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It is no surprise that a retro-fit warm water underfloor heating system is currently one of the fastest growing home improvement features, there are various retro-fit systems availible, but none like JK’s!

JK’s Retro-Fit In-Ground UFH system; JK offers a unique retro-fit water underfloor heating system. Unique because it cuts into concrete, screed or dry-board, there is no floor build-up, quick installation and moreover the heating pipe is at the very top of the floor construction which gives a very quick heat response.

Case study – Oak Cottage

The Oak Cottage is a great example of ‘home-improvement’ at its very best. The Oak Cottage project started with the idea of building an extension to create an open plan living and kitchen area and create spacious bedrooms. No doubt for the extension; open, day-light, glass and bi-fold doors.

Space for radiators? Nope. Why not? Ugly, not practical, dusty and moreover the desire for a stone finished floor throughout made it absolutely neccesary to have an underfloor heating system. What to do with the existing construction? Keep the conventional radiators? Carpet instead of stone? After talking to JK floorheating, a warm water underfloor heating system was installed throughout the property, cut into the screed, no radiators and the whole house heated with one heating system from JK.

Insulation. The term insulation is often used once it comes to the renovation or improvement of a property. Insulation is connected with heating, efficiency, savings and eco-friendliness. Many people are concerned that they cannot have (retro-fit) underfloor heating because they’re not sure about the insulation of the floor construction. Many houses ( most houses built before the 90s) do not have any insulation in the floor construction. The floor construction is often just a concrete slab with screed on top. By taking this in mind, JK has designed a system (since 1994 in Germany and The Netherlands) which is especially suitable for this situation.

The heatloss of a home is caused by five main elements of a home; (1) roof, (2) wall, (3), window, (4) door and (5) floor construction. The sum of those represents the total heat loss of a property. Each element counts its own loss, knowing that roof and windows are good for about half of the total heat loss. The floor construction is acountable for about 10% -15%, in other words; the floor construction does lose some heat but it is recommended to improve fabrics of the elements in order to the priorty of heat loss. Furthermore, improving a floor construction is often complicated, expensive and causes floor height build-up.

Having said this, since the UFH pipe with JK’s system is directly under the surface, the heatloss is kept to an absolute minimum and can be said that every home will become more efficient and comfortable with JK’s UFH system. No need for radiators anymore, goes with all kind of floor finishers and moreover; very cosy, saving on energy bills at the same time. The best of both worlds.

No radiators anymore and the whole house heated with one heating system from JK

Cut system; JK in-ground UFH™ – Heat your home from the floor up
JK’s in-ground UFH™ is a revolutionary underfloor heating system with no floor build-up. The top
screed is grooved using a specially designed and patented ‘JK Floorgrinder’. The JK Floorgrinder dustless creates grooves in the screed into which the heating pipes are laid into.

Unique system features

• Cut into concrete, screed or dry-board
• Single heating system; the only and primary heat source
• Zero build-up; embedded ‘into’ screed floor
• Bespoke; custom floor cutting on site
• Efficient; uses very low water temperatures
• Eco-friendly; saves on your gas bill
• Affordable; no sub-floor work needed
• Quick; installations take one working day
• Dust free; channels are cut in without producing dust
• Responsive; feel the warmth within minutes
• One party; trained in-house engineers fit the entire system

JK floorheating is your partner for installation of warm water underfloor heating systems. JK is a Dutch company, founded in 1994, headquartered in the Netherlands with subsidiaries spread over Europe.

JK invest in innovative underfloor heating solutions where the revolutionary installation method and a range of self-developed products are a great example.

In the past 20 years JK has acquired more than one million square meters of knowledge and experience of in-ground underfloor heating systems in a range of countries such as Germany, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, England, Wales, Switzerland, Italy, Turkey and Iceland.

They have the knowledge, expertise and experience to bring you a quality customised solution whether for renovation, refurbishment or starting a new building project in residential or commercial buildings.

JK has the appropriate solution for every place or project. Good service is valuable, therefore they ensure that you receive the latest information and good advice. What’s more, the installation is done by highly-skilled employees who are individually hired and
trained by JK. Therefore it is guaranteed that the JK underfloor heating system meets the benefits and quality of the heating system in your house.