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As part of their accreditation by the Coal Merchant’s Federation of Great Britain into their Approved Coal Merchant’s Scheme, Logs Direct sell only the highest-quality smokeless fuels which meet government standards put in place to protect the environment. Because the smokeless fuel they have for sale is all top quality, it comes with a number of benefits aside from just being smoke-free and kinder to the environment.

Because of how its composition, it burns for a long period of time with a medium-high heat, and is great for keeping a stove or fire going all evening. The ash content in smokeless fuel is small, especially when compared to traditional house coal, resulting in a much cleaner fireplace and less trips outside with the ash pan.

Remember, it’s very important that you know whether or not you’re in a smoke controlled area because violation of the these agreements can result in a hefty fine, so it’s better safe than sorry.

Check out the smokeless coal for sale at Logs Direct and make sure you know the protected areas in your county – visit the DEFRA website at to find out more.

About Logs Direct

From humble beginnings over 15 years ago, Logs Direct has grown from a small firewood supplier in the North of England to one of the largest winter fuel suppliers in the country. However despite this incredible growth, they haven’t lost their roots, and so today Logs Direct are proud to still be a family run business serving a range of customers, from the top of Scotland to the bottom of Cornwall.

Gone are the days of turning up to your house with a pickup truck full of loose logs! Logs Direct now not only specialise in stacked crates or bulk bags, but all of their logs have undergone the kiln drying process, meaning that they are all under 20% moisture, enabling a heat intensive fire with an extended burning time far greater than that of part seasoned timber.

Looking for more than simply firewood though? Logs Direct can offer a full and comprehensive range of winter fuel from the traditional house and smokeless coal, to famous Irish peat briquettes. All orders on their new look website can be mixed enabling you to try a range of different products without having to buy one specific product in bulk.

Logs Direct also stock a fantastic range of quality charcoal and BBQ products perfect for those summer nights and for the keen green fingered gardeners we have tantalised deals available on top soil and mushroom compost.

Logs Direct are very proud of what they have achieved and they pride themselves in providing a one-stop shop for both winter and summer fuel, from a family based business that cares.

Proud to exhibit at the Homebuilding & Renovating Shows in 2016, See the Homebuilding & Renovating Show site for details.