure at 4mm thick Umbris patio roofs can be designed at massive sizes with an enormous 7m gap between supporting posts.

Additional features can also be included so you can enjoy your outside living space all year long; lighting, Bluetooth audio speakers and heaters can all be integrated into this contemporary construction.

The Umbris louvre roof has won the category of ‘Best Home Technology’ in the 2015 Build It awards, which stood out for its lifestyle benefits.

“Umbris offers genuine lifestyle benefits by providing an architectural connection between the house and garden, extending the occupants living space.”

Umbris by IQ is an all-weather patio roof system perfect for contemporary home designs to extend living spaces outside.

The contemporary aluminium louvre system functions as a sun and rain protection for patio or terrace. With integrated automation you choose how the louvres sit, thus creating a sunny or shaded outdoor living area.

The integrated gutter within the louvres when closed creates a fully water tight patio roof when closed, the welded aluminium louvres sit completely flat and interlock holding water fall when open.

Living out doors gets a whole new dimension with the Umbris because not only is the Umbris louvre roof enjoyable during the summer, but during the winter months the slats can be tilted to allow sunlight and warmth to enter the house, which helps make your home more energy efficient.

They design and draft your Umbris system from start to finish. During that concept phase, they consult you or your architect to ensure that your Umbris patio roof system is a seamless fit for your overall house design, In addition, their specialists also focus on technical aspects in order to determine the optimal composition.

Water drainage and electrical specifications are thoroughly considered. Soon after they receive the correct measurements, their designer prepares a plan of your Umbris. As an additional service, they can also conduct a lighting study and provide stability calculations.

Lastly, their installation crew ensure that your Umbris is perfectly installed.

Visit Amersham’s Sky House Design Centre to see their recently installed Umbris louvre roof in person for more design inspiration.