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Case Study – Maida Vale

  • Cream Buff polished concrete, just one of Lazenby’s 28 colours
  • 100mm depth recommended and 75mm available
  • Perfect with underfloor heating
  • Retrofitting or new build floors require architectural plans
  • Concrete samples available once architectural plans are finalised
  • Bespoke colours available once an order is placed
  • Installation takes 3 days with a 28 day (minimum) curing period
  • Cast in-situ worktop in Cream Buff polished concrete to match the floor
  • Cast in-situ projects require engineers calculations
  • In-situ Preparation, formwork, pouring and finishing varies dependent on scope
  • Showroom visits by appointment only

Lazenby are the decorative concrete master craftsmen. Since 1990 Lazenby innovates, educates and sets the highest standards. The residential sector benefits from Lazenby’s commercial, public and retail sectors because every concrete product is tried and tested. Lazenby pours thousands of square metres of floors very year. Every magnitude and scope of project is undertaken from new build to retrofit and multi-level projects. For every architectural space, concrete is the undisputed, iconic choice.

Lazenby’s London Showroom is an ideal opportunity for you to see and touch polished and pre-cast concrete samples and to Meet the Colours; all 28 of them! Our technical experts are on hand to answer any and every question. Our Customer Service is second-to-none. Lazenby’s decorative concrete installation teams, known as our master craftsmen, treat every project with the utmost care and pay attention to detail.

Polished concrete floors are ideally installed to a depth of 100mm although the minimum is 75mm this is determined by the scope of the project; the varying depth also alters the crack control joints. Underfloor heating is a great favourite these days and the thermal mass of Lazenby’s polished concrete floor makes it the most efficient heat storage in the Winter and cool in the Summer. Pre-cast concrete tiles vary in thickness depending on size.

The company’s complementary concrete colour range gives architects, designers and specifiers the opportunity to create outstanding architectural decisions. Imagine your polished concrete floor colour complementing your pre-cast concrete worktop colour. Bespoke colours are available once architectural plans are finalised and an order placed.