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Kitchens from Miscellanea of Churt

At the core of every home is a kitchen. Whether large or small, smart or informal, traditional or minimal, it is the kitchen in which family and friends gather and where cooking, eating and entertaining take place in todays modern lifestyle.

You can indulge your decorating passion by planning a layout that suits both the way you live and the things that you love.
The very best of kitchens are those that combine function, personality and good design, spaces where you both want to linger and also feel a purpose.

Our design process is to start by thinking about priorities, and to look at as many options for the kitchen layout as possible, allowing us to establish that the very best design is chosen.

All our kitchens are hand drawn allowing the design to organically grow, ensuring that the finished product meets with both our clients needs and aspirations.

All of the furniture that we produce is hand crafted, allowing us to safeguard that attention to detail is always at the forefront of our manufacturing, whatever the design chosen.

Most important and which underpins our design process is that the rooms created stand the test of time and are admired and enjoyed equally upon completion as they are in years to come.