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The ideal insulation for renovations

When carrying out renovation work there is significant value in looking beyond the aesthetic of a room or building and thinking about how quality insulation can help to improve the overall feel of a space.

ROCKWOOL has developed the Thermal and Sound Insulation Range, which is easy to handle and cut to shape, meaning it will fit perfectly in new and old homes alike.

The unique properties and characteristics of ROCKWOOL stone wool make it an excellent insulation choice for home renovation projects.

  • Fire resilience – stone wool is non-combustible meaning it will not burn. Withstanding temperatures over 1,000°C and preventing fire spread, ROCKWOOL helps to create safer home environments.
  • Thermal properties – ROCKWOOL insulation helps maintain optimum home temperatures year-round and can dramatically reduce energy costs.
  • Acoustic performance – the random fibre orientation of stone wool traps sound waves travelling through it, helping to create quieter environments.
  • Durability – designed for longevity, ROCKWOOL stone wool products are robust in structure, overcoming challenges associated with sagging and slumping.
  • Moisture resistance – stone wool insulation will not retain water or rot, the breathable material allows moisture to escape, reducing the risk of mould.

It pays dividends to choose a high-quality insulation product for renovation projects – ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation solutions deliver comfort, safety and peace of mind to homeowners.

To find out more about the benefits ROCKWOOL stone wool solutions can bring to your renovation project visit the website or email for additional support.

With over 40 years’ experience in the UK and 80 years worldwide, ROCKWOOL has harnessed the natural power of stone to develop the most innovative stone wool solutions on the market and firmly establish itself as the world leader.

Stone wool is an extremely versatile material and forms the basis of ROCKWOOL’s diverse product range. Produced by replicating the process that occurs at the heart of a volcano, stone wool inhibits unique properties that make it the perfect home insulation solution.

Spun into wool from naturally occurring volcanic rock, stone wool insulation is manufactured from one of nature’s most abundant resources. Volcanoes and plate tectonics produce 38,000 times more stone material every year than is used to make ROCKWOOL products.

In addition to being a sustainable choice, stone wool is an excellent insulator, helping to keep home temperatures comfortable year-round, reducing energy consumption from 50 to 70 percent. ROCKWOOL stone wool also boasts outstanding acoustic performance, fire resistance and characteristics that make it highly durable.

The fabric of new and existing buildings has the potential to considerably enhance quality of living, today and for future generations. Using ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation solutions in home renovations will help to create comfortable and safe spaces, whilst simultaneously reducing energy bills and increasing the future value of a property.

ROCKWOOL’s Thermal and Sound Insulation is easy to handle and install in many areas of the home, including walls, floors and roofs. Find out more about why ROCKWOOL is the perfect choice for home renovations.