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Why Key Stage Inspections

Building your own home or arranging home improvement works can be a dream come true providing living space to grow happily within your home. To ensure all works are completed satisfactorily and in accordance with Scottish Building Standards and relevant Technical Standards, independent inspections are critical. This not only protects you from making payment on works that are substandard or unsafe but protects the overall investment in your home.

Key Information

  • On arrival, they will produce ID, explain your chosen service & our privacy policy.
  • They will provide their contact details for future visits.
  • They will request a copy of the project design drawings.
  • They will request the contact details of your appointed builder.
  • When surveying, Scottish Building Standards will be adopted & relevant design drawings
  • You will receive a pictorial report within 5-days after each key stage inspection.
  • Maximum of 10 inspections are allocated for this package.

What`s Included

  • Inspection of foundation & underbuild.
  • Inspection of drainage components & witness an air test carried out by the appointed builder.
  • Inspection of the superstructure, roof structure & coverings, glazing & external doors.
  • Inspection of 1st fix plumbing and electrics.
  • Inspection of 1st fix joinery.
  • Inspection of dry lining / Ames taping.
  • Inspection & functionally test 2nd fix plumbing, electrics & other finishings.
  • Inspection of decoration works & final fix.
  • Carry out a final snag to be issued to your builder.
  • Request a copy of the electrical safety certificate from the appointed builder & check authenticity.
  • Request a copy of the gas safety certificate from the appointed builder & check authenticity.
  • Request airtight testing & sound testing certification from the appointed builder & check authenticity.
At Home Inspections Scotland, they specialise in providing their customers with a full range of services to ensure
build quality, home condition, home performance characteristics and maintenance standards within Properties, New Build Homes, Self-Build Projects and Home Improvement Works are to the highest of standards & meet regulations.
With backgrounds in Construction Project Management, New Build Snagging, Key Stage Build Inspections & Building Standard Compliance Testing with some of the largest names in house building, their team will support your every need.
Using their experience in both Timber Frame Construction & Traditional Building Methods, they combine this with specialist measuring equipment to produce a detailed and thorough report highlighting defects (Snags) and areas of poor quality.
They also carryout Thermal Imaging Surveys & Airtight Testing to ensure compliance with
Building Standards and issue Domestic Energy Performance Certificates.
With each of their services offering something different for the homeowner, statistics show when
used to identify defects or to perform specialist testing, they deliver successful results.