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The Opera Louvre Roof garden structure, allows you to control the climate of your outdoor living space at the touch of a button. The completely automated louvres within the aluminium pergola structure, are able to turn up to 140° which allows you to fully control the amount of light able to infiltrate through.

The beauty of this structure is that when the Louvre’s are turned into the closed position, a fully watertight garden roof is provided – which gives shelter from rain wind and snow. This key feature allows you to have full use of your garden throughout the whole year. Additional protection can be added with the integration of the Raso vertical awnings/ blinds, which are available as frameless glass or aluminium framed.

The Opera Louvre Roof can be tailored to meet your design requirements, as it can be coloured in any standard RAL colour desired and LED spot lights and strip lights can be integrated into the roof structure to create your perfect outdoor space.

As an alternative option, IQ Outdoor Living also offers the Vision Louvre Roof. This patio/ garden structure is a more minimal design compared to the Opera as the aluminium framing is slimmer. However, the slimmer profiles are only achieved because the Vision does not have the ability for integrated vertical blinds or sliding glass doors. Therefore, if you are looking for a patio roof structure without vertical screens then the Vision Louvre Roof is the best option.

The Louvre Roof structures are also ideal to provide protection from the sun where the façade of a property has a vast amount of glazing (such as, bi-folding and sliding doors), the roof structure will offer shade to the property – thus helping to keep the internal living space cool.

These patio structures are perfect for both residential and commercial properties as there is no maximum roof field, which means that you can create a patio structure as large as you like, by connecting multiple roof fields together, for the perfect roof system for large seating areas and entertainment spaces.

IQ Outdoor Living is part of the IQ Group which includes IQ Glass, IQ Furniture and IQ Metal; all specialising in modern home design projects. They are based in the large Sky House complex in Amersham where they operate all of their sales, marketing, design and project management services.

Each installation from IQ Outdoor Living is bespoke to suit your requirements. If you would like a cost for an outdoor louvre roof or retractable roof simply email through the dimensions you require to IQ Outdoor Living and one of their expert sales team will calculate the full costs of designing and installing your new outdoor living solution.

When an order is placed with IQ they will take care of the rest, from delivery to design, to installation. With a large installation and project management team, they are well set up to cater for all types of building projects from small one-off houses to larger commercial or multi-unit residential developments. Outdoor living solutions from IQ bring an additional level of quality to any building project.