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The automatic shower cleaner (ASC) is a revolutionary new device, designed to make scrubbing your shower a thing of the past. It’s compact, sleek and simplistic design ensures that it complements any bathroom; be it modern, contemporary or classic. The ASC uses a unique patent pending design to thoroughly clean your shower from top to bottom using a three-step system:

1) Sprays detergent

2) Sprays filtered water 

3) Sprays polishing agent 

Sparkling Clean

At the press of a button the ASC prevents the build-up of mould, lime scale as well as removing any and all unwanted dirt and grime. It’s spinning pressurised head blasts deep into every nook and cranny of your shower, ensuring a thorough cleansing. The ASC can be used to clean any type of shower including both (enclosed) curtain and glass.

Tailor Programmed

Every automatic shower cleaner comes tailor programmed just for you and your shower; do you have obstacles that will cause splash back? Not a problem! Perhaps you have shower panels that don’t reach the ceiling? Not a problem either! By sending NGBR the specification of your shower with your purchase they’ll be able to program the ASC to suit your needs.


Self Contained

The automatic shower cleaner holds its own cleaning and polishing solution in an easy refillable tank, which means no more spray bottles for you. Holding up to ten litres of each, our tank can clean your shower a minimum of ten times before needing a refill. The pressurised clean, combined with the ASC’s comprehensive, pre-programmed process ensures that your shower stays cleaner for longer, saving you both time and money.

Cleaning Convenience

Extending up to three meters in length, the ASC can accommodate for even the tallest of bathroom ceilings. The Extendable arm combined with the rotary head and high pressure jets guarantee a sparkling clean shine that obliterates any and all unwanted grime. It’s easy to use one press system means you don’t have to worry about a thing; just press and leave, and your shower will look as good as the day you bought it.

The ASC’s tank can be stored almost anywhere in, above or beneath your bathroom; all you need is access to a 240V (120V US) power supply and an active water supply. It measures in at only 400mm height, 400mm depth, 350mm width, making for easy installation and concealment. Run out of fluid to clean your shower with? No need to worry, the ASC notifies you when the pump is empty by changing the colour of the light on the rotary housing: blue for “refill”, green for “good to go.”

ASC Combined with Shower Head

Want to remove your existing shower head and have an all-in-one shower head and cleaner? Well you can, the ASC ‘combo’ gives the user the option to have an integrated shower head built into the ASC. Take a shower and have your shower clean itself with this expanded model.

NGBR is an independent British company consisting of a small team of professional product inventors, developers, designers and advertisers. The team has been hard at work conceiving ideas for a variety of household necessities for the future. In the past two years they’ve started taking these concepts and bringing them to fruition. Their maiden product, the ASC, is the initial fruit of their labour. With the help of both family and friends they’ve been able to realise the dream of bringing the ASC to life; the idea that started as a way to save the family time cleaning will soon be available for everyone. Their aim, to deliver exciting and grandiose technology to the households of the future.

Proud to exhibit at the Homebuilding & Renovating show.